On this week’s episode of The Blacklist, blacklister #97 is a group called “The Longevity Initiative,” a group that is doing illegal experiments while trying to find a way for humans to live forever.

According to Red, the group is has moved on to human trials and is trying to dispose of the bodies from the failed experiments.

Red tells Lizzie to talk to a billionaire by the name of Roger Hobbs who supposedly funds The Initiative, but when she does he obviously denies that he has anything to do with it.

Back at headquarters, the medical examiner tells Lizzie and Ressler that the bodies that were recovered from the groups truck were definitely being experimented on and that they were all mentally handicapped.

They go to a home for the mentally challenged and speak to a mute man who is able to get across to them that the person kidnapping all the disabled people is a man named Lloyd—whom, through the power of ridiculous TV FBI investigation, they determine is on his way to Canada.

They catch him and he eventually gives up his boss named Powell. When they raid Powell’s lab they figure out that this lunatic is injecting jellyfish cells into people’s brains!

We find out later that he’s doing these experiments because his fiancé is mentally handicapped and he’s trying to cure her brain damage. Awww! Powell tries to escape Lizzie and Ressler with his fiancé, but Red corners them and takes off with Powell in his car.

Red tells Powell that he’s not going to kill him, but that he actually needs his help. He wants Powell to focus his research on memory extraction so that Lizzie can remember things that happened on the night of the fire. Powell says that he can’t do that and that his research was really only focused on repairing damaged brain cells, but he lied and told the billionaire Hobbs that it was an immortality serum so that Hobbs would keep funding him. That’s actually brilliant. But then poor Powell admits that his research is bullshit and he kills himself with a gun.

And let’s not forget about our man Tom Keen. He’s with The Major trying to get his ass out of the DC because some bad people are after him. But The Major isn’t really there to help him. He points a gun and Tom and tells him that he really screwed up by falling in love with Lizzie, and for that he’s going to die.

Just then, the driver of their car is shot by none other that Tom’s German gang—only they’re there to kill Tom too! They tie both Tom and The Major up with full intent of torturing them until they tell all their secrets. Tom doesn’t give a f*ck, not even when they threaten to pull his lungs out through his back. SERIOUSLY?! But they finally get Tom’s attention when they pull out a photo of Lizzie from his wallet.

That’s all it took for Tom to sing like a canary! He tells Elias (the gang boss) that he infiltrated his gang to find out who in the gang killed a woman named Sarah Hastings because someone wants her death avenged. He also tells Elias that if he leaves Lizzie alone, he’ll help them find out who wants Sarah avenged. Deal.

Later we see that somehow The Major escapes the Germans too. He gets on the phone and tells someone that Tom needs to be found at any cost because he’s gone rogue and is doing some damage by trying to protect Lizzie.

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Minds were blown on The Blacklist this week when we found out from Red that Tom Keen is blacklister number 7.

Number 7 people!!!! That’s literally the highest ranked blacklister yet.

Well, naturally Red did it. He found out that Tom infiltrated a drug cartel in Germany, so he and Ressler took off to find him. The way Red’s mind works is amazing. He notified the German police that there would be a shipment of illegal weapons at the airport which they confiscated, and one guess who’s weapons they were.

Red then met with an acquaintance named Franz who arranged for the shipment and he convinced Franz to let him deal with the drug cartel (and Tom) who wanted the weapons. When Tom showed up, he was shocked to see Red. Red told him that Lizzie was in deep shit and needed his help to get out of it, but he informed Red that Lizzie was on her own.

Just then, the rest of the gang walked in and Red royally fucked Tom by identifying him as a police informant. Cue bullets flying all around. Every single gang member was killed but Tom escaped and Red seemed satisfied that he delivered his message.

Back at the FBI, things were not looking up for Lizzie. Cooper is pissed that he had to lie for her after he said he wouldn’t. As they were arguing, Cooper collapsed and was taken to the hospital where the doctors feared that his brain tumor was getting worse.

Lizzie was left to face the music with Judge Denner all on her own, and just as he was getting ready to throw the book at her, the guards walked in with Tom in handcuffs and he confessed to killing the harbormaster. No freaking way.

In chambers, Tom and Denner have it out over the real story and whether or not Denner would charge Lizzie with additional crimes. Eventually Denner returned to the courtroom and announced that he would not be requiring Lizzie or Cooper to testify as a matter of national security.

Lizzie was concerned about what would happen to Tom but was informed by Tom Connolly that “there’s no Tom Keen in federal custody.”

That sneaky spy!!!!!!! The fact of the matter is that Red knew that the government would let Tom go, but he didn’t care as long as it meant that Lizzie was OK.

What a sweet, loving criminal!

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On this week’s episode of The Blacklist, all the drama with the murder of the harbormaster came to a head, and Lizzie was forced to testify in court. The FBI and the Attorney General tried to get the case thrown out, arguing that it was a matter of national security, but that didn’t go so well. The judge decided that he wanted to meet with Lizzie to get the full story before he decided keep things hush hush.

Lizzie then went into her whole life story for the past 3 seasons—literally. She explained to the judge how she met Red and her husband Tom, and how her team had taken down blacklister after blacklister. She even went into detail about the Fulcrum and about how Red might possibly be her father. Seriously Lizzie? You think that’s pertinent information for the harbormaster murder? Also, this judge is waaaay too interested in Red.

Anyway, the judge had a hard time believing what Lizzie is telling him, so he brought in Cooper to vouch for her story. The only problem was that earlier, Cooper told Lizzie that if it came down to it, he would not perjure himself. But he did in fact commit perjury when he corroborated Lizzie’s lie about one of the FBI’s targets murdering the harbormaster instead of Tom.

Smart lie, but just after Lizzie left the judge’s chambers, the cops showed up with a shell casing that came from Lizzie’s gun. Well shit.

While all this was going down, Red was hard at work trying to locate someone called The Major. This guy trained other young men to be killers, and one of those young men just happened to be Tom. Red thought that if he can find The Major and exploit some of his secrets, he might be able to find Tom and get him to clear Lizzie’s name.

Using very “Red” methods, e.g. kidnapping and wicked threats, he tracks down The Major who of course turns out to be someone Red knew—a man by the name of Bill McCready. Eventually McCready told Red where Tom could be found. Hello, Deutschland!

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This week’s resident bad guy on The Blacklist is none other than The Deer Hunter – someone Lizzie presumes to be a man who hunts other men in order to have dominance over the type of people who once dominated him.

She believes him to be a small, diminutive person who was once abused by a stronger, older man. Well, she’s partially correct, because for the first time this week’s blacklister is a woman! Woohoo!

This crazy lady hunts her victims with a CROSSBOW, and after she guts them she takes a single ceremonial bite of their liver. Yum. Lizzie’s theories of a male serial killer are quickly shoved aside when one of her students points out that this person is not actually the original killer at all, but a copycat. And it’s Red who points out that she’s a chick.

Lizzie realizes that the copycat is targeting men who beat their wives or girlfriends, and all of those women had visited the same victims support group. Hmmm. The Deer Hunter catches on to what Lizzie is up to and kills the wife of her most recent victim to keep her from talking.

At one point, Lizzie gets too close to figuring things out so The Deer hunter bashes Lizzie in the head with a shovel and hangs her up on a harness in the basement.

During this pseudo torture session, The Deer Hunter confesses that she is in fact a copycat. It was her husband that was the original killer, but she killed him with a crossbow and took over his killings…only she specifically began targeting abusive men. Eventually Lizzie sweet-talks her a little closer and manages to get this lunatic in a head lock with her legs, but before she can suffocate her to death Ressler rushes in and saves the day.

After that brush with death, Lizzie meets with Red and decides to tell him she has The Fulcrum. She demands to know what it is but Red’s like, “Uh, no.” So Lizzie’s all, “TTYL dick.”

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We’re always rooting for LIzzie to get her man on The Blacklist, but especially this week because Justin Kenyon is one sinister bastard. Not only is Kenyon a polygamist, child bride marrying cult leader, but he stores shipping containers on his property full of heavy artillery that belong to various terrorists around the world. Totally normal. At the beginning of the episode, Kenyon disappears when he’s kidnapped during a raid of one of his weddings…to one of his daughters. Lizzie, Ressler and Samar go to Kenyon’s compound after a van blows up killing two policemen. When they get there, they realize that the people doing the suicide bombings are actually children! Lizzie and Ressler go to investigate the compound’s church and fine nothing but dead bodies scattered everywhere. Samar is able to interview a former cult member to try and get a grip on what exactly is happening and who killed all the people in the church. She finds out that according to Kenyon’s doctrine, every man should marry 3 wives. When those wives started having male children, there were not enough women to go to each man, so Kenyon started taking the prepubescent boys to the woods to basically die. But the ones who survived in the wilderness formed a twisted sort of ‘Lord of the Flies’ army and went batshit crazy! They’re the ones who are killing all the people and who kidnapped Kenyon. Later Lizzie and Ressler drive out to the compound again to investigate, but this time their tires are blown out by the crazy boys, known as The Watchers, and they’re taken hostage. While all this is going on, Red is in St. Petersburg trying to get a hold of Alan Fitch’s safe. It just so happens that while he’s there, he’s able to contact a fellow terrorist friend who was keeping her missiles in one of Kenyon’s storage containers. Please, like Russian terrorists don’t have better place to store their freaking missiles!!! Anyway, Red gets the launch codes to the missiles and is able to use the camera and the triangulation devices on them to locate Lizzie and Ressler. How convenient. They’re rescued and a bunch of the lunatic Deliverance boys were shot in the head. And if you’re wondering what happened to Kenyon, The Watchers shoved twigs into his eyeballs and neck and he bled to death. As a viewer, that was a very satisfying way for that sick f*ck to go. Case closed…until next week of course. What did you think of The Blacklist this week? Sound off in the comments below!

This week's all new episode of The Blacklist begins when a priest saying mass in a church in Uzbekistan is taken hostage by a group of mercenaries and their leader. It turns out that this priest isn't a priest at all, but a CIA operative named Burke.

Cut to Liz back in DC giving the microchip that she found in her stuffed teddy bear to Aram to see if he can figure out what it is. Red appears wanting to talk to Liz, but she's none too pleased with him thinking that the only reason he cares so much about her is because of The Fulcrum. He tells her to put all that aside because he has a new case involving an associate of his, Ruslan Denisov. Red tells her that Denisov leads a group called SRUSupreme Rebublic of a Free, Righteous and Independent Uzbekistan. Denisov funds his operation by kidnapping senior execs of foreign corporations and holding them for ransom, but this time he decided to kidnap a CIA agent.

The CIA (meaning Hayworth) want nothing to do with this case and deny that Burke is even a CIA agent because it's illegal for agents to pose as religious clergy. The FBI takes over and Liz and Ressler go to Uzbekistan to investigate. When they check into their hotel, who's having drinks in the lobby?? Red, duh! That man is EVERYWHERE.

When Liz and Ressler get into the elevator to go to their rooms, they are taken hostage by the SRU and taken to Denisov. Denisov explains to them that he wants Anneca Oil, an American oil company, to repair a leaking pipeline that they built through the country years ago that is polluting the water supply and killing his people. Anneca denies that there is anything wrong with the pipeline, so to prove his point Denisov kidnapped a VP from Anneca and submerged him in the polluted water. When he showed the VP to Liz and Ressler, he had sores and boils all over his body.

Later, Liz and Ressler speak to another VP from Anneca named Walker who denies any wrongdoing on the company's part and insists that it was actually Denisov who created the leak in an attempt to extort money from Anneca. Spoken like a true VP.

While negotiations for Burke's release are being discussed, that prick Hayworth tells the local Uzbekistan police where Denisov is hiding out. The police raid the building killing several of Denisov's men, but neither Denisov nor the hostages are there—because Red gave them the heads up! He knows that Hayworth is a piece of shit who would do anything to cover his ass.

When Denisov finds out that several of his men have died, he wants to kill Burke too, but Red talks him out of it because he sees the bigger picture. Why was Burke in Uzbekistan to begin with, he asks? After Red threatens to really kill Burke unless he gives him some information, Burke tells him about a man named Zhabin. He was a Soviet government official back in the day who sold the oils rights to Anneca for a shit ton of money. They locate Zhabin and find that he's kind of bat shit crazy, but he has some very interesting information.

Red brings Zhabin to a meeting with Liz, Ressler and Walker. Red explains that Anneca built another pipeline before this shitty one that was even shittier and poisoned thousands of people. Walker eventually agrees that the company will pay reparations and repair the pipeline, but Red tells him that Denisov wants Anneca to leave Uzbekistan forever otherwise he'll go public with the whole situation in 24 hours. But before they leave they have to build some schools and clean up their damn mess.

Later when the FBI is recovering Burke from Denisov, Hayworth has some CIA assassins hiding in the woods ready to kill Denisov and capture Red. But while they're waiting for the okay from Hayworth, Cooper storms his office and tells Hayworth that he better back the f off his case.

While all this was going down, a guy named Detective Wilcox is in DC investigating the disappearance of Eugene Ames, the harbor master that Tom killed when Liz was keeping him on the boat. Liz had given Ames her card when she made up a fake reason for being at the docks, and Ames' wife then gave that card to the detective.

Wilcox calls Liz to ask her some questions, but she's all, “I'm not at liberty to say." Not exactly what detectives like to hear. Later, Wilcox brings in Samuel for questioning – that huge, scary guy that Liz hired to watch Tom on the boat. Wilcox breaks him and Samuel shows him where Ames' body is buried in exchange for immunity. Not. Good.

Oh, and Aram returns the microchip to Liz without much luck. He says it's a late 80s beta recording device, but he doesn't know how to access the data on it.

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