Music Monday

MUSIC MONDAY | 2018 Emmy Awards’ Top Songs, Musicians, Theme Music, and More

09.17.18 | Nominees and Winners Singing Emmy's Praises

Tonight, TV fans will be tuning in to the 70th Annual Emmy Awards ceremony.

Actors and actresses and those behind the scenes and the camera will be decked out in their designer duds, cheer for small screen celebs, and hope to take home a shiny statuette. But there's more to television than scripts and storylines…make room for MUSIC! What better way to kick off this week than with a Music Monday dedicated to the songs and all things surrounding them that made this TV season music to our ears?!

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The Pokemon Company

Going into Pokemon Sword and Shield, I was unimpressed with the new starter Pokemon.

Gen 8 starter evos Meh.The Pokemon Company

I normally gravitate towards fire-type starters, but Cinderace was a little too humanoid-rabbit-wearing-pants for my tastes. Inteleon was just "lol no." Rillaboom hit the closest to my usual favorite powerhouse aesthetic (think Charizard, Blaziken, and Incineroar), but something about him didn't quite feel right (or maybe I just don't connect with grass types?).

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What has us excited and concerned in the new Defenders trailer

The superhero team-up series released its first full trailer this morning

James Devaney- Getty Images

Netflix has released its most extensive trailer yet for its Marvel superhero team-up series The Defenders

While superhero fans were off with fantasies in their heads of this week's Guardians Vol. 2 release, Marvel snuck in a bonus surprise treat for its fans this morning when it released the first full trailer for it's Netflix team up series The Defenders. The series focuses on teaming up its heroes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist to form a street level Avengers of sorts to defend New York. Giving us our first look at the assembled team and their dynamics, here's a look at what grabbed our attention in the teaser.

Worlds collide

In this current age of crossovers and shared universes it's easy to get jaded about the approach, but damnit if we didn't get a little thrill seeing Jessica Jones bailed out by Daredevil's Matt Murdoch from an interrogation led by Luke Cage 's Misty Knight. Right off the bat, we get the promise of the series, bringing these very different corners of the Marvel Netflix Universe and watching them try to save the day. Whether it's Danny Rand and Luke Cage showing off their super powered strength or Murdoch protecting his identity with Jones' scarf, the series definitely pitches itself as the fun team-up fans have been patiently waiting for.

The Iron Fist in the room

It's no secret that to many, the first season of Iron Fist left a lot to be desired with critics brutalizing it earlier this year. Understanding that many didn't warm up to the character or even partake in the series, the trailer had to do some work to help redeem him. And for the most part it seems successful, he's there to punch things and have his bullshit called by Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. While we don't know what the character's exact role in the series will be, the trailer paints a more encouraging portrait than we might've thought a week ago.

Elektra and The Hand are back

Another red flag entering the series was the lackluster presence of the ninja order The Hand in Daredevil's second season, a development that led the series off the rails for a spell. Yet, despite the earlier mixed results of that season, the trailer places a great importance on them with Murdoch's one-time love Elektra resurrected as a weapon and his mentor Stick warning them for battle. Hopefully the series' grander scale and lighter expositional burden may yield better results, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't at least a little concerned.

Larger questions remain

Despite being the most in-depth look at the series to date, the trailer certainly raises its fair share of mysteries. Who is Sigourney Weaver's villainous Alexandra and what role will she play in the teased "War for New York"? How did The Defenders get together, especially with Luke Cage last seen on his way back to prison? What's gone down with Jessica Jones in the almost two years since fans last saw her? Hopefully we can get some satisfying answers once the series officially drops August 18th on Netflix.

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