PREMIERE | I Am The Polish Army Brings 'Gold'

DeCorsey's voice is five-by-five lethal

Photo Credit: Dave Rubin

I Am The Polish Army isn't your run-of-the-mill alt-rock band.

Instead, they're the fulfillment of an aesthetic doctrine that asserts: the tighter the discipline of an art form, the more subjective the criteria of taste. In this case, the taste is delicious.

The band is following up their debut record, My Old Man, with a new EP, entitled The Dream, slated to drop November 2nd. "Gold" provides a foretaste of the EP. The brainchild of Emma DeCorsey, I Am The Polish Army is made up of DeCorsey (vocals, guitar), Turner Stough (bass), and Eric Kuby (drums).

In a short period of time, DeCorsey went through the chainsaw of life: she had her heart pulped by fellow musicians, her home studio was pillaged and plundered, and she ditched the material for her first album, choosing to rewrite it. The silver lining of all this turmoil was that it lead to her hooking up with Stough and Kuby, thus transforming the direction of her life. After three months of rehearsing, I Am The Polish Army was in the studio laying down tracks for My Old Man.

"Gold" opens with the resonant tang of a guitar flowing into wailing, grinding harmonics. When DeCorsey's wickedly scrumptious voice, like Cruella DeVille crossed with Joan Jett, enters, the tune assumes a harsh-textured energy that's almost palpable.

Doubled-down dirty guitars exude strident psychedelic colors, while the bass line slinks with thumping grimy pulses, and the drums pound with industrial might. The feel and mood of the song is akin to burning tar, smudging the air with black smoke.

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10.28•Berlin - (Brooklyn, NY with Broken Baby)
11.02•The Gutter - The Dream Release Show (Brooklyn, NY)
11.03•Hubris House (Philadelphia, PA
11.04•Loft Space (Hoboken, NJ)
11.06•VOTE IN THE MIDTERMS (Everywhere, USA)
11.08•Little Amps (Harrisburg, PA)
11.09•Hambones (Pittsburgh, PA)
11.10•Blue Arrow Records (Cleveland, OH)
11.16•The Stone Church (Brattleboro, VT)
11.17•Gloom Garden (Winooski, VT)
11.19•Desperate Annie's (Saratoga Springs, NY)

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.

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The perfect Mother's Day playlist

MUSIC|28 songs that capture every relationship you have with your mother for Mother's Day, Tiany Tunes 5 : Hey Mama

Brittiany Taylor

Hey mama, I want to scream so loud for you
'Cause I'm so proud of you, let me tell you what I'm about to do (hey mama)

Every year we scramble for the perfect gift for the women that we credit for helping us to become a better version of who we were the year before. What do you give the woman responsible for transforming pounds of soft flesh into strong, powerful, change causing human being (that self-congratulating thing I got from my Daddy but just let it rock) ? As you get older, your gifts become more expensive than the previous years. Something about your thirty year old hand print turned into a finger painted bouquet of flowers no longer seems like an appropriate way to say thank you for loving me on Mother's Day. Searching for the perfect symbol of your gratitude to the women in your life, you start to reflect on the memories. You not only appreciate the smiles and times of pure bliss, you recount the times where you felt so defeated the only thing that sufficed was their comfort. Sometimes you laugh at how dramatic you were and wondered how that special lady in your life managed to take you seriously and not crack a smile as you waded in your adolescent grief and sometimes, your dramatic present day misery. The older I get, what I realize most is that my mother made this womanhood thing look easy. At my present age of 30, my mother was juggling kids, a marriage, a job, a business and the responsibility of being an older sister. She literally would cook two meals sometimes because my dad would want one thing and we would want another. Me? Oh, I'm ordering seamless and hoping that when I call to check in on my younger siblings they don't need me to buy anything (they always do, asses). I'm also realizing how grateful I am to have a mother who is extremely supportive even if my way of life isn't the least bit traditional. A mother who has standards higher than the ceiling but is the first one to get in the trenches with me when necessary. The one who taught me to love myself by being good to myself, and has reminded me of this more times than she wanted to since I've moved to New York. The one who I understand I'm so grateful to still have, as she lost my best friend (and ok, probably her's too), her own mother, a few years ago.

My mom is in the picture of me holding the red coat, and the rest are me with my Granny ( her mom)Photo Credit: Papa (her dad)

I want to tell the whole world about a friend of mine
This little light of mine, I'm finna' let it shine
I'm finna' take y'all back to them better times
I'm finna' talk about my momma if y'all don't mind (hey mama)

"You only get one mother, be kind to her." My aunt, my father's sister, used to say this to me so much that I'm sure she caught me rolling my eyes more times than she admonished me for. I was a daddy's girl. If my dad was the Jay Z of the Roc-a-Taylor's (charismatic, proud, the face, quietly calculating) my mother was Dame (the muscle, the fighter, the body guard, the one you didn't mess with). Growing up, she took no prisoners. She was the disciplinarian when it came to me and even though she will be the first to tell you that I didn't cause her problems growing up, she was the only one who told me no. She was the one who gave that look that meant get it together before I even finished the thought to let it go. But as much as she kept her kids in line, I think she reveled in the chance to keep others in line when it came to her kids. She would go to war for us. In fifth grade, my teacher gave me a C in citizenship because she said I was mean to her. Yes, the teacher said I was mean to her but she bullied me the whole year. It was the first time I didn't make the principal's list and my mother couldn't make parent teacher conferences so my aunt came in her place. For twenty minutes I listened to my teacher lie on me about being a bully to her. My aunt listened and then said she would relay the message. I'd like to go on record here that I was a perfect princess child-respectful, nice to others, compassionate- just don't mess with my little brother, my grades, or my happiness. I did have a mouth if you disturbed my peace. That hasn't gone away. My mother knew her child. She scheduled her own meeting with the teacher. When the teacher said that I was bullying her my mother smiled and sweetly asked, "what did the eleven year old to you Ms. [name redacted]. Ya'll ! I knew it was about to be on and I chuckled in my head at the fact that there was no right answer. My mother not only told her that an eleven year old can't bully a 35 year old, but that she knows that I can be snappy when defending myself, and if I felt the need to defend myself against the teacher then there was a problem in the classroom. She probably said a lot of really good stuff too because she told me to leave the room, which basically meant all types of things went down that she didn't want me to hear. I still remember walking out of the classroom smiling thinking that I should have told on that teacher months ago. In the car, my mother told me to always stand up for myself, but if an adult is bothering me then it's my job to tell her and my father and let them find the solution. Thankfully, it was my last year at that school, but a lesson that I would remember the rest of my life. I could always depend on my mother to lead me, correct me, and fight for me.

Hey Momma- My mother rode real horses growing up s o the carousel was MY thing. Until I got a brother, t hen it became OUR thing. Photo: My Daddy

Now I feel like there's things I gotta get, things I gotta do
Just to prove to you, you was getting through

Years passed and I began to understand a lot of things my mom endured professionally and personally. There were times I worried about her, but there was never a time where I could not lean on her when i started to falter. When it comes to Jodie's (the nickname my dad gave my mother when they were teenagers that I tried out one day and lived afterwards so I use it on special occasions) family she has a selflessness that I later begged her to shake. It was wearing her down, her fight was showing on her face, in the way she walked, in the care she wasn't giving herself. To be honest, there were times I resented her stubbornness and her selflessness. She wasn't showing strength the way I wanted her to, and I didn't understand why. I honestly didn't care why. I just wanted her to do what I thought was best. The lesson here is to listen to your mother, they always have a plan. She's in the second half of her life and she almost looks as young as she did 20-something years ago. She glows. She lives. And she still checks in on her babies. Every year I try to outdo myself on her Mother's Day present, and so far I have, but this year, I really can't think of what to get her besides a few things she explicitly asked to be gifted. Then it hit me. Sometimes, moms just want us. They want to know that we still feel comfortable coming to them for love, compassion, advice, just to laugh and talk. That we value their opinion, that we know they are here to fight, and that everything they did in trying to prepare us for the world actually took root in some shape or form. My mom was the mom who said "I love you" 14 times a day growing up and when we weren't talking, we were emoting through music. It felt only right that besides time, and a few presents that I'm sure I will have to sign my little brother's name too once I touch down in D.C., I give her a perfect playlist to describe the way she makes me feel.

I added other songs that could apply to her mom, your mom, or anyone's mom. There are songs about birth mothers, mothers who are no longer with us in humanly form, and mother's who are still bringing the heat. My mother loved to dance growing up, my father loved to sing so every day we lived in a musical. She also had this weird obsession with The Partridge Family and LL Cool J. I don't know why that was relevant, but I felt like it had to be said to truly get this playlist. While making this playlist, I realized some of the greatest love songs can apply to your mother. The Mother's Day soundtrack has your staples from Boyz II Men and 2Pac, the highly nostalgic "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You" by *NSYNC, "Sadie" by The Spinners, and when you have my mother "Mamma Got Ass" by Juvenile. "Mother" by Florence + The Machine likens God to a woman as she pleads for strength and coming from a tribe of bad ass women, it was more than appropriate. In addition to the title track, Kanye West's "Hey Mama", there is his beautiful dedication to Donda West after she passed, "Only One" because I obviously love crying and I've never not shed a tear when listening to that song, and about twenty more songs.

Enjoy, share it with your families and recount the countless lessons your mothers shared with you. My aunt was right, you only get one. How lucky am I to have gotten one of the best, raised by the best, raising the best. Moms, we listen to you, we value you, and your contributions do not go unnoticed (at least, not forever). I still roll my eyes when someone says appreciate your mother, but now it's in agreement with a slight shake of the head while holding back thoughts that one day I will have to learn to live without her.

You know I love you so, I'll never let you go
I wrote this song just so you know no matter where you go I'm a love you

Did I miss your favorite mother's day song? Let's talk about it on Instagram and twitter.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image pin_description="" crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" image-library="0" expand=1]


Christina Milian will try to make a comeback of sorts later this month with her own E! reality series, Christina Milian Turned Up.

Like E!'s flagship series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Turned Up will also focus on Christina's "crazy, loud, and fun" Cuban family.

The series will also document Milian's "last chance" at a successful music career as she records her new album.

Knowing the Dip It Low singer, there should also be plenty of drama on screen surrounding her personal life. In case you forgot, she's currently rumored to be dating her Young Money Records label boss Lil Wayne, who has a child with R&B singer Nivea, who also has twins with her ex-husband The-Dream, who was a daughter with Christina (who is also his ex-wife).


Both Nivea and one of Wayne's other baby mamas Toya Wright have slammed Christina for dating the rapper, so the whole thing is really just one big hot mess--and we can't wait to see it!

Check out the Turned Up trailer below, and look for the series to premiere on E! on January 18.

Welcome to Popdust’s exclusive feature Kim’s Korner™, where you can speak your mind to Kim Kardashian.

Kimmie has one big regret, and it's name isn't Ray J.

Let's try to guess. Her butt? Just kidding.

Let's see. Is it that her dad was O.J. Simpson's BFF?

Or that her mom, Kris Jenner, is a money hungry fame-whore? Is is that her brother, Rob Kardashian, threw in the towel, and ditched her wedding? Her nose-job, possibly?

So many things to regret, one might think, but here's the thing the one that haunts her. In 2011, she recorded a song, Jam (Turn It Up), produced by The Dream. And evidently it is not up to her standards. Here's how Kim put it to Andy Cohen:

But if there’s one thing in life that I wish I didn’t do ... I don’t like it when people kind of dabble into things they shouldn’t be. And that I don’t think I should have. Like, what gave me the right to think I could be a singer? Like, I don’t have a good voice.

Wow. I get it. Like, I know I'm not good at sex tapes so that's why I haven't made one.

You can see the video for Kim's song here.

What would you like to say to Kim about her one regret?

There's an old saying that says don't shit where you eat, but it's one that Christina Milian clearly isn't familiar with. Fresh from breaking off her 14-month engagement to Jas Prince (son of rap mogul James Prince), Milian has now been linked to Lil Wayne -- who just so happens to be her boss at Young Money Records.

The pair got the tabloids talking after they were spotted leaving a BET Awards afterparty at the Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood over the weekend. After exiting the club, they left together in the same car.

Adding fuel to the fire is a track that Weezy dropped in May that people have speculated contains a diss to Jas Prince. “I’ll take your Tina," he raps. "She needs a king / fuck a prince / you’re a queen not a princess / you’re a queen lets have princess.

While nothing has been officially 100% confirmed yet, it certainly wouldn't be the first time that Christina's found love in the workplace. In fact, most of her ex-lovers are men she met on the job, either while filming movies or working on music.

Check out Miss Milian's list of famous exes below.

Nick Cannon

Christina started dating Nick Cannon in 2003 after they met on the set of their teen comedy, Love Don't Cost a Thing. They remained together until 2005 when Christina found out Nick had been cheating on her while she was away in Romania filming a movie.

Andre 'Dre' Lyon

Christina started dating Andre Lyon of the once-popular hip-hop production duo Cool & Dre while they were working on her 2006 album, So Amazin'. At the time, Christina was keen to capitalize on the success of "Dip It Low" with a hit album that could put her on a Beyonce/Rihanna level, while Cool & Dre were at their peak thanks to a string of hits for rappers like Fat Joe and The Game. Unfortunately, So Amazin' was an instant flop, leading Def Jam Records to drop Christina almost immediately after its release.


Christina got together with The-Dream in early 2009, and within a few months they were already engaged. She was signed to Myspace Records at the time and working on an album that looked set to flop, but after hooking up with The-Dream she scrapped the album and started re-recording it from scratch, this time with The-Dream & Tricky Stewart in charge of all the production. She was then able to get out of her deal with Myspace and sign two new deals with The-Dream's Radio Killa Records and Interscope. The new couple were pregnant and married within no time, causing the album to be delayed once again. They divorced shortly after, and the album never saw the light of day, presumably because The-Dream owned all the songs and didn't want to give them to his ex-wife.