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This "Walking Dead" Brain Burger Is More Terrifying Than the Show

It's a marketing gimmick more disturbing than the zombie apocalypes.

Brain Burger


Do you remember the first scene of the first episode of AMC's The Walking Dead?

Rick is wandering a wasteland of death and desolation, when he finds a young girl walking alone, dragging a teddy bear.

He calls out to her, and she turns to his voice, revealing a ravaged, zombified face, and he fumbles for his gun as she walks toward him. The shock of that opening moment helped propel the show to become an overnight phenomenon with the result that the show is still running more than 10 years later and has spawned two spin-off series.

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9 of the Best Horror Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix

From jump scares to subtle psychological terror, these series have you covered.

The Haunting of Hill House

Christine -

Horror movies are all well and good, but sometimes 90 minutes of white-knuckle terror just aren't enough.

Sometimes you want to spend hours or even days hiding behind your hands and muffling your screams as you're sucked into a terrifying realm of blood and guts and ghosts and monsters. When you're in that kind of mood, you need a TV show that can consistently deliver nightmares straight to your skull.

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This Haunts Me: Why Is Roy Orbison's "Crying" Always in Apocalyptic Movie Scenes?

It appears at critical moments in "Gummo" and "Mulholland Drive," among others, and always seems to signify something absolutely terrifying.


Photo by Rowan Freeman-Unsplash

Roy Orbison's "Crying" is one of the most haunting songs I know.

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Kinney waxes brilliantly poetic with bigger and bolder melodies, laced with arsenic lyrics.

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WTWD? | Questions on Season 8: Finale

Moving Forward

With a finale as complex as this one, this time around fans might need a summer to brace themselves for the new TWD world to come. What has been resolved, and what has been initiated by the end of season eight? Many viewers already are speculating about the inner rift between Rick and Maggie and their viewpoints on Negan. Who do you agree with?

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WTWD? | Questions on Season 8: Episode 15


Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) Photo by Gene Page/AMC

In "Worth" we find out the value of all the players, so to speak, in the power games ensuing at the Sanctuary. The fixation over the last couple years with Dwight's chessboard comes to mind when we witness the strategizing and deception among the likes of Eugene, Dwight, Simon, and Negan. Who really are these duplicitous people we thought we already knew? Each think they are a step ahead of the other, but who is the one ultimately in control?

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