We Need to Talk About Ben Affleck

The A-list actor has maintained a massively popular social media presence, despite his often-overlooked history of mistreating women.

courtesy of @nivinejay on TikTok

As a regular Twitter user, I've been forced to look at Ben Affleck's face a lot lately.

We gotta hand it to him: the actor, known for films like Gone Girl and Good Will Hunting, has a very memeable presence. He's a master of rather despondent cigarette smoking, which has led to a plethora of hilarious reaction photos over the years. Throughout the pandemic, he was nary seen without a Dunkin' coffee in hand — or spilled over his front doorstep — like the true Massachusetts man he is (watch out, Charli).

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Last July the "Dogecoin Challenge" was trending on TikTok.

The intricate rules of the "challenge" involved TikTok users buying Dogecoin, then posting about it...that's it. And the stated goal of this challenge was to push the joke cryptocurrency — based on a meme from 2013 — to a value of one dollar.

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Oldies playing in the car and it's raining | Dreamscape (road trip w/ cars passing) 3 HOURS ASMR

Ah, playlists. They've always been ways to communicate unsayable feelings and to transmit us to different, sometimes extremely specific times and places.

But lately my YouTube and Spotify recommendations have been filled to the brim with extremely specific yet somehow universal playlists. Though they all seem to express a variety of different experiences, most are escapist and some are definitely weirder than others.

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After a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future of the app, it seems that the United States government will not ban TikTok.

This information may mean very little to you if you were born before 2000, but for the millions of zoomers who have found a place for their wide array of interests and identities on TikTok, this is pretty huge news. Everyone knows about the power of TikTok teens to interrupt political proceedings and influence culture (Charlie D'Amelio has a Dunkin' Donuts drink named after her...), but did you know that there are thriving communities of LGBTQ+ people who use TikTok as a safe place to express themselves?

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Music Features

TikTok Band Tramp Stamps Might Be Industry Plants — But That's Not Why They're Bad

The Nashville punk trio have sparked accusations of being "industry plants." But what's worse is their shallow, misguided idea of feminism.

Courtesy of the artist

Over the past week or so, left-of-center TikTokers can only seem to talk about one thing: a band called Tramp Stamps.

Most of the chatter surrounding the Nashville pop-punk trio is overwhelmingly negative. Tramp Stamps — singer Marisa Maino, guitarist Caroline Baker, and drummer Paige Blue — first emerged on social media in late 2020, steadily sharing an array of masterfully edited photos before releasing their first original song.

Now, with the release of their latest single "I'd Rather Die," Tramp Stamps are getting ruthlessly roasted online for being apparent "industry plants" — simply put, folks are inclined to believe Tramp Stamps formed not over of the members' genuine interests in making music together, but because some industry executives decided they could make lots of money if they manufactured a "feminist punk" band.

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Ever want to enter a completely different reality?

According to a new Internet phenomenon (that actually has roots in spirituality and quantum physics), you can — quite literally, and tonight, if you set your mind to it.

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