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All the Times Tom Cruise Was a Total Dick

"There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance"

Tom Cruise

Photo by Gregory Pace (Shutterstock)

Considering that he's a man who wears two masks at a time, it should come as no surprise that potential exposure to COVID-19 caused Tom Cruise to explode on his Mission Impossible 7 co-workers during filming.

It's long been known that the legendary film star maintains a chokehold on every set he steps foot on. He does all his own stunts, a decision which has regularly injured him and at one point almost cost him his life. But when held up against the countless other eerie eccentricities that make up Mr. Cruise, doing death-defying stunts like dangling off a plane in mid-flight is actually his most "normal" characteristic.

He divorced all three of his wives when they were 33 years old and allegedly believes, thanks to his Operating Thetan VI level in the Church of Scientology, that he possesses the power to heal sprained ankles and broken joints solely through touch. He also could barely read until he was an adult and has his own holiday in Japan.

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