Tommy Newport releases new EP "Ultra Mango"

Tommy Newport's latest musical endeavor has resulted in a juicy creation called Ultra Mango.

The EP is a fruity bloom of youthful thinking, ripe with radiance, quirk, and unpredictability. Sometimes witty, sometimes blunt, Ultra Mango is a relatable storybook for the youth of today that comes complete with a steady, comforting tinge. With frank honesty, the rising star delves into the reaches of his mind in his latest fruit salad of bangers.

Following the release of his 2018 album Just To Be Ironic, the new EP is inspired by 2000s hits with a sweet 2021 twist. Produced by 4th Pyramid, it's a smoothie of funky tunes, some with sharper edges, and overall it's a jam-packed collection of dance worthy songs.

Born in the UK and raised in Kansas, Newport is currently being dubbed the next big thing. His tunes each have their own unique indie-funk-pop flavor. He explains, "I love throwing curve balls on projects and not having each song sound similar." We spoke with Newport about the creative process behind the new release and his plans for 2021.

Congratulations on the release of your new EP, Ultra Mango! How does it feel to finally have it out in the world?'

Thanks! It feels really good! It's been a long time comin…

I'm very excited that it's out to the world and I hope everyone is enjoying it.

The EP seems influenced by everything from youth and a healthy dose of irony to inner-consciousness. Can you tell us more about where the name of the EP came from?

Yeah, the cover was inspired by thought processes being like fruit or resembling fruit, in that [they] can be very colorful or [they] can be rotten. Those kinds of contrasting ideas, and the rate of time in which [the mind] can go from vibrant and colorful to spoiled, [felt like] a great metaphor for the human mind.

Ultra Mango merges groovy bass-fueled melodies, indie and hallucinogenic vibes, and early 2000's elements. It's a real concoction of sounds and genres. How important is it for you to create a sound which is completely unique to you?

It's very important to me to have a unique and fluid sound. I want my audience to always be surprised by the music that I release and hope they like the ever-changing patterns of my catalog.

What do you want people to experience when listening to the EP?

My aim is for them to enjoy it sonically and find in it something they love, and be able to continue to go back to and discover new elements. I hope that they can listen to it and come up with their own thought processes, metaphors, and lessons.

What's your favorite track off the EP and why?

My favorite track off of this EP has got to be "Sweetener". It's got such a badass cinematic feeling to it. Yeah, I love this song and I think it's my favorite.

What's 2021 looking like for you? Do you plan on doing any online events?

I'm working on getting as much new music and content out as possible. I'm certain there will be a window to do a cool online event but I always like to make sure those are unique and interactive. I'm most looking forward to doing real shows again. That fan interaction is incomparable and fuels my sets.

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