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John Newman Talks New Single "Hold On To My Love"

Plus his collabs with David Guetta and Calvin Harris, and much more!

John Newman can do it all: he's a singer, songwriter, DJ, and producer whose helped create club hits like "Blame" with Calvin Harris and "If You Really Love Me (How Will I Know)" with David a plethora of his own repeat-worthy tracks like "Love Me Again" and, most recently, "Hold On To My Love."

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What can you say about a 2x World No. 1 DJ, who has been leading the electronic dance world for over a decade since he was only 14, who has officially remixed tracks for huge names in the music industry like Rihanna and Calvin Harris, that hasn't already been said? That's the case with the legendary Hardwell, who at 25, is just getting started.

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Martin Jensen has already had a super successful and impressive career. He produced the hit single, “Solo Dance,” which went multi-platinum and garnered 2+ billion streams. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in music like Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran, and played to crowds of 600,000 at prestigious festivals like Tomorrowland and Lollapalooza – but he isn’t even close to getting started.

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INTERVIEW | Todd Helder Gaining Support From The Likes Of Garrix!

We caught up with Todd after his set at Tomorrowland!

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The super-talented Todd Helder is the new Dutch sensation delivering acts from Tomorrowland to his residency in Ushuaia Ibiza. He has gained support from the likes of Martin Garrix this summer.

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INTERVIEW | Famous Dutch DJ & Producer Fedde Le Grand

This week we caught up with Dutch DJ Fedde Le Grand known for his chart-topping 2006 song "Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit".

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Fedde Le Grand is considered to be one of the most defining figures in the fast-evolving genre of House music!

This talented producer has headlined shows ranging from Sensation New York to Ultra Music Festival to Tomorrowland, we were lucky to see him in action this summer at Tomorrowland & we even got a chance to catch up with him.

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What is Music? How would you define it?

Music is everything.

Where did your interest in music stem from?

It's kind of always been there I think. I remember my mom telling me that when I could just barely walk I was standing in front of the TV with my diapers on busting out some moves.

What do you love about creating music?

I think it's all about actually creating something from scratch to begin with, which is just something special, and of course being creative, no boundaries, just going with anything that feels right at that moment. And that definitely is something I have my fans to thank for, they've always been very supportive of me trying out new stuff and that keeps it interesting, I'd not be able to focus on a too narrow of a sound for too long, it'd drive me crazy.

How would you sum up your music in two words?

Energetic grooves.


What feelings do you associate with your music?

Maternal feelings I guess haha.. Sounds so weird, but it really is, when you release a record, after having worked on it for hours and hours in the studio, then all of a sudden it's judgement time! That's when it really feels like your baby that you're all of a sudden throwing out into the wide world. What was your inspiration behind -- (choose two of your favorite songs)?

That is such a difficult question. Inspiration always comes from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Like for instance with Cinematic definitely is one of my personal favorites, it all started with an incredible demo from Denny White, that really was where I drew all my inspiration from. More recently with collabs like Flex and Hit The Club you also vibe a lot of the ideas that your collaborating partners throw at you which I feel is a lot of fun too.

Where can readers go to find out more about you?

What do you love most about performing at festivals?

The whole vibe is just so much fun! I really like summer a lot!!

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What festivals are you performing in this summer? Where can fans see you perform live?

A lot! So enough to choose hopefully ;) Until mid-September below is where you'll find me!

Fedde Le Grande Tour Dates

08 Aug | Aurora, Primosten, Croatia

11 Aug | DanceValley, Spaarnwoude, Netherlands

11 Aug| Lakedance, Eindhoven, Netherlands

12 Aug | Luna Glam, San Teodoro, Sardinia

14 Aug | Solaris Sunset Festival, Praia da Rocha, Portugal

17 Aug | Marquee, Las Vegas, USA

18 Aug | Liv, Miami, USA

22 Aug | Hi, Ibiza, Spain

24 Aug | Creamfields, Daresbury, UK

25 Aug | SW4, London, UK

25 Aug | ASM Festival, Arnhem, Netherlands

25 Aug | Mysteryland, Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands

30 Aug | Strana, San Pedro, Mexico

31 Aug | Strana, Guadalajara, Mexico

01 Sep | Premier, Atlantic City, USA

02 Sep | Marquee, Las Vegas, USA

07 Sep | Marquee, Las Vegas, USA

08 Sep | Acadamy, LA, USA

15 Sep | Flying Friends, Eersel / Zwolle / Spaarnwoude, The Netherlands

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INTERVIEW | Australian Music Duo, The Aston Shuffle, Are Taking House Music By Storm

The Aston Shuffle are giving house music fans everything they want and more with their newest tracks

Australian power house music duo, The Aston Shuffle, are debuting their new single Everything I Got. The Aussies played by the likes of Oliver Heldens, Don Diablo & Zonderling to name a few also have a few tracks coming down the pipeline! We got a chance to catch up with them this week to ask them a few questions about their music--

Where did your interest in music stem from?

I started playing piano when I was 3 years old, so I pretty much can't remember a time when I wasn't involved in music in some way. But it was all about classical music until I discovered dance music around the age of 13, and I pretty much became instantly obsessed.

What do you love about creating music?

It's immensely satisfying to make music and hear from fans that they really connect with our music, or to see a crowd sing along to something we've made as well. That payoff is so amazing and never gets old, it's definitely something that drives us to keep making music.

What was your inspiration behind creating 'Everything I Got'?

We've been wanting to make a piano-led track for a while, there's lots of house tracks with big pianos at the moment, and we really love that sound, so pianos were a must for this track. Click here to check out our new track.

What do you love most about performing at festivals?

Festivals always have such an amazing vibe, you can really play differently at festivals to club shows. Crowds are usually more "up for it" I think, they're really enthusiastic, and that always gives festival crowds an amazing energy.

What festivals are you performing in this summer?

Where can fans see you perform live?We're playing at Tomorrowland in Belgium again this summer, on The Magician's Potion stage. We played on that stage last year as well, it was so much fun! We've been working on a lot of new music as well, and we can't wait to play some of those new tracks for the Tomorrowland crowd.

How would you sum up your music in two words? Big fun!

What feelings do you associate with your music?We're always trying to create something special with our tracks, it's hard to put into words I guess but a sense that a track is something special is what we're always striving for with our music.
Where can readers go to find out more about you?Our website is a great place to start, you should also check out, which is the home of our monthly mix series Only 100s. We also host a weekly radio show on triple j in Australia which you can check out at!