On what would have been Tupac Shakur's 49th birthday, we remember an iconic creative force that has remained a dominant presence in the hip-hop community despite his passing on September 13, 1996.

His seemingly endless discography can be overwhelming for the uninitiated who only know the rapper from "Ambitionz Az a Ridah" and "California Love." Still, there remains a plethora of 2Pac songs that have remained underappreciated, and songs that better capture that magnitude of talent Shakur had as a lyricist and emcee. In honor of the late rapper's birthday, here are a few of his most overlooked gems.

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With the constant onslaught of complicated news that 2020 has brought, sometimes you just want to be able to shut off your brain, relax, and feel happy.

Enter comfort films. These are the feel-good movies that feel like a warm hug when you finish them, the ones that allow you to escape for a short while. We often turn to these types of films in times of trouble or extreme stress, and when we're not sure what films of this nature we should watch, we turn to the Internet for options.

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11 Musicians Who Predicted the Future

These songs predicted the future.

The future, they say, is dark—not dark as in bad, just dark as in uncertain. But sometimes, people find ways to see in the darkness. Music seems to be one of those ways, and popular music in particular tends to be a harbinger of times to come.

Music's foremost clairvoyants include Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, and Kanye West, all of whom predicted the apocalyptic ennui and digitized realities that would define the future (or, our present). But other artists have had uncanny bursts of foresight inside their songs, envisioning distant political events and even predicting their own deaths. Here are some of music's strangest accurate predictions.

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