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Can Laugh Tracks Make Anything Funny? A "Gutfeld!" Experiment

The new Fox News late night show strains the limits of what can be considered humor.

Last week Fox News introduced their latest attempt at late-night comedy: Gutfeld!

Previous forays into the genre have included the short-lived, criticially panned The 1/2 Hour News Hour — the network's response to The Daily Show — and Gutfeld's own show Red Eye, which aired in a 3:00 AM time slot, and The Greg Gutfeld Show, which ran on Saturday night's at 10:00 from 2015 until just a few weeks before the Gutfeld! premiere. But in a new weeknight spot at 11:00, Greg Gutfeld of The Five is officially up against the traditional late-night hosts like Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon.

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Jeff Probst is daring to bare all….

The Survivor host strips off in an upcoming episode of Two and a Half Men—and Popdust has the impressive pic.

“What a blast!! I'll be on Two & A Half Men - so fun to work with Cryer @mrjoncryer and Kutcher @aplusk Thursday, Nov 14th! No blue shirt,” the 52-year-old tweeted Wednesday.

Survivor host Jeff Probst makes his naked debut on Two and a Half Men

Probst makes his comedy debut, naked with only a plate of bacon to preserve his modesty.

“I’m playing a version of me,” Probst told The Today Show. “I just jokingly mean that I’m not typically walking around naked with a plate of bacon. I don’t really eat bacon.

“I got a call from the casting director. I happen to be friends with [Jon Cryer] and I texted him and he said, 'I just read the script. It’s really funny. You should do it.’

“That was it. And then they said, 'Oh by the way, you’ll be naked.' I mean, how can you turn down Two and a Half Men? — one of the greatest comedies of all time.”

You can see Probst in all his naked glory on Two and a Half Men Nov. 14.

Those itching for a sight of Destiny Hope sans side boob, and away from fiance Liam Hemsworth's Billy Ray-like side should hold tight; the wait is almost over. Miley Cyrus makes her return to prime-time television this week, guest-starring on mega-popular CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men.

From the brief clip she brought with her to her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday, it looks as if the plot of "Party in the USA" will soon come to life—we're nodding our heads and moving our hips like yeah in celebration—as the former Hannah Montana star plays up her own Southern roots by hooting and hollering about airport car service, beachfront views and bottled water from far away places. Not pictured: stilettos. Not heard: a Jay-Z song.

Despite early photos which captured Miley sharing a bed with Ashton Kutcher, her character Missi—named after the river, not the state—is actually the love interest of 19-year-old Angus T. Jones. It might not evoke the same jealousy within her girlfriends as stories of making out with Kelso might, but at least she enjoyed herself. "I pictured [Jones] being a little 8-year-old," she told Leno. "But he was coming back from the military in the episode and he was... putting on a suit, had a shaved head—he looked good!" Cyrus will appear on the show on Thursday, October 18 at 8:30 p.m. EST. Get a feel for her character below.