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RELEASE RADAR | New Album from We The Kings

Plus new music from Lavender Fields, Ballroom Boxer, Sophie Rose and more.

Pink Lipstick - Sophie Rose (Official Video)

We're feeling festive this weekend. 'Tis the season for a holiday album from We The Kings.

RELEASE RADAR is here to give you the breakdown of the top singles, albums, and videos of the week, so you can head into your weekend with a new list of killer tunes. Get ready to jam out with some of our favorite up-and-coming artists, plus celebrate new stuff from those you already know and love.


⭐ PREMIERE ⭐ | Lavender Fields | "Presence Dub"

The latest single from Lavender Fields' EP Gratitude (out December 7th) is a synth-filled, six minute journey through Lavender's psyche. "This is a song inspired by the state of flow, being in the present moment, free from all and any attachments that make us suffer," she said.

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Sophie Rose | "Pink Lipstick"

Pink Lipstick - Sophie Rose (Official Video)

18 year old powerhouse Sophie Rose is back with a new feminist anthem. Her bold lyrics and sugar sweet voice have us eagerly waiting to see what she'll do next.

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Girl Wilde | "Nervous Breakdown"

The second single from up-and-comer Girl Wilde is a painfully honest anthem for 20-somethings working through everything from love and feminism, to what it means to grow up.

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Talk Time | "True North"

California indie outlet Talk Time tunes out the noise of the 21st century in their latest single, and focuses on the best compass for navigating the world: love.

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CLMD | Trouble


Norwegian producer CLMD is the perfect party anthem. In the video for his latest single, "Trouble," he offers some ideas.

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⭐ PREMIERE ⭐ | Crystal Tamar | Nowhere

Nowhere (Acoustic) - Crystal

Professional cheerleader turned soul singer, Crystal Tamar released her single "Nowhere" back in August. Her new acoustic video strips the song down to its core: strong vocals and soft guitar.

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Taska Black | Minds

Antwerp's Taska Black channeled a series of personal and health problems into a stunning EP.

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Tonks | Windows Down and Dying

Dryjacket bassist Ian Foley's debut record boasts introspective lyrics and soothing acoustics. "This record is about aging out of 'live fast, die young,' and prioritizing a happiness that is simple and consistent," said Foley.

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We The Kings | Season's Greetings from the Sandbar

Pop punk legends We The Kings are back to spread some holiday cheer. Their latest album features a mix of covers and two original tracks with an island-y twist.

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Ballroom Boxer | A Little Wild

Chicago's Ballroom Boxer, better known as "the Billy Murray of rock n roll" is a wash of modern pop and 90s nostalgia. Their latest EP tugs at the heart with punchy lyrics and a rock n roll edge. Bill Murray is lucky to be compared to them.

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Interview | We The Kings

Check Yes on Checking Up on the Latest from One of Your Favorite Bands

Lee Cherry

"Pop punk is all about attitude and the energy behind that. As long as people continue to feel and express their emotions, pop punk will live on forever."

We The Kings has had an illustrious career over the last eleven years, including numerous stints on the Vans Warped Tour. With the release of their sixth record, they are finding ways to stay true to their roots while making their sound still fresh for new and old fans alike. Read on to hear Coley O'Toole discuss their experiences on and off the road plus what is up next.

You guys have been a band for a long time now. How did you come to start playing music together and how has your relationship changed over the years?

The majority of the band started playing music together in middle school. Around 2007 WTK was born and by 2011 the lineup had changed with Charles replacing original bassist Drew and my position being added. We've toured so much over the years spending more time together than with our own families. We are brothers to the core, we've been through a lot together both good and bad. Now that the majority of us have kids it's amazing to see how we've matured but still keep that youthful passion needed for our shows. We still like to have a good time but we value sleep more than ever now!

Your band was a huge part of the late-00's pop-punk movement. What was it like being a part of a genre of music that meant to so much to so many young people?

It's a dream to be able to play music for anyone much less be part of a scene with fans who would go to the ends of the earth for their favorite bands. It was and still is an honor be able to travel the world and play for those who make this all possible.

Vans Warped Tour is having its final year, which is showcasing many artists including your band. How do you feel about the tour coming to an end?

It's bittersweet for sure, we've gotten to play it 6 times and would probably play it 10 more times if it continued on. We've met so many amazing people and made life long friends because of this tour. It's a huge loss to the music community both bands and fans alike.

What do you think about the future of pop punk music?

Pop punk is all about attitude and the energy behind that. As long as people continue to feel and express their emotions pop punk will live on forever.

Your new record, SIX, is out now. What was the writing and recording process for that like?

The writing process for SIX started years before its inception. We began working on songs and arrangements both communally and individually. We would bounce ideas and/or songs off each other until we had widdled down a good idea. The production was done between mine and Travis's studio. Working this way, we were able to execute ideas and revisions much faster, especially when it came down to crunch time!

Have you got any favorite tracks off the album?

"On My Love" was a song idea birthed in my studio on a writing retreat by Trav, Hunter, and myself. Right off the bat I thought it carried the essence of early Kings within (which) was exciting to feel again.

How do you think your songwriting has changed over the years?

We've evolved as people and have always kept curiosity in our songwriting. We continue to listen to new music which has expanded our palate. We're not afraid to chase an idea into oblivion but we've become more aware of our tendencies as writers which allows us to steer the vision much better.

You've said that this album is largely an homage to fans. What role do the fans play in your band?

Without our fans we could not be a traveling band, period. We could play the local pub for sure, our fans would show up no doubt but we would never get to be on the big stage without our adoring fans. We owe it all to them.

What is coming up next for you guys?

World domination! But really, military and college shows this fall. Always a good time rocking out on the campuses across the U.S.

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