13 of the Most Controversial Music Videos Ever

From Kanye West to Madonna, these gory and graphic clips got people talking — for better or for worse.

Photo by Gordon Cowie on Unsplash

Music videos are a perfect opportunity to expand the story of a song.

The best music videos can showcase killer choreography, Halloween-ready attire, or movie levels of cinematic gold; others can spark controversies, no matter how well-intended. Whether centered around copious bloodshed or near-pornographic nudity (sorry, Mom and Dad), there's one thing all controversial music videos have in common: They get people talking.

Here are 13 music videos released over the past 30-plus years that have sparked disputes. Watch at your own risk.

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Music Features

Classic Mixtapes To Get Us Through Summer In Quarantine

Let's revisit some of the great summer mixtapes to help ease the pangs of summertime nostalgia

How Fly

Bonfires with our friends, balmy summer days spent by the lake passing a spliff and sipping on a Corona, summertime love affairs—it all may feel like a past life now.

The rollout for summer 2020 is unlike anything before it. While Americans everywhere try to retain a sense of normalcy, it will be impossible to enjoy summer the way we want to. Bitter nostalgia for the summers of yore is rampant. Luckily, music has remained the one constant. To help unwind in these times of heightened anxiety, it helps to revisit some of the mixtapes that brought us childhood bliss, that pumped us up when school dismissed for summer, that blasted through our car speakers as we cruised with the windows down with our friends in tow. Here are a few of the greatest mixtapes of summers past, in the hopes it will bring back the fond memories that, right now, may feel distant.

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New Releases

Eden Ariel's "Altars" Is an Ethereal Joyride Through New York City

The indie singer exudes confidence and unassuming wisdom beyond her years.

Photo by Emma Noelle

On Eden Ariel's ethereal and magnetic debut EP, Altars, the 22-year-old budding indie star reflects on life in New York City with unassuming wisdom beyond her years.

Photo by Emma Noelle

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How Has G-Eazy Dated Megan Thee Stallion, Lana Del Rey, and Halsey?

Twitter is reacting aversely to the news that G-Eazy might be dating Megan Thee Stallion. Though he as a history of dating beloved pop starlets, this one has sparked particularly strong backlash.


Early this morning, the rapper G-Eazy posted an Instagram video of himself with fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

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The name Miles Mosley may not be a household name quite yet, but the young and energetic multi-talented musician has worked with some of today's biggest stars.

From Kendrick Lamar, Kamasi Washington, Andra Day, and Jason Mraz to legends like Chris Cornell, Lauryn Hill, and Mos Def, Mosley is no stranger to the music scene. "BROTHER," the artist's first solo release, has the musical sensibilities of a veteran pop star and offers a compelling call for unity. "[It] champions the survivor not as someone who scavenges an existence but someone who was built for the very purpose of surviving," said Mosley of the track.

"It's a song about surviving the inevitable. It's intended to be an overwhelming anthem for an overwhelming time." The track features the West Coast Get Down collective and serves as the lead single off of the singer's soon to be announced 2020 album.


"I Wanna Thank Me" Is Everything We Love About Snoop Dogg

Listening to this album, you lose track of what to expect next.

Snoop Dog in concert at Peterborough Memorial Centre, Canada

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When talking about the legendary "Doggfather" of rap, it is nearly impossible to boil his music down to a singular sound.

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