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How Celebrities Have Been Affected by the California Wildfires

As celebrities begin to return to the homes they evacuated, they're giving their fans a look at the damage.

Los Angeles Times

The wildfires currently blazing through California have become the deadliest in a century, claiming 59 lives, according to Time. Flames from the Camp Fire north of Sacramento and the Woolsey Fire in Los Angeles have destroyed over 200,000 acres, and continue to burn. Over 100 people are reportedly missing, and thousands have been displaced. Even as firefighters expand containment areas, residents now face respiratory-damaging air contamination, potentially disastrous mudslides, and even a norovirus outbreak. As celebrities begin to return to the homes they evacuated, they're giving their fans a look at the damage.

Here are some of their stories.

On November 9, Charlie Sheen tweeted that he was unable to reach his parents, Martin and Janet, during the chaos as he and other Malibu residents were ordered to evacuate their homes. Martin was later tracked down in Zuma Beach by a local Fox News affiliate. The elder Sheen used the opportunity to address his children during the station's broadcast and let them know that he and his wife were out of harm's way, though he could not say the same for their Malibu home.

Gerard Butler took fans on a tour of his incinerated neighborhood, which he referred to as "a war zone," via Instagram. The actor, visibly upset in the two videos he posted, urged his followers to donate to fundraisers that support those across the state who face a long rebuilding process.

Miley Cyrus posted before and after photos of the home she shares with actor Liam Hemsworth on Wednesday, highlighting the stark contrast between a happy dog on her porch and an incinerated pile of rubble. Cyrus also tweeted that her pets were unharmed, as well as a link to the organization she founded, the Malibu Foundation, which offers crisis support in the community.

Guy Fieri offered his expertise when he surprised Butte County first responders with dinner.

Comedian Whitney Cummings stepped in personally to check on Stanley the Giraffe, a beloved and internet-famous resident of Malibu Wines, a winery that also houses horses, cows, and other farm animals.

Other celebrities like Sandra Bullock, Ellen Degeneres, Rob Lowe, Lady Gaga, and more are helping by making substantial donations to recovery relief organizations, distributing food and water to firefighters, and even delivering pizza to evacuation centers.

Rebecca Linde is a writer and cultural critic in NYC. She tweets about pop culture and television @rklinde.

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There’s a disturbing new trend in Hollywood—a trend that seems to be gaining momentum with the velocity of a Kardashian hopped up on a fat-free chai latte.

Beautiful starlets…..are now funny. And they’re getting better looking and funnier every year.

First there was Chelsea Handler. Not exactly a piece of ass, but when you factor in how funny she is, suddenly you wouldn’t kick her and her saggy tits out of bed.

Next there was Whitney Cummings. A solid 7.5-8 with good lighting, and dirtier than Haitian tap water.

Now, Popdust gives you Chelsea Skidmore: think Larry David trapped in Miss July’s body.

Suzy McCoppin sat down with the sexy stand-up to talk Guy Fieri, fat men eating pussy, Kim Kardashian and sex tapes, butts or boobs, Marilyn Manson, and Hillary Clinton jizz facials.....

Popdust: When did you know you were funny?

Chelsea Skidmore: When I was in middle school I would leave crazy voicemails on all of my friends answering machines trying to make their families laugh and they all called me "weird" but what they probably meant was "funny." They just had poor adjective choices.

Popdust: How often do you get hit on in a day?

Chelsea Skidmore: I'm bad at math but it pretty much depends on how often I go outside.

Popdust: Do you ever get too much attention?

Chelsea Skidmore: Not really, I wish.

Popdust: Who is someone that's really over rated?

Chelsea Skidmore: Guy Fieri. Plenty of guys have been on cocaine in kitchens with bleached tips for years.

Popdust: You have to be funny or hot, pick one..

Chelsea Skidmore: Funny

Popdust: What joke gets the biggest laughs?

Chelsea Skidmore: There is no excuse for an overweight man to be bad at eating pussy. How can they be so good at eating everything else?

Popdust: What joke are you most proud of?

Chelsea Skidmore: (Since it takes so long to get cum out of your pussy when a guy busts in you..)

Do you think on a busy morning Hillary Clinton gets jizzed in? Or is she like, "just cum on my face I have a lot of paperwork to sign."

I don't know if this is what I'm most proud of but it makes me laugh and shocks people every time.

Popdust: What is the best story you have about being a hot chick in LA?

Chelsea Skidmore: Getting to party at Marilyn Manson's house was definitely my favorite LA story because I've been a longtime fan and it was really surreal watching him sing along to his music in his living room.

There are always tons of other celebrity house parties stories because it's LA but once you meet these people that everyone idolizes you realize they suck and have bad personalities. Don't meet your heroes.

This one famous actor from my childhood wants to pay me $300 to do standup for him at the Polo Lounge, which is really weird and random. I'll probably do it soon when I feel poor and bored.

Popdust: You get 30 minutes with Kim Kardashian.... Are you going to bang her or yell at her?

Chelsea Skidmore: I would get her doctor's number, ask her why she talks in that fucking baby voice, and find out who the best distributor is for sex tapes.

Popdust: Who is your dream man?

Chelsea Skidmore: My dream man is someone who is funny, smart, has a good personality and knows how to fuck.

Also someone who gets the real me is important - I kind of play up an overly-sexual exaggerated version of myself who is 'too cool for school' but it's not really who I am on the inside, it's just a defense mechanism because I'm really shy. All I want is someone to take me on the Santa Monica Ferris Wheel overlooking the ocean during the sunset to tell me I'm pretty.

Popdust: Butts or Boobs? Why?

Chelsea Skidmore: I kind of like boobs better. But butts are super chill too.

Popdust: Who do you hate the most?

Chelsea Skidmore: There are so many people that I hate it's probably better to not name any of them, but just assume everyone.

Popdust: Who let the dogs out?

Chelsea Skidmore: Sarah McLachlan.

Popdust: If you could go back to high school and beat the shit out of someone, who would it be and why?

Chelsea Skidmore: This dude who spit on me at a party. It made me feel awful. Now I would fuck that bitch up. I think at the time I just wiped it off and sat in the corner alone.

Popdust: Funniest TV Show of all time?

Chelsea Skidmore: Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David is the best. I just really get everything he does.

Popdust: Is comedy tragedy plus time?

Chelsea Skidmore: I think honesty is the most interesting stuff to hear in comedy and things that are really honest tend to be more tragic. People get uncomfortable by the truth.

Popdust: Why you buggin’?

Chelsea Skidmore: I'm kinda buggin' because I just ate spaghetti and have to go to Pilates in an hour and hope my food digests in time.

Popdust: Which of the 7 deadly sins are you most guilty of?

Chelsea Skidmore: Sloth. I'm lazy as fuck.

Popdust: Craziest thing a fan has done?

Chelsea Skidmore: This guy made a compilation video of me and posted it on his Instagram. It was actually pretty cool but had like CGI or some shit. It was pretty technologically advanced in the edit. I like when people spend time on me.

Also one time some random stranger dude from the Internet showed up to my birthday party and it made me really uncomfortable.

Popdust: Ultimate goal?

Chelsea Skidmore: I just want anything creative I do to be paid attention to. I want my point of view to be seen and heard in any capacity.

Popdust: What would you change about yourself?

Chelsea Skidmore: To focus on just one thing and stick to it. I want to do so many things, which isn't wrong but sometimes I spread myself too thin. I wish I had better leadership skills, direction and self-discipline.



Stand by your internet-detested channel-mate. Whitney Cummings, comedienne star of eponymous sitcom Whitney perhaps sees something of a sister-in-arms in Lana Del Ray, another much-hyped quasi-diva with a breakout appearance on NBC that came not without a healthy dose of backlash. Whether out of empathy or sympathy, Cummings took to her blog (the excessively pink Princess Complex) to write an even-handed but impassioned defense of the "Video Games" singer. To sum up Whitney's take on the LDR mess:

  • As a young, female performer, we should be patient and understanding with her. "I get very protective of girls, especially young performers, because they live a hard, emotionally challenging, often physically challenging life where you are constantly given reasons to be insecure and have panic attacks. I totally get the stuff about her not deserving to be there and I don’t mean to insult musicians in any way if that’s how they feel obviously, but this is an opportunity to show us how hard being a performer is so maybe they can all be cut some slack."
  • Even if she did suck, we should let it go already. "Performing is FUCKING HARD...even when things go great for artists and performers, it’s still hard. So when it goes bad, it’s just the worst vortex of misery. If she fell on her face, she was there, she felt it, and her having lived it is punishment enough. We don’t need to keep bashing her unless it makes us feel better about ourselves..."
  • Besides, she seems like a pretty cool chick. "I am intrigued by Lana Del Rey. She seems very odd and self-made and scrappy which I like. Her style is bonkers. She always looks so fresh and original. I think she’s from either Brooklyn or the future. Her stylist must be Baz Luhrmann. Her nails are fresh for life. Zoe Lister Jones showed me the video games video a long time ago and we were very smitten with her face and mystery and the cool video for it and legitimately good lyrics and song."
  • And maybe she just wasn't ready yet. "I just watched the SNL performance and I think her rhythms are weird an odd and bizarre. She seemed nervous obviously...Let’s not blame her, let’s blame her managers for not making her wait until they knew she would not get nervous or kick it out of the park or not do whatever happened. "
  • In any event, let's just leave her alone. "Whether or not Lana sucked, I think we should be encouraging and patient. Other peoples success doesn’t fuck up our lives and other people failures should not brighten them. Let's forgive her for being human and all be kinder to each other. Let’s all just have more love and less venom all around, eh?"

All true. Sometimes we need our obnoxious sitcom stars to remind us about the importance of basic decency and humanity.

If there's one thing that pop divas hate more than anything: Paparazzi, bad hair stylists, broken fingernails, rude gas station attendants—it's seat belts, travel's last refuge of the mere mortal. Whitney Houston tried her best to explain this to the crew of her Delta flight from Atlanta to Detroit yesterday afternoon, but they were predictably unmoved, eventually being forcibly buckeled in by a crewmember before takeoff. "She wasn't drunk, drinking or on drugs; she was just exhausted," a source tells People magazine by way of explanation, and we can't help but ask the obvious question: Is that really that much better?

Of course, what we're really reminded of by this incident is that other most prominent Whitney in pop culture, Miss Whitney Cummings, she of the awful eponymous NBC sitcom that somehow just got picked up for a full season. Don't you just picture Whitney Houston eventually relenting to airline pressure with Whitney Cummings' trademark "Fine...but...I won this" retort? No? Just us? Well, hopefully after watching this, you'll never be able to disassociate Houston's diva attacks from Cummings' oh-snappy argument-killer again.

Sorry, but it's like getting a song stuck in your head—the only way to get it out is to get it stuck in the heads of every single one of your closest friends.