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Leroy Sanchez Essential Facts—411 On YouTube Super Star

He's hot hot hot... but who is Leroy Sanchez?

leroy sanchez essential facts—Popdust brings you all the essential facts on the youTube super star

He's hot hot hot in the world of music.

The 25-year-old has a recording contract with one of the leading producers in the industry, two hit songs under his belt and over 2 million dedicated followers on Youtube.

But, who is Leroy Sanchez?

Popdust brings you Leroy Sanchez essential facts—411 on the YouTube super star

leroy sanchez essential facts 1: Euro to U.S.

The 25-year-old was born in Abetxuko, Vitoria, Spain, before later relocating to Los Angeles, California.

leroy sanchez essential facts 2: Young talent

Sanchez sang in his school choir and at age 14 competed in the Spanish talent show, Veo Veo.

He didn't win, but it set him on his future career path.

leroy sanchez essential facts 3: Great discovery

Sanchez was discovered by Grammy winning producer Jim Jonsin, who's worked with all the top talent, including Usher, T.I., Lil Wayne, Beyonce and Kelly Rowland.

leroy sanchez essential facts 4: YouTube super star

Sanchez first started sharing his music via YouTube, launching his channel superleroyvv in January 2007.

He was just 16 when he uploaded his first video, a cover of Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway.

At time of posting Sanchez has over 2.1 million subscribers and 115 million plus views!

leroy sanchez essential facts 5: The AI factor

Sanchez worked as a background vocalist and producer on season 10 of American Idol.

He worked with Scotty McCreary, James Durbin and Haley Reinhart.

leroy sanchez essential facts 6: Royal approval

Sanchez once performed for Prince and got a royal thumbs up!

The music great pronounced Sanchez "a star" as he strummed the last chord to a song he sang for him.

leroy sanchez essential facts 7: fan favorite

Sanchez is a fan favorite—and with good reason.

He engages with his fan base daily and even wrote a song with them via Ustream!

He explains;

I feel so close to [my fans]
I see them as an extended family and I want to stay close to them no matter how big I may get because, at the end of the day, none of this would be possible without them.

leroy sanchez essential facts 8: Single release

Sanchez released his debut single, Little Dancer in April of 2014, he followed up a year later with his second single, By My Side.

He's currently working on his debut album.

leroy sanchez essential facts 9: Hello Adele!

He's a huge Adele fan.

Sanchez admits to being "obsessed' by the Brit's hit song, Hello, from her album 25, and even posted a cover version on his Youtube channel.

leroy sanchez essential facts 10: He's a giver

Sanchez works with a number of NGOs, including Coach Art, a charity that creates a transformative arts and athletics community for families impacted by childhood chronic illness.

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Vicki Gunvalson Unusual Facts

"Whoop it up" with this inside info about the OG of the OC!

RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson sure knows how to "whoop it up" and long for a full "love tank," but aside from her "stand by your man" mantra, how much do you really know about the Bravo OG?

She's been on the show since it began, so we've seen a lot of the California lady's antics on the small screen, but every Housewife has her secrets.

Here are 10 unusual and interesting facts about the blond and bold grandma that will have you reeling more than hearing about a fake cancer diagnosis. Brooks, you may want to click to another page.

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 1

Face Fix

As per Fame 10, Vicki had some plastic surgery on her face because she "never felt pretty enough." She had a nose job, a chin implant, and body fat injected into her face to reduce the look of wrinkles. She had all this work done prior to season 7 of the reality show. Seeing oneself on screen week after week can steer a Housewife towards the nearest surgeon's office!

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 2

She Didn't Want Brooks on the Show

Not only did Vicki lose many friends on the show thanks to her lying ex, Brooks, but she almost lost a hunk of her paycheck too if she didn't agree to have him on the show with her, according to Celebrity Toob. Money beats common sense in her case, since her daughter hated the smug sneak and Vicki ended up with no man in the end. She should have dumped the chump and found a sweeter suitor to star alongside her.

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 3

The Chick is Rich

As per Celebrity Toob, Vicki is worth a hot $7 million! Her salary from Bravo along with her booming insurance business makes this OC woman a walking bank account. Let's hope she didn't pay for too many dinners out with Brooks!

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 4

Record Holder

As per Famous Birthdays, Vicki is the only OC Housewife to have appeared on all eleven seasons of the hit reality show. Just like a cat, Vicki's "nine lives" get more and more interesting with each passing year. Wonder if she'll make it to a full decade of fights and feuds with the gals?

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 5

Fattest Check

Famous Birthdays also tells us that Vicki is paid the most out of her cast mates. Surely the other ladies aren't pleased, but if a bigger check means a relationship with a lying snake, they'll no doubt count their blessings (and slightly smaller paychecks).

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 6

Party of Five

As per IMBD, Vicki is one of 5 children. There's Kathy and Kim who are twins, plus Lisa and Bill. With a family so large, one can see how Vicki wants to be surrounded by so many OC ladies at any given time. Plus, the longing for attention is evident at every party and dinner function.

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 7

New Man in Town

Bye bye Brooks. As per Us Magazine, Vicki has a new beau – Steve Lodge, a former police officer who now works as a consultant. She'll need a cop to break up all those squabbles amongst the loud ladies of the OC!

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 8

Page Turner

Did you know that Vicki is an author? According to Romper, she penned a tell-all, More Than a Housewife. Considering she's not a "wife" at all, the book must be full of what more there is to Vicki for sure!

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 9

Two Ex-Hubbies

We know that Vicki is always looking for love, so perhaps the third time will be a charm for the lovesick lady. Richest Celebrities tells us that Vicki was married to Donn Gunvalson from 1994-2014 and Michael J. Wolfsmith from 1983-1991. Perhaps she should stay single and continue to mingle. Marriage ain't for everyone.

Vicki Gunvalson unusual facts - 10

Reality TV Broke Up Her Marriage

According to Celebrity Toob, Vicki Claims that RHOC broke up her second marriage due to the pressure and stress of being filmed constantly. While there is that "reality TV curse" many talk about, she can't blame the show itself. She's the one who agreed to air her dirty laundry for curious viewers everywhere. Maybe it was Andy Cohen's fault for coercing her into it in the first place!

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Who Knew? Wednesday – 10 Unusual Facts About John Legend

Rotisserie chicken and Bailey's Irish Cream make the man apparently.

Ordinary People he is not, but John Legend was sure Made to Love – just ask his gorgeous wife Chrissy. Legend's voice is that of an angel from Heaven, and his lyrics wash over us like waves of tropical waters. OK, stop dreaming – none of us will ever get the Chrissy Teigen experience with Legend, but we can Save Room for hoping, right?

While we know what Legend likes to sing and we know how cool and collected he looks on stage and any red carpet he steps on, how much do we really know the handsome hubby and hit-maker? No worries, here are 10 interesting and sometimes unusual facts about the fella that will have you feeling So High with excitement!

John Legend unusual facts - 1

Not Quite a Legend

While his voice is legendary, John's last name isn't actually Legend… it's Stephens, as per Zimbio. While Stephens is perfectly fine, Legend sets the singer apart from the rest as a super-slick stage name.

John Legend unusual facts - 2

Met On Set

Zimbio also tells us that Legend met his future wife on the set of his music video for his song, Stereo. She was in her bra and undies for the whole shoot, so it's no wonder the singer fell for the hottie. The rest is history!

John Legend unusual facts - 3

Mini Musician

Legend told Us Weekly that he took his first piano lesson at the age of 4! That boy must've known he was a "legend" in the making. He must have been as cute as pie sitting at that big piano tickling the ivories!

John Legend unusual facts - 4

Seven Years Isn't So Itchy

As per Zimbio, Legend married his wife exactly seven years after they first met. They say seven is a lucky number, but with their chemistry, no luck should be necessary.

John Legend unusual facts - 5

High School Stud

As per Us Weekly, Legend was his high school student body president and the prom king. This guy was always a winner – no wonder he exudes such class and confidence!

John Legend unusual facts - 6

Health Nut

We can all see just how great Legend looks, but as per PPCorn, he's quite the fitness fanatic. He loves to run, box, lift weights, and jump rope. As far as his diet, he goes for low-carb, low-sugar foods and eats lots of fruits and veggies. He must be jealous of his wife's naturally exquisite looks!

John Legend unusual facts - 7

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Legend also revealed to Us Weekly that his pre-show routine is to eat a half a rotisserie chicken before hitting the stage. Who knows if poultry is good for the voice, but if the habit works for Legend, gobble on!

John Legend unusual facts - 8

Role Model Roster

According to Cleveland's Star, Legend includes Boyz II Men, LL Cool J, MC Hammer, and Michael Jackson as his musical influences. With a line up like that, it's no joke that Legend learned from the legends of our time.

John Legend unusual facts - 9

A Legendary Wedding Singer

As a teen, BoomsBeat tells us that Legend performed as a wedding singer! Think of all the happy couples who had no idea that their wedding videos would become hot commodities.

John Legend unusual facts - 10

Cream of the Crop

Did you know that Legend was "the face" of Bailey's Irish Cream in 2008, as per BoomsBeat? Well, the libation is smooth and sweet, just like the man himself. Now who doesn't want a taste of that?

Now that you've learned what makes John such a Legend, it's time to turn up his music and swoon a little harder!

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Who Knew Wednesday—Beyonce Unusual Facts

Who Knew Wednesday—Brandi Glanville Unusual Facts

Who Knew Wednesday—Andy Cohen Unusual Facts

Who Knew Wednesday—Britney Spears Unusual Facts

Who Knew Wednesday—Michael Strahan Unusual Facts

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Who Knew? Wednesday–10 Unusual Facts About Bethenny Frankel

Bitches in bed and cookies before cocktails.

She's a sassy, savvy Skinnygirl with a slew of city-slicker gal-pals/frenemies who make her reality TV experience one to tune into week after week on Bravo.

Bethenny Frankel is an open book with lots of (often unsolicited) advice to offer her co-stars and even more to complain about. She's rich as a son-of-a-bitch and fit as a fiddle.

A good mom, yes. A good divorcee, not so much. Though Bethenny's not shy about airing lots of her dirty size-0 clothing for the world to see, there's still much left yet little-known about the business mogul.

Here are 10 unusual and interesting facts about the New Yorker that will leave even Ramona speechless.

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 1

She's Been Saved By the Bell

Did you know that once upon a time, Bethenny was a production assistant on the set of the teen hit TV show, Saved By the Bell? Bravo TV tells us that she was on set during season 3 of the iconic show mixing and mingling with the cool cast. Wonder what Screech thought of Bethenny?

bethenny frankel unusual factsBethenny is right behind Zack Morris

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 2

No Meat for the Little One

Bravo TV also tells us that Bethenny is raising her daughter, Bryn, as a vegetarian. She said once she's older, Bryn can decide if she wants to sink her teeth into a juicy burger, but for now, no cow.

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 3

Twice Divorced

Sure, we've all heard about the drama surrounding Bethenny's divorce from Jason Hoppy, but did you know she was once married before that to her ex, Peter Sussman, who she tied the knot with in 1996? Bustle tells us that Peter was her best friend, but best hubby? Not so much. Maybe the third time will be a charm for the unlucky in love lady.

bethenny frankel unusual factsBethenny had an acrimonious divorce from Jason Hoppy

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 4

Cookies and Cocktails

Bethenny's Skinnygirl cocktail line is a huge success, but before drinks came desserts, as per Contact Music. Bethenny had a healthy cookie company in New York called "Bethenny Bakes" before mixing it up in the world of alcohol. Sounds like Bethenny has a taste for the sweeter things in life!

bethenny frankel unusual factsSkinny muffins too!

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 5

Millions for Mixology

As per Fame Focus, when Bethenny sold her cocktail company to Fortune Brands' Beam Global, they paid her a whopping $100 million. We'll drink to that huge payout!

bethenny frankel unusual facts

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Brandi Glanville Unusual Facts
Andy Cohen Unusual Facts
Britney Spears Unusual Facts
Michael Strahan Unusual Facts

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 6

Hilton Handler

According to Bravo TV, Bethenny used to babysit for Paris and Nicky Hilton. Must have been fun watching Paris play with toys before she played with boys!

bethenny frankel unusual factsBless their little hearts...

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 7

Bottoms Up

One may think that Bethenny's libation of choice would be a Skinnygirl margarita, but as per Bravo TV, her go-to drink is vodka on the rocks with three olives. A strong cocktail for a strong broad.

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 8

Brains vs. Beauty

Bethenny told Us Weekly that she'd rather be the most interesting gal in the room than the best looking. While she's certainly not too shabby in the looks department, Bethenny must always beat out the bunch with her personality.

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 9

Bitch in Bed

Sleeping with her dog, Cookie under the covers is the perfect way to spend the night, according to what Bethenny told Us Weekly. What's cuter or cuddlier than a canine companion on a cold winter's night?

bethenny frankel unusual factsBethenny's favorite bitch

Bethenny Frankel unusual facts - 10

Full Fridge

Bethenny told Parenting that the five things she always keeps in her refrigerator are Parmesan cheese, grape tomatoes, butter, Dijon mustard, and organic milk. Not sure these items would make for a good meal, but it's better than a cooler full of beer and soda.

Are you full of Frankel yet? With these 10 facts up your sleeve, you could be a new cast member of RHONY!

If you're a Keeping Up fan or just a celeb gossip junkie, then Scott Disick is your drug of choice.

OK, maybe in Scott's situation, that's an unfortunate comparison, but you get the idea.

Scott's been a perpetual party boy, drank entirely too much and too often, and nearly ruined his relationship with baby mama times three, Kourtney K. He's trying to change his wild ways, as we've witnessed on TV, and we've certainly seen and learned lots about the fella as the years have passed, but even a Keeping Up… cast member has secrets that don't make it to the small screen.

Here are 10 unusual and interesting facts about "The Lord" that even Kris would be surprised to find out. And she's got her stirring hand in every family member's pot!

Scott Disick unusual facts - 1

The Next George Hamilton?

According to Wetpaint, Scott once developed a tanning product made exclusively for men called Monte Carlo. The product has a cheesy slogan: "It's like liquid sunshine." Granted, hanging out with the perpetually-tanned Kim could make a fella feel pasty.

Scott Disick unusual facts - 2

Don't Got Milk

Scott told Us Weekly that he's lactose intolerant. So much for those fro yo runs with Kourtney. Surely, Scott's milking this gastric deficiency for all it's worth.

Scott Disick unusual facts - 3

Child Criminal

Wetpaint also tells us that the bad boy was arrested twice before he reached age 18. One arrest was for speeding and the other for DUI. Some things never change, but for the sake of those cute kids, let's hope Scott stays out of the clinker moving forward.

Scott Disick unusual facts - 4

Long Hair, Don't Care

We know Scott as the clean-cut, dapper type, but he told Us Weekly that there was a time he had hair down to his shoulders. Kourtney may not have liked it, but some may guess that Caitlyn might.

Scott Disick unusual facts - 5

Free Ballin'

Ever wondered if Scott's a boxers or briefs kinda guy? Don't hold your breath – or perhaps that may be a good idea. When it comes to wearing suits, Scott goes commando beneath, as per an interview with Us Weekly!

Read more....

Who Knew Wednesday—Beyonce Unusual Facts

Who Knew Wednesday—Brandi Glanville Unusual Facts

Who Knew Wednesday—Andy Cohen Unusual Facts

Who Knew Wednesday—Britney Spears Unusual Facts

Who Knew Wednesday—Michael Strahan Unusual Facts

Scott Disick unusual facts - 6

A Show About Nothing

No, not Keeping Up…! This time it's Seinfeld. As per Fame 10, Scott unwinds every night by watching reruns of Seinfeld. Perhaps Scott identifies with the characters' New York mentality or he just needs a good laugh. Now if Jerry watches Keeping Up… that would be more interesting.

Scott Disick unusual facts - 7

One Hour of Beautification

Fame 10 also lets us know that Scott loves to take a long 30-minute showers and spends another 30 moisturizing his skin with a lotion called Crème de la Mer, which costs a whopping $275 a jar! Hey, don't hate him because he's beautiful.

Scott Disick unusual facts - 8

STD Carrier?

Don't freak out Kourtney. This is in name only. According to PPCorn, Scott's high school pals gave him the odd nickname, STD, because of his partying ways. Seems like he's not quite cured yet.

Scott Disick unusual facts - 9

Just Like Fabio

Who knew Scott was once a young-adult book cover model? His mug graced the covers of the Heartland book series as per Café Mom. As a teen, his fresh-faced and handsome look got young girls ready to read the book by its cover!

Scott Disick unusual facts - 10

Restaurant Redemption

Scott once opened a Japanese restaurant called Ryu in NYC's Meatpacking District in 2012, according to Café Mom. The eatery only remained open for a short 191 days, but we expect Scott enjoyed the sake while it lasted.

Are you praising "The Lord" after hearing all this inside info? Hard to Keep Up With, no?

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10 Chelsea Handler Unusual Facts

See what you know about the TV host and Jennifer Aniston funny gal BFF

Chelsea Handler unusual facts—see what you know about the TV host and Jennifer Aniston funny gal BFF

The brassy, bold, and busty Chelsea Handler is not one to keep secrets.

She's back on TV with a brand new show on Netflix, and although she's far from being a wallflower, there's lots of juicy stuff Chelsea doesn't generally share with her fans.

She's quick to bear her breasts on social media, but these 10 Chelsea Handler unusual facts may be even racier!

See what you know about the TV host and Jennifer Aniston funny gal BFF.

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —1

And Baby Makes Six

It's no wonder Chelsea's such an outspoken lady.

Growing up, she was the youngest of six kids, as per Nassau Paradise Island.

A native of New Jersey, being the baby of the bunch must have been chaotic, but most rules probably went out the window after her parents raised six children.

It's also no surprise her parents stopped reproducing after dealing with a daughter like Chelsea!

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —2

The Book of Mormon… or the Torah?

Chelsea's mom is Mormon and her pop is Jewish, as reported by BoomsBeat.

Chelsea was raised Jewish, but one may wonder what her stand-up routine woulda been like had she been raised Mormon.

Chelsea Lately would have been far more buttoned up… literally and figuratively!

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —3

Want Fries with That?

As per Biography, Chelsea made ends meet by working as a waitress up until the age of 26 when her career really began to flourish.

While it's hard to picture the comedian serving up burgers and beer, she no doubt let her customers have it if the tip wasn't sufficient.

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —4

Playmate of the Year?

Who knew Chelsea was on the cover of the Dec. 2009 issue of Playboy magazine?

Uproxx reports she had a pictorial in the rag too, but she was not fully nude.

Silly and sexy… is there any bunny who's not into that?

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —5

Well, That Socks

Don't tell Rob Kardashian, but according to Celebrity Toob, Chelsea's no fan of wearing socks.

She claims her “feet smell like ginseng," so she doesn't need socks to wick away the sweaty smell.

I guess she shaves off a few seconds getting dressed in the morning.

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —6

Pageant Princess

Prim and proper, she is not, but as a teen, Chelsea competed in the Miss New Jersey beauty pageant, as per Britannica.

She didn't win and never competed again, but she's surely fairing a lot better than her competition today!

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —7

Don't Put a Ring on It

Us Magazine reports that Chelsea has no desire to become a 'Mrs.

While she'll never say never, it's not a dream of hers to walk down the aisle.

Perhaps that's what broke up her surprising relationship with rapper 50 Cent.

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —8

Scholarships by Handler

As posted by AXS, Chelsea is a giving boss.

She reportedly set up college scholarship funds for the children of her staff members.

Knowing Chelsea, she'll require invites to their future frat parties!

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —9

Under the Influence

Chelsea made Time Magazine's list of the '100 Most Influential People' in 2012.

Now, if she influenced them to drink excessively and flash their Instagram followers, the accolade makes plenty of sense.

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —10

Woman of Which Year?

Glamour magazine named Chelsea 'Woman of the Year' in 2011.

With her quick wit, TV success, fab friends, and endless charisma, it's easy to see why.

She would have likely crowned herself if not given the honor by the magazine anyhow!

Can you handle the Handler Who Knew? info?

Chelsea is one-of-a-kind and one to be watched.

Check her out on her new show on Netflix for endless laughs and Chelsea chutzpah!

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