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There has been a wave of YouTubers and influencers shifting towards music lately. Few have done it as convincingly as Tessa Violet. The former model scored a viral hit in 2018 with "Crush" and established herself as a versatile pop singer whose quirky personality translated perfectly into song lyrics. The amazing production didn't hurt.

Now comes MY GOD!, which just dropped on Friday (July 14). The album includes the title track, the previously-released single "YES MOM," as well as the anthemic "BAD BITCH." It's full of catchy, clever songs that you can dance to, as well as quieter moments like "Good Things Go Bad," an acoustic ballad that sounds lifted from the Garden State soundtrack.

Watch Demi Ramos talk to Tessa Violet about the new album, her origins as a YouTuber, and dating in the era of apps.

Tessa Violet | The Demi Ramos Show

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Jahkara Smith attends 2019 WonderCon

By Eugene Powers (Shutterstock)

"If the men find out we can shapeshift, they're going to tell the church."

That's one of Jahkara Smith's most memorable lines from her most well-known YouTube video titled "Contouring 101," which accrued over 4.4 million views before Smith deleted her account in 2020.

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George Floyd

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Shane Dawson is The Real Victim Here

The strangest celebrity apology of all time.

Phil Mccarten/UPI/Shutterstock

In perhaps the most "did anyone ask?" apology of 2019 so far, Shane Dawson has come out to firmly and decisively deny having sex with his cat.

Which immediately raised the question: did Shane Dawson have sex with his cat?

The 30-year-old YouTube star is referencing a resurfaced clip from a podcast in 2015 in which he said, "One time I laid my cat down on her back...I moved her little chicken legs spread open or whatever, I came all over the cat. It was like my first sexual experience," he said. "I was also like 19." As much as this sounds like a snippet of oddly specific erotic fiction found in some very dark, desperate corner of the world wide web, Dawson claims it was intended as a joke.

He continued to wildly over-explain for 7 more tweets:

The best part of Dawson's apology is its bizarre intensity. It's hard to think of a stronger lead sentence than, "i didn't fuck my cat." Because the thing is, no one REALLY thought Dawson fucked his cat until he denied it so vehemently. If he had tried laughing off the absurdity of the claim, we would all have been like, "oh, well, what white dude hasn't said something truly heinous he thought would make a great sketch?" But listen, Shane, when a friend jokingly accuses you of taking your sister to prom, and you retort, "I DID NOT TAKE MY SISTER TO PROM FUCK YOU," everyone is suddenly pretty clear on the fact that you took your sister to prom.

While the overall tone of self-pity and martyrdom in this thread is truly stunning, perhaps the best line of all is: "but all of my offensive jokes, over the top stories, and insensitive jokes are something that still haunt me and something I have to be faced with everyday on the internet. and it never gets easier." Truly, Shane Dawson is bearing a heavy cross few can imagine.

The trials and tribulations of a white male YouTube personality are just something the rest of us can never know. Imagine having to be accountable for the disgusting things you say on public platforms. Imagine facing the kind of oppression Dawson has faced in being accused of fucking his cat (because he once graphically described fucking his cat). Imagine having the courage and bravery to carry on making shitty Internet content anyway.

Now, to add to a poor, poor Dawson's already burdened soul, more instances of the "offensive jokes, over the top stories, and insensitive jokes" he referred to have surfaced. These include his comments on trans people, his use of the n-word, and previously doing blackface.

Thoughts and prayer to Shane Dawson, the obvious victim in all of this, in this trying time. A true role model for us all. May his heavy load grow lighter (not the one he busted on his cat's stomach, his metaphorical, emotional load).

Brooke Ivey Johnsonis a Brooklyn based writer, playwright, and human woman. To read more of her work visit her blog or follow her twitter @BrookeIJohnson.

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