3 Reasons Why You Should Take the OpenWork Survey

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Show of hands: how many of you complain about your job at Happy Hour? You're not alone. The truth is, a lot of us leave our complaints outside of the office because we don't have the trust or openness in our work environment to feel like our will be voices heard. A great workplace isn't by any means an utopia, but it's a culture that breeds transparency, communication and collaboration. Happy Hour ranting sessions don't have to be the norm. You have the power to change it, and OpenWork can help.

OpenWork is a non-profit backed by organizations like The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, The New America Foundation, The Society for Human Resource Management, and many others. OpenWork helps employees get their voices heard to bring about impactful change in the workplace. By taking this survey, you can better understand where your company scores across several essential categories. By recruiting your colleagues to also take part in the survey, you increase your chance of having your voice heard. Here are some other reasons why taking this simple survey can make a world of difference in your workplace.

1. Every voice should matter in the workplace

As an employee, you make up a vital part of your company's daily operations. Even though you may not receive a proper thanks, your work is imperative to your company's growth. Satisfaction in the workplace will not only help to keep you motivated, but it will also be mutually beneficial to your employer. That's why it's in both of your best interests to keep an open dialogue and air any concerns and suggestions, because no matter your level on the hierarchy, you are a valuable member of the organization.

2. Work/life balance is crucial in this modern age

Stress and work seem to go hand and hand when there isn't trust and transparency in the workplace. Stress results from a variety of stigma, one of which includes hostility between employer and employee. You don't want to have to fake it while secretly cursing your boss behind his or her back. That causes even more stress and will demotivate you to perform. A healthy, open environment will inspire increased productivity and positive energy, leading to a more efficient work day and a better place to work.

3. You're not just making your job better: you're starting a movement

OpenWork sees labor on the micro and macro level. Not only will you be able to evaluate your own company's strengths and pitfalls, by taking the survey, you are representing one of thousands of workers that are starting a conversation that they've been afraid to start for a long time. Employees have the right to a better way of work, and the more voices added to the conversation, the louder it will be.

OpenWork is committed to making the workplace better for you and your peers. Take their anonymous survey to see how your company compares to industry standards. Rally your coworkers to do the same, and OpenWork will intervene to help communicate your concerns and offer invaluable feedback to change the way we all work together.

Update: Take this survey to get your voice heard and change the way we work for the better!

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