One Dog Lover's Honest Review Of BarkBox

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There's something endearing about my Frenchie, Cooper, even as he's ripping up the new couch I just purchased. I love his playful energy, but often it leads to his new toys being destroyed before he's had them for even a few minutes! The only thing cooper loves more than toys is treats. That means I am constantly jumping between work and the pet store every week to restock on both, reducing the time I get to spend with my favorite guy.

I was venting about my dilemma to one of my friends the next day, and she mentioned a service that delivers one-of-a-kind toys, all natural treats, and chewable delights to her and her Lab once a month. She said her dog wags his tail and spins around like crazy when he recognizes his BarkBox, just like my dog jumps for joy when I take out his leash for a walk. I laughed since toys usually don't last for more than a few minutes with Cooper, but she assured me that BarkBox's "Happy Team" guarantees complete satisfaction or a free replacement product through their online store.

The next week I had my first box arrive, with the theme "Chewrassic Bark". Cooper must have known something special for him arrived because he never gets this excited about packages. I quickly opened it as Cooper jumped on my leg, and he was so excited when I tossed the first toy down, "Airborne Archie". He was running laps around the house before I knew it, and I lured him back over with a chewy "T-Rex Bone" that was also included. Cooper was soon sprinting between the other two toys, Hatchin' Harry and Herbert the Herbivore. I could barely keep up!

In all, the BarkBox team sent me three toys, two bags of nutritious treats, and a chew for less than I would have paid at the pet store. Each of their toys and treats are "paw-picked" by their team's own dogs, so I knew from the start I was in good hands (or paws I guess)! I couldn't be more grateful for the extra time I now get to spend with Cooper, and even though he is a picky pup each item was a hit.

The team at BarkBox just gets us. They really know their dogs, and they customize each box to your dog's size to ensure he/she will love each item. The only downside is that Cooper now gets excited at every package, even if it isn't his monthly delivery of playtime! I can trust in his expression that this is the right choice for us.

Update: The folks at BarkBox are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get a free extra BarkBox ($25 Value)!

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