Thankfully, the Area 51 raid didn't exactly go as planned.

Of course it's much easier to make promises and to threaten a revolution online than it is to actually go out into the world and make that revolution happen. Out of 2 million people that promised to attend the raid of the Nevada military base, around 50 actually showed up. On the other hand, the event's creator, a Nevada senator, and the U.S. government strongly advised people against going, because trying to invade a U.S. military base would probably be one of the stupidest things one could do, ever, though that was part of the appeal for some.

There were no arrests, as no one actually tried to storm the base. One woman tried to duck under a protective gate and was detained by the authorities and released. It seems like most people gathered wearing strange costumes and carrying signs just to see what would happen. Maybe the aliens were the friends we made along the way?


One person did manage to successfully turn all the memes into reality. During a local news report, one young legend ran behind the reporter in the Naruto run style, head down and arms held back, and his actions quickly went viral on Twitter. The Naruto run is inspired by the Japanese manga character Naruto Uzumaki, and during the event's early planning stages, organizers advised everyone to storm the base by running at it, Naruto style.

More people showed for the Alienstock music festival being hosted in Rachel, Nevada, a tiny town about 12 miles north of Las Vegas. Actually, it seems promising that someday people will look back at summer 2019 the way we now look back at the summer of '69. 1969 may have had Woodstock, Charles Manson, and the moon landing, but we've got Alienstock, Jeffrey Epstein, and the climate movement, right?

The Area 51 raid may not have been the massacre that some wanted it to be, but so far, today's global climate strikes have been incredibly successful. Millions of people have taken to the streets so far. Though we might not have freed the aliens or secured a host family on Mars, maybe there's some hope for Earth yet.

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