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Bad Bunny Kissed A Boy - And I liked It

Bad Bunny at the VMAs

Editor’s Note:Reggaeton rapper gave a special remote MTV Video Music Awards performance of “Tití Me Preguntó” at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx on Sunday - moments after winning artist of the year at the 2022 VMAs.

If you weren’t watching the 2022 Video Music Awards last Sunday, I gotta ask what the hell were you doing?

If you were tuned in, you know firsthand that it was a huge night for several of our favorite artists. Nicki Minaj took home the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, Taylor Swift’s "All Too Well” won Video of the Year, and none other than Bad Bunny himself was crowned MTV’s Artist of the Year!

If you aren’t sure why so many of us love bumping to Bad Bunny’s reggaeton hits, watch this:

Bad Bunny Performs "Titi Me Pregunto" | 2022 VMAs

Not only was the win well-deserved, but, boy, did Bad Bunny put on one of the best performances of the night. And, yes, there was a moment! Mid-performance Bad Bunny not only kissed the woman to his left but turned and kissed the male dancer to his right!

Fans across the world took to social media to share their excitement.

As a gay black man, I wish men kissing men wasn’t so sensationalized and fodder for social media commentary. And, yes, I enjoyed every single second of it!

“I think that sex is a giant world, and everyone is free to see it as they want and do it with whoever they want, however they want, with infinite possibilities," - The Puerto Rican-born rapper told Playboy in a 2020 cover story.

Bold, talented, and, yes again, EXTREMELYsexy, I bet this won’t be the last Bad Bunny performance that has everyone talking.

I know I’m ready for whatever he has up his sleeves. I mean, just think about what his performance at the 2023 Grammy awards will be like!

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