4 Reasons Why Ekster Will Be Your Last. Wallet. Ever.

(Updated 8.4.22)

It's clean, sleek, & trackable.

A man holds a black Ekster wallet in his hand

I don't even remember where I got my previous wallet. I'd had it so long, I don't know if it was a gift from family, or even an ex. It was an unappealing checkered print, ripping at the corners from too many years of use - and that mystery black smudge had been there for a long time.

It grossed me out, so I wanted to find a sleek new wallet in a neutral color that would go with everything and last me a long time - that's how I found Ekster.

This online retailer would deliver my efficient, sophisticated, and crisp-looking wallet right to my door. They're known for their high-tech features, like trackability and RFID protection, but they're also high-end and super slim - they fit in your pocket without being bulky.

Here are four reasons why Ekster is the best upgrade I've ever made.

High Quality Leather + High Tech Features

Their leather feels premium and comes in several shades, but more important are the features, which most other wallets don't have. What makes them particularly unique are two things: trackability and pop-up cards.

Adding the tracker to your wallet makes it unlosable - Chipolo's solar-charged, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa-accessible Bluetooth technology means that if you ever misplace your wallet, you'll be able to find it with your phone. This gives me such peace of mind - I'll never lose my wallet again!

There's also the pop-up feature - with most of their wallets, there's a discreet button on the bottom that when pressed, will instantly "pop up" all of your cards. They stagger evenly at the top of your wallet, so you can get to them without even opening your wallet! I haven't fumbled for my cards once with this feature, and it eliminates awkward moments at the register (it's also super impressive when I pull it out while buying drinks at the bar!).

No Cash

Last year, I got a $5 bill in change from the 1990's. This got me thinking - if it's been in circulation that long, how many people have touched that dollar? What dirty places has it been? And it's obviously never been cleaned?! I'm not even going to go into the statistics on fecal matter on money…

People don't talk about this enough, but cash is disgusting. The Ekster wallet has a band that fits a few bills, just in case, but in general, I use less cash now and don't miss it at all. Everything's more seamless and much more sanitary with their card pop-up design. I also don't have a near-useless pile of pennies lying around either.

Less Is More

Ekster's slim design makes me feel like a modern minimalist. I only use my credit card and ID anyway, and I never realized how much junk was in my wallet. I've had a P.F. Chang's gift card for 6 years and I don't even like P.F. Chang's. Getting rid of ancient gift cards and outdated things (a coffee punch card from a neighborhood I don't visit anymore) really felt like a weight gone from my shoulders and my pockets. Spring cleaning!

Delivered Right To My Door (For Free)

I appreciate that Ekster always has free shipping and free returns, as well as a 12 month warranty. In under a week after ordering, it arrived on my doormat In sleek matte packaging. I ordered the Vachetta Parliament in Torino Tan - the wallet looked even better in person!

This smart wallet is one of my favorite purchases in the past few years - it elevated my look as well as how I deal with money. And if I ever lose it, I'll be able to track it with my phone!

It's a luxury, but it's not priced as one - shipping is free, and the wallets start at $69. There's also a HUGE sale! So if your dirty, overused wallet is holding you back, Ekster's the way to go.

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