EXNATIONS Keeps Us Dancing with Latest EP "Pink Haze"

Indie alt-pop trio dive further into the dark and melancholic side of synth pop in latest EP.

Brooklyn indie alt-pop band EXNATIONS, comprised of Sal Mastrocola, Taylor Hughes, and John O'Neill, continue to go against the grain of the genre's typical upbeat style in their latest EP Pink Haze.

The group combines two obviously opposite emotions in their music and mesh them together to create a relatable and energetic sound. Although self-describedd as a "sad pop" band, their tonal color palette remains bright and iridescent, correlating with the splashes of pink and purple hues that are present throughout their graphics, representing the dance-able side to their music, drenching it with juxtaposition.

Dream-like, hazy & synthy, Pink Haze is a solid sophomore release, laced with sparkling anticipation and heart-wrenching lyrics. The elements of pop music are clear, but what's even more fascinating about EXNATIONS is the anthemic sense of empowerment the trio produces.

Pink Haze deals with the warm, reminiscent embrace of nostalgia. Beautiful and all-enveloping, it's easy to get lost in the EP's six powerful yet vulnerable tracks. A prime example of this is in the EP's lead single, "Tether." The track's transcendental synths maintain a consistent tempo throughout the song, lending their support to the soulful lyrics. The song then breaks into a guitar-laden climax, as our senses are ignited with sentiments ranging from wistful to euphoric.

Over the course of the record, the band arrives at the conclusion that it's best to find a way through the haze of nostalgia. When we can look at the past honestly and critically, we've got our best shot at true growth and progression. "Driving aimless down a dark highway on a breezy summer night / The long walk back from your first love's apartment after a crushing fight," they sing.

The band says, "Pink Haze is inspired by the moments where we find ourselves looking backwards through the blushing rose-colored fog of nostalgia to figure out how to move forward."

Hazy and dreamy, yet bursting with passion and high energy, EXNATIONS says, "It's sad, but we're still dancing."

Check out EXNATIONS' tour dates below and listen to their EP Pink Haze today!

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