Finally, Polished Fashion for High-Powered Women Sizes 14 and Up

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You know that feeling of accomplishment when you work hard to get what you want? That was my feeling when I finally got the promotion I'd been working toward for years. As Vice President of Global Communications at the media company where I started as an analyst, I took on a lot more responsibility. And since I'd be leading meetings and managing a new team, I knew I deserved an upgrade to my professional wardrobe. I wanted a classic and polished look like the other high-powered women in the office. But the plus-size fashion industry is difficult: most brands don't carry above size 12, and Lane Bryant just doesn't have the style and flare the other brands do. I was frustrated about the clothing I couldn't wear until I found Dia&Co, the online styling service dedicated to the community of women who wear plus-size clothing. Not only is Dia&Co helping me stay on trend, it's fixing what's wrong with the fashion industry.

It was my husband who discovered Dia&Co, after asking his colleague where she got her clothes. His coworker Samantha, an attractive woman who wore a similar size as I do, told him how easy it was to stay up-to-date on all the fashion trends with her new subscription, and how it helped add to her confidence (and in turn, her success). That's when my husband surprised me with a congratulations gift to Dia&Co, which has become the key to my new power wardrobe.

Rather than my usual routine of going from one store to the next in search of something that fits me well, my assigned personal stylist at Dia&Co handpicks clothes based on my shape and style preferences. Flowy, fitted, relaxed or tailored, Dia&Co gave me the freedom to choose the fit that feels most like me. Every time you receive a box, your stylist sends five items, either clothing or accessories, and you have five days to try them comfortably at home, and decide what you want to keep or send back. (I try them while getting dressed in the morning.) If you keep all five items, you get 25% off the entire box. I figured if I kept an item or two from each box it would be worth it, saving me from some frustrated fitting room experiences.

The first box my stylist, Christine, sent me included the perfect black dress I wear about once a week, a sweater, a pair of cigarette pants, a shawl and a bracelet. The sweater was a size smaller than I normally wear, but apparently the brand runs small, so Christine knew to get the size that would fit me. The black dress has become my new go-to for corporate events, and the cigarette pants make me look polished and professional at work. I ended up keeping all but the sweater in that first box because the pattern was too busy for me, but it did fit! I mentioned this to Christine and she took my preferences into account when preparing my next box.

I started off with one box per month, but Dia&Co's frequency options are customizable. I have requested more boxes when I had a party coming up, and once when I just got that feeling all women get: "I have nothing to wear!" Dia&Co knows which sizes in which brands will fit me best, and in each box they actually write a note saying why they picked certain items for me. I usually end up keeping 2-3 items each time, but I secretly enjoy indulging and buying everything. It's been a few months and I'm so happy with how my professional wardrobe is coming together (and my husband loves my new look, too!).

Dia&Co has been doing all the hard work for me for the past five months, and my personal stylist gets better at understanding my style with each box. Fine-tuning my wardrobe has helped me feel even more empowered and confident in my new professional role, allowing me to focus on being the best version of myself without being distracted by not feeling comfortable in my outfit. Now I've got a closet full of sharp, gorgeous and game-changing clothes—and you can, too.

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