I love shopping for the holidays, but when it comes to my sister, Rachel, she's impossible to shop for. I never know what to buy her and I always get stressed trying to find her something she'll actually like, and she always seems to know what to get for me. Rachel loves being on top of the latest fashion trends and enjoys searching for staple pieces that suit her look, so I'll spend weeks trying to find the perfect sweater or top, but I know she returns everything I buy her. Last year, I wanted to do something different and was determined to find something she'd like. I was talking to a co-worker about this dilemma, brainstorming ideas, when she brought up Le Tote and said a gift card to Le Tote would be the perfect compromise.

Le Tote is an online fashion rental service that sends a curated box of clothes directly to your door each month. Before the tote is sent out, you have the option to preview the selected items and swap out anything you don't like. You can wear the items for as long as you want and return them when you're ready for a new tote. Le Tote will send a new box based on your ratings of the last one, so it gets better every time. The best part is you don't have to wash the clothes before returning - just stick them in a prepaid envelope and send them back. There's also the option to keep any items at a discounted price by simply not returning them.

I browsed their selection and saw great brands like Vince Camuto, Rebecca Minkoff and French Connection, so I decided to get my sister a gift card. I chose a three month subscription, that way she'd be able to try out the service and see if she liked it. My sister loves variety with her wardrobe, and with Le Tote, she'd be able to try out lots of different clothes from lots of brands. Le Tote seemed like the way to go instead of getting her another expensive sweater or cardigan she might not really like. I finally felt I had found the perfect gift my stylish sister would love and couldn't wait to see how excited she would be.

When it came time to exchange gifts with the family, I gave Rachel hers and she was impressed that I had found something in the fashion world that she didn't know about yet. She signed up right away. When her tote arrived a few days later, she sent me photos trying on all of the looks. She loved that there were styles she actually wears, and even decided to keep the Octavia Striped Shawl- perfect for her chilly office. Her favorite part of the service was how each tote matches her style better every time She has since signed up for her own plan and has fallen in love with the service, saying that it compliments her own shopping habits really well.

I'm happy I discovered Le Tote because I finally feel like I've found something my sister likes and will actually use. This year, I didn't have to think twice for the ladies on my list. I've already gotten a gift card for my mom and a close friend. With Le Tote, I feel relieved knowing that I've found a gift that combines something practical and personal. Now that I have the trickiest-to-shop-for checked off my list, I can enjoy the holiday season and not feel so stressed out the week before Christmas. Thanks, Le Tote!

UPDATE 11/20/2018: Follow this link to get her the first month of Le Tote for 40% off!