How Roman Helped Me Overcome My ED Discreetly

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ED was always something I thought was just a standard part of getting older. It's not something that me and my friends talk about, and I put off going to the doctor, because I didn't want anyone to make any assumptions or judge me. I had trouble admitting just how much it was affecting my confidence and my relationship. So when I heard about Roman, an online end-to-end service for men's health, I decided to look into it.

I read about Roman and I was shocked to learn just how common erectile dysfunction (ED) is. For me, it was a constant source of anxiety. I found out that it affects over half of men, and like me, they often do nothing to address the problem. I learned that not only was I allowing my sex life with my partner to suffer, I was actually putting my health at risk. ED can often be an early warning sign of much more serious health problems including diabetes and heart disease. Considering I had both in my family history, I knew I needed to start taking my health more seriously.

I wanted to take control of my situation, but I felt embarrassed to go to my doctor. Luckily, Roman provides private, discreet health care so that I could address my ED in a safe and informed environment. The process is incredibly easy and personalized. Signing up was quick and simple, and all I had to do was complete a brief online visit and provide a recent blood pressure reading.

Within an hour, a doctor was in touch and ready to help me get the medication I needed. The consultation was only $15 and my doctor was fully licensed in my state (New York). I hate going to see the doctor, especially for something as sensitive as ED, but sitting at home with my laptop made the process much easier. The doctor explained how ED is extremely common and the biggest problem is men are taught to simply ignore the issue. My dad was always opposed to seeing the doctor regularly, and it led him to ignore what would become serious health issues later in life. I felt reassured that I was taking steps to avoid making those same mistakes.

I examined my medication options, ranging from name brand drugs like Viagra and Cialis, to the generic options, all depending on my personal needs. The dosage cost ranged from $6 to $65, but Roman offered me a $50 discount on my first month. I chose to go with the generic, which came out to around $40 for the first three months, including the doctor fee, after the Roman discount.

Roman works directly with their own dedicated pharmacy to fill prescriptions. All I had to do was put in my order and the medication was sent that same day. No annoying and embarrassing trips to the pharmacy, and they even offered auto renewals. I opted for the quarterly renewal option and I can cancel my order at any time.

My package arrived within a day of ordering it, and I really appreciated how discreet it was. It was marked simply as "RHP" and the box reminded me of unpacking an iPhone. It really confirmed for me what I'd found through the whole process, that Roman understood my reservations and took every precaution to make me feel comfortable.

I always thought of ED as something that I just had to accept as I got older. Roman has reinvigorated my relationship with my partner and taught me to really take an active interest in my health. Now that I don't have constant anxiety about my performance, I have been noticeably more calm and happy. I've been more proactive about visiting my doctor and I've even been conscious about exercising more often. Roman has given me a new lease on life, and it has made me feel like I am finally taking control of my own health.

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