Kehlani is one of the most talented hit makers in R&B and one of the most beautiful souls to ever grace this earth.

Kehlani - TOXIC (Quarantine Style)

Appropriately deemed an "R&B Princess," Kehlani shows that even royalty looks good in quarantine. All the majestic two-minutes and fifty seconds of her latest video for "Toxic" are a work of raw artistry. Her radiant tattooed skin glows in the light of the fluorescent blue screen. She makes that leopard one piece shine in a way the costumes in 2019s Cats never could. Her sparkled dress pops like candy, and it's all done so f*cking effortlessly.

"Toxic" is one of the catchiest R&B bops of the decade. It's also the perfect way to describe how we all feel for her: this toxic combination of love, envy and jealousy. She makes us sit in that while she melts our ears off with her soothing effervescent voice, and it's f*cking beautiful. Her message has always been of self-acceptance, and this video's amateur execution has forever inspired me to rock the hell out of my jammy jams during this quarantine and buy something in leopard print at my first available opportunity.

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