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PREMIERE | Madison McWilliams Unveils Music Video, 'Living For The Weekend'

Emerging superstar displays her tantalizing tones

Only 16-years-old, pop sensation Madison McWilliams has already been featured in a host of magazines, including Girl's Life, who named her 2018's It Girl, Tigerbeat, Justine, and Dream Teen.

Today marks the premiere of her music video on Popdust. It's called "Living For The Weekend," a song about the consequences of partying too much. McWilliams is all about girl power, self-esteem, and taking command of life rather than letting life command you. She's the official spokesperson for The Art of Kindness, a charity promoting art through kindness and anti-bullying.

Highly anticipated, Girl's Life Magazine featured a behind-the-scenes-look at the making of the video. McWilliams performed a stripped-down, unplugged version of the song as featured "Artist of the Week" on KIIS FM / iHeartRadio's #NextUp series, and appeared on KTLA TV. McWilliams is scheduled to appear on Fox's Good Day Austin, on August 2.

McWilliams hits the road next week on the 2018 Boys of Summer tour, August 3 to August 11. The tour showcases McWiliams' dazzling talent, as well as Single By Sunday, Hailey Ona, and Mackenzie Sol.

From Austin, the emerging superstar knew she wanted to be a performer when she was 7-years-old. Since then, she's taken the music industry by storm, spending two years honing her dancing skills, writing her own lyrics and music, and now entering the world of acting, signing with Randy James, manager of Hilary Swank, Michelle Williams, Vanessa Hudgens, and Jennie Garth.

"Living For The Weekend" opens with creamy, oozing flavors and gossamer vocals, followed by a potent kick drum and thrumming bassline, establishing the cogent rhythm. McWilliams' delicious voice imbues the music with radiant textures, as she struts the range and dominance of her voice. Full of portentous hues the tune projects palpable energy.

Directed, by Scott Rice, and choreographed by Tina Landon, the video tells the tale of a group of menacing young girls who rashly decide to rob a bank. Dancing amid surreal lighting of red and blue, they depict the inevitable outcome of the reckless insensate passion for new sensations and experiences, a kind of fraudulent ecstasy.

"Living For The Weekend" thrums with seductive flavors and resonant tones. McWilliams' gorgeously redolent timbres fuse the song with urgent, inescapable energy. With "Living For The Weekend," Madison McWilliams demonstrates she's much more than a flash in the pan. She's here to stay.

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Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.

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