How the Right Coffee Can Change Your Morning Routine

Bulletproof Coffee is not like other coffees. It's a cool coffee.

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Happy National Coffee Day to all who celebrate! I celebrated with a morning cup and an afternoon pick-me-up. To be fair, that's how I celebrate pretty much every Wednesday — it's hump day, after all. You would too if you'd found a coffee blend that makes you sharper and instantly more awake without all the anxiety and jitters.

Sound too good to be true? That's because you haven't tried Bulletproof Coffee. Use code POPDUST25 for 25% off your order!

I first discovered Bulletproof on the platform responsible for most of my impulse spending: TikTok. I was scrolling through the #MorningRoutine tag, looking for attainable — yet aesthetically pleasing — ways to get my life together. Routines and habits, everyone says. Small life changes will change your life. That's proven true with Bulletproof.

While many trends on the platform are ephemeral, morning routine advice is eternally relevant. The #MorningRoutine tag has over 8.8 Billion views. Yes, Billion with a capital B. Popular videos showcase a variety of rituals for a variety of lifestyles. A morning regimen for vanlifers, couples, triplets, even a mother of 10 — there’s something for everyone.

Taking the trend into the future tense is the “ Aesthetic Morning Routine.” These heavily curated montages act as semi-realistic peeks into other people’s lives. They’re aesthetic, intentional, and — most importantly — aspirational.

One blockbuster trend to emerge from this culture is the aestheticization of “That Girl.” This archetype is meant to signify the finest in all of us. She’s who any user could be if they truly lived up to their potential. Apparently, that includes bullet journals, green smoothies, at-home workouts, and a Clean Girl Demeanor.

Similarly, TikTok personal trainers have experienced a boost in popularity. GQ dubbed the app “the future of online fitness” and it's easy to see why. This democratized platform matches individuals with trainers who look like them while meeting their needs. One key value is they’re not restricted by their location or a gym they can — or cannot — afford.

TikTok personal trainers share short workouts (I’m all for the exercise snacking trend), nutrition tips, and, yes, even videos of their morning practice that leads to optimal health.

Packed with apple watches, smoothies, and athleisure sets, these morning routines follow a predictable formula. But that’s kind of why we love them.

Professor Sarah Heilbronner from the University of Minnesota’s Department of Neuroscience told Refinery29 that this content boomed due to uncertain, anxiety-ridden times.

"People are looking for structure when their own structures are upended,” she revealed. “Routines can have very positive impacts on our lives, particularly if they are healthy and positive. It seems like most of the actions in the morning routine videos fit into that mold."

@auteur.k Had a super early meeting this morning and I was rewarded with the most spectacular sunrise in NYC 🌇 #nyc #morningroutine #adayinmylife ♬ powerful - favsoundds

Even before the dawn of TikTok, people have been seeking this kind of content as inspiration and motivation. We emulate those we want to be. We hope that by inhabiting their lives — replicating their systems, buying their brands — we can become them. And honestly, this is normal. Mimicry is essential to learning. So is building a foundation. And borrowing from people you look up to until you can fashion a routine of your own is a pretty smart move.

From Pinterest boards to Tumblr, and books like “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” there are endless sources of inspo. TikTok has refined the aesthetics of a morning regimen, but they’re not unique. In fact, most personal development content includes advice on having a morning ritual. Whether it’s waking up at 6 am, taking a cold shower, or skipping breakfast, there’s limitless advice on starting your day smart, starting your day right.

But what happens when this advice feels too prescriptive?

TikTok gym bros or trends like That Girl can move from light inspiration to intimidating instruction. Suddenly, cute morning routine videos go from anxiety-alleviating to anxiety-producing. You ask yourself, am I a bad person because my life doesn’t look like theirs? All because I missed an early morning workout?

The answer is hell no.

So what do you do? Don’t add up what it would cost to acquire all the features of the average TikTok morning routine … the answer will send you into a dark spiral. Instead, get back to basics.

Whether you’re seeking higher productivity, sharper focus, or more structure, we pursue this to feel better. Not how it looks on TikTok. But surprisingly, there are some TikTok-endorsed products that actually work. Skip the trial and error I went through. I bought many useless trinkets before finding something that seamlessly fits into my routine and actually works.

It’s time to strip away the fluff and concentrate on stuff that actually works. Enter: Bulletproof.

Bulletproof believes that “the right nutrients can help you tap into your potential and feel your best every day.” With Bulletproof’s coffee, your morning doesn’t have to be complicated. Their premium products make it easy to fuel your path to greatness.

Most of us start our days with caffeine. Without it, I’d be a zombie. But sometimes, I feel more chaotic than productive. So what’s the solution? Coffee that’s designed to boost brain power.

If it sounds simple, it’s because it should be. Bulletproof’s first-ever enhanced coffee blend is aptly named The High Achiever because it helps support brain power. Enhanced with B Vitamins, Lion’s Mane, and their signature Coffeeberry, The High Achiever blend will help you reach your goals. Give me a cup of Bulletproof coffee that provides the focus and energy to conquer those endless to-do lists over athletic sets any day.

The High Achiever is just one roast in a lineup that includes whole bean, ground, pods, and cold brew. There are coffee products for every lifestyle — including dietary restrictions. Bulletproof’s Keto Coffee is an energizing beverage made with quality fats. Kickstart your body into ketosis with this incredible tool for mind-body fuel!

Keto Coffee won’t make you crash. Drink a cup instead of eating a carbohydrate-heavy breakfast and you’ll feel satiated and energized for hours.

And because Bulletproof understands the importance of holistic health to help you feel and perform better, their product list goes beyond coffee.

apple cider gummies

Some routines suggest you chug a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar first thing in the morning but don’t mention the acidic flavor or potential to burn your teeth, throat, or stomach lining. Gross. Yet, the benefits of ACV can help kickstart digestion, weight loss, and overall balance. Bulletproof’s Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies support your metabolism while tasting great.†

bulletproof greens and waterbottle

I don’t know about you, but I’m guilty of buying fresh produce for smoothies, then letting it all go bad in my fridge. No more! Bulletproof’s Daily Greens is brimming with superfoods for body and mind support†. Perform your best and feel your best without the hassle of TikTok smoothies†. Just add water, and you’re all set.

And if you still consume the occasional TikTok morning routine video, we’re in the same boat. They hit different when you don’t feel pressure to copy them. With Bulletproof, you can enjoy the videos’ aesthetics, the editing tricks, and the mindless scrolling while knowing you’re doing your best in your way.

To support your health journey, use our exclusive code POPDUST25 to get 25% OFF your order.

†Statements made have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information provided by this article is not a substitute for individual medical advice.

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