How I Found The World’s Softest Towel With Parachute

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A well-made towel can completely change your daily grooming experience – and your entire bathroom aesthetic. I've had my last set of too-short, too-scratchy towels in ridiculous mismatching colors for a couple of years now, and they stuck around well past their prime. I was lamenting to my friend who works in interior design, and she said I should check out Parachute. She told me their minimalist colors and rich texture would look amazing in my bathroom.

The difference between Parachute and other brands is quality. Parachute's bedding already has a cult-like following, and their bath products are quickly following suit. That's because the Aerocotton technology used in Parachute's towels is changing the meaning of fluffy. This technology actually blows air through the cotton fibers as they're spun so that every single one has an extra large surface area increasing the softness. Plus, they're Oeko-Tex certified (meaning free of harmful chemicals and synthetics), so they're as natural as they look.

As soon as I went to Parachute's site, I knew they had just the right aesthetic. Searching their towel options, I loved the neutral buff color and ribbed design that reminded me of the towels in some of my favorite 5-star hotels. I ordered the bath sheet first as a trial run. A couple of days later, my box arrived.

Right out of the package, the towel felt softer than any towel I've ever owned. The next morning, I took a shower and wrapped myself up in my new towel which went all the way down to my ankles. I'm pretty tall, and my old towels barely covered my knees. I stayed cozied up for a few moments of bliss, and allowed myself to enjoy being all nice and cuddly for a while. It gets really cold in my bathroom in the mornings, so I was very appreciative of this ultra-soft warmth.

I was worried that the towel would lose some of its fluff over time, but I found that it stayed just as plush with every wash. I never realized how a better quality towel could make me feel so much fresher after a shower until I had one. I even went back to order the hand towels to complete the set which gave my bathroom a more elegant look.

It's simple things crafted with care that help make our days that much better. Parachute's towels are an easy way to treat yourself and elevate your everyday experiences. The quality of Parachute not only lasts and gets softer with time, but it's well worth the value of taking care of yourself.

Plus, Parachute offers free shipping and returns. You can follow this link to check out the collection.