Delicious Disco - Our Summer Anthems Playlist

Delicious Disco - Our Summer Anthems Playlist

Dance in the club. Dance at your desk. Dance on the Bar. Dance barefoot on the beach. Dance on your roof. Dance in celebration of your fabulous life.

Say hello to a few of our favorite dance songs bound to amplify your summer vibes while you dance your way through a bottomless brunch, take your Frenchie for a romp in the local dog park, or bet your entire avocado toast budget in Las Vegas. While Beyonce's Renaissance is everyone's drink of choice this summer, here are some alternative vibrant cocktails that will counter your bad decisions with some good moves.

If you haven't had the time to check out some of the Hottest Songs of Summer '22 catch them here and get ready to dance-dance-dance-dance!

13) Griz - Feel No Pain

Get your bounce on with some funk and saxy vibes as you soak up the golden hour at a park, beach, or your rooftop as you watch that “hazy” sun sink below the horizon.

Feel No Pain - GRiZ (Official Audio)

12) Wreckno - Delusional

Bring on your inner Diva and strut your way to your next life appointment.

Wreckno - DELUSIONAL (Lyric Video)

11) John Summit, Guz - What A Life (feat Stevie Appleton)

This song simply tastes like summer. You’ll know what I mean when you order up 3 Tequila shots - or 4!

John Summit, Guz - What A Life (Official Video) ft. Stevie

10) Rufus du Sol, Adriatique - On My knees (Adriatique Remix)

An effervescent song for a delicious drive along a longggg and winding canyon road. Feel the wind in your hair. Let the beat take you on a truly authentic journey.

RÜFÜS DU SOL - On My Knees (Adriatique Remix) [Official Audio]

9) DRAMA - 3AM

Nothing says Saucy Summer more than those drunken, messy crushes! Even better, dancing mad while getting Lit. Oh, and let us not forget sending sloppy texts. So regrettable once that mimosa headache crashes in on Monday morning!

DRAMA - 3AM (Official Video)

8) Dom Dolla, Clementine Douglas - Miracle Maker

This is your happy espresso shot in a song. Ignite your workout routine or play when you need an extra-energy miracle.

Side effects include WTF Stares as your body busts IDGAF moves.

Dom Dolla - Miracle Maker feat. Clementine Douglas (Official Audio)

7) SOFI TUKKER - Summer in New York

If you haven’t yet experienced NYC's Magical Summer Serendipity, close your eyes and let SOFI TUKKER TAKE. YOU. THERE.

SOFI TUKKER - Summer In New York (Official Lyric Video) [Ultra Records]

6) LP Giobbi, Ben Kim - Somebody to Love

Wanna go to church? The church of love? This track will inspire the highest, most sacred dance moves!

Ben Kim & LP Giobbi - Somebody To Love [Lyrics Video]

5) Odesza - The Last Goodbye (feat Bettye Lavette)

The feel-good breakup song for that summer crush. Or, should I say summer crushes. I mean, why stop with one crush, when you can have three, or twelve?!?! Because . . . WHY NOT HAVE IT ALL - ALL SUMMER LONG?

ODESZA - The Last Goodbye (feat. Bettye LaVette)

4) KX5 - Escape (feat Hayla)

Wanna escape reality for a moment? This is perfection in a song. Goosebumps provided by the masterminds of Kaskade, Deadmau5, and Hayla’s powerhouse vocals.

Kx5 - Escape (feat. Hayla) [Official Lyric Video]

3) Beyonce - COZY

Of course, we had to include the main dish of the summer - a love letter to Queer Black Culture, Renaissance! COZY is a house track produced by mother Honey Dijon. This song has been adopted by the Trans community as an anthem. And we celebrate them by dancing our hearts out.

Beyoncé - COZY (Official Lyric Video)

2) Beyonce - Alien Superstar

Get your real vogue on with this salute to Ballroom culture. It wouldn’t be complete without the production of mother Honey Dijon.

Beyoncé - ALIEN SUPERSTAR (Official Lyric Video)

1) Beyonce - Summer Renaissance

What more can you ask of a global sensation inspired by disco and yet blends so many dance genres it will put you in a summer trance no matter where in the world you are!

Beyoncé - SUMMER RENAISSANCE (Official Lyric Video)

Wilson Andres is a Mexican queer raver activist who transforms party spaces to ensure a safe rave space for everyone through diversity, inclusivity, equity, visibility, harm reduction, and consent.

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