Veteran actor Tom Selleck is being accused of stealing water to keep his Los Angeles estate looking lush and green during the current crippling drought afflicting California.

The 70 year old Blue Bloods and Magnum PI star and his wife, Jillie Mack, have had a suit filed against them by the Calleguas Municipal Water District which claims they have repeatedly stolen literally truckloads of water from a nearby public hydrant, that is crucially located in a different district—it is illegal to transport water across district lines.

The Hidden Valley Ranch

The couple's Hidden Valley ranch is over 60 acres and is an eight bedroom Spanish style property. The celebrity couple have a number of water hungry luxuries to feed, including a golf course, swimming pool and avocado farm (even thought the actor himself hates avocados) and documents claim that a neighboring district's fire hydrant was raided regularly by a white water tender truck (not a red Ferrari).

The water board's accusations date back two years and they are claiming that water was stolen on at least 12 occasions. How did they find out? Well, they hired a private investigator (yes that's right a PI, oh the irony) at a cost of $22,000, to follow Selleck and his alleged water thieving buddies—they original sent a cease and desist letter back in November 2013. Presumably the pilfering didn't cease or desist and so the water board has now filed court papers.

2013 Cease and Desist Letter

Eric Bergh, resources manager for the Calleguas Municipal Water District said;

"Our 630,000 customers are ripping out their lawns, drastically cutting back on the water they use. The water that we have secured for them, that they have paid for, should remain in district boundaries."

Hidden Valley properties are not connected to a public water supply and so have to rely on about 100 wells for enough water to drink and meet their other needs. Obviously some of the wells dry up during a drought and the residents have to look elsewhere for supplies—and remember these are essential living supplies, not just a vanity thing to keep their properties looking pristine. Selleck is not alone, as another resident also received a cease and desist letter.

There's history here too—at the end of the last drought in CA in 2009, Selleck and five other residents actually had permission to fill up water trucks from a hydrant in nearby Lake Sherwood. However the agreement only lasted a few months and the then director of Ventura County Public Works Agency canceled it after learning of the law banning transferring portable water outside a district's boundaries.

Residents living near the Thousand Oaks hydrant in question have noticed the trucks filling up and commented that "it's always the same guy and truck", typically arriving at about 6 am.

Maybe you could originally have given the alleged water raiders the benefit of the doubt—however after the 2013 letter it was pretty clear which hydrants were out of bounds.

California is in the middle of a relentless drought that has been going on for four years and communities have been ordered to cut water use by 25 percent compared with 2013.

Ventura County, where Selleck's ranch stands has suffered cutbacks of up to 36 percent, and the state of California is on high alert to the over use of water. With social media in full force—there are apps available to share photos and info about water wasters in what has become a #droughtshaming culture. Previously Kim Kardashian and Barbra Streisand amongst others have been taken to task over their still lush sizable green lawns.

Representatives for Selleck have not responded to requests for comment.

celebrity weed smokers Hollywood 420—Morgan Freeman's Not The Only Surprising Celeb Weed Lover

Morgan Freeman wants to let you know that he loves his weed—really, really loves it—and he's even pushing to get it legalized.

After suffering a broken arm injury from a car crash, the actor was introduced to marijuana by his first wife, and he hasn’t looked back since.

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And, he’s not the only one in Hollywood that loves to get their weed on—but, you'll be surprised by the identity of some of the celebrity tokers—others however, not so much!

Cameron Diaz, for instance is really NOT that surprising—the 42-year-old has been smoking since "back in high school"—the same high school that Snoop Dogg went to. He could have very well sold her the stuff in fact, or so she claimed during an interview with George Lopez.

Oprah Winfrey though? Come on... that's pretty surprising....

Dakota Johnson Talks Ageism In ‘Fucking Brutal’ Hollywood

But then, it seems like weed has many appreciators, from presidents to pop singers, to athletes...

If you’re wondering who has copped to having tried it (some didn't inhale though—cough, cough)—then take a look at the gallery below for just a small handful of stars.

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You might be surprised with who pops up in the Hollywood 420 club.

Happy Babsday, Birth! Flip that. Reverse it.

Barbra Streisand turns 71 today. Do you have an EGOT, 57 Grammy nominations, and an ocean of homosexual men who consider you their god? Babs does. Don't be too jealous—you get to enjoy her legacy whenever you want through movies like Funny Girl, tunes like "The Way We Were," and on Glee through the character of Rachel Berry.



And, Barbra is also partially to blame for why we've had this song lodged in our heads since 2010...



Happy Birthday Babs!



The one consistent truism of the last 50 years (!!) of the entertainment industry has been this: Don't sleep on Streisand. You can count Barbra out as many times as you see fit, but she always comes roaring back, just as she did during your parents' generation, and your parents' parents' generation. Word has it that Babs has has just signed a new contract with Sony for an incredible $30 million sum—decent haul for an artist who just celebrated her 70th—and the label plans on kicking off her new deal by having her make nice with the kids, with a Tony Bennett-style Duets album. The New York Post reports:

Streisand has been approached by label execs to record an album of duets with young, hip artists, including Adele and Rihanna. Industry sources say the move would aim to [boost] Babs' appeal with more youthful record buyers beyond core Streisand fans.

Well, not to be cruel, but it'd be tough to get too much older than Streisand's current core fans, so maybe younger is the way to go. And while it's a little hard to imagine Rihanna bumping the Funny Girl soundtrack while growing up in Barbados, we bet she could do a mean Donna Summer imitation for a "No More Tears (Enough is Enough)" update. And Adele? Well, "The Way We Were" would've been a pretty on-the-nose fit for 21, no? This idea might have potential.

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards go down this Sunday, and the guest list looks longer than a 30 Seconds To Mars video. Here's a complete list of who's playing, divided into what we're anticipating and what we're dreading...


1. Lady Gaga

Whatever she wears is going to make headlines. She's gone to awards shows dressed as a tampon, dressed as a cubist Marie Antoinette, dressed in a maggoty meat bikini that reeked and broiled under studio lights. What will she come dressed in this year? A barrel of pickles? The frowning face of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak? One of those big parachutes from gym class? Plus she's going to perform "Born This Way" a mere 60 hours after its world premiere on Friday morning (and right beforeit inevitably reaches chart-topping status). This is the big one, folks. Get ready for some water cooler talk. Oh, hey, maybe she'll come dressed as a water cooler!

2. Katy Perry

Katy is a goofball, but she's a goofball to the 10th power. Whatever she does will be weird and wild and possibly ill-advised but certainly entertaining and colorful. Will she shoot fireworks at the surviving member of the Kingston Trio when they pick up their Lifetime Achievement Award? Will she find some way to make our living room smell like cotton candy?

3. Arcade Fire

This is called "rooting for the underdogs." And yes, although Arcade Fire play Madison Square Garden and have chart-topping albums, they'll still be indie-label underdogs until your mom asks you to buy The Suburbs. (Which will probably happen on Monday morning.) They will bring confetti and streamers and craziness and maybe cupcakes. It probably won't be the most expensive performance of the night, but will probably be the most manic.

4. Cee Lo Green, with Gwyneth Paltrow and the Jim Henson Company Puppets

Mupp you! Let's hope Katy Perry can keep away from Elmo long enough to get these guys on stage. Ok, actually they're not real Muppets, but this performance will give us a great opportunity to do out "Rolf The Dog Sings 'Fuck You'" impersonation during the commercial break. Puppets make everything better. Ask Stevie Wonder and Grover.

5. Mick Jagger+Raphael Saadiq

This is going to be a tribute to legendary blues 'n' soul pioneer Solomon Burke. And we couldn't imagine a more inspired pairing.


1. Yolanda Adams+Christina Aguilera+Jennifer Hudson+Martina McBride+Florence Welch

Beating VH1 to this year's Divas game, five singers pay tribute to Aretha Franklin, who has been in and out of the hospital with what sources say is pancreatic cancer. So this kind of doubles as a get-well card to the Queen of Soul. Florence of Florence and the Machine might have about as much soul as a Fluffernutter sandwich, but we're interested to see what they'll pull off.

2. Justin Bieber+Usher+Jaden Smith

Any high-definition shot of all this adorableness will shatter your TV. Man, how furious do you think Willow is that Jaden is performing on the Grammys and she isn't?

3. Miranda Lambert

Ooooh, please bring back the bassist with the enormous mohawk.

4. Lady Antebellum

Ooooh, please steal Miranda's bassist with the enormous mohawk.

5. Muse

The sound of these prog-rock behemoths goes hard in the proverbial paint. But their stage show has been a little weaksauce—see their performance of "Uprising" on the 2009 Video Music Awards. Here's hoping these guys will bring a little more than blinky lights and enormous hooks.

6. Drake and Rihanna

Are they dating? Aren't they dating? Their first performance together will answer none of the questions and possibly raise even more. But if they smooch like in the video for "What's My Name?" you can pretty much bet on these two being Monday's headline instead of "Bruno Mars Wins Some Award Or Something."


1. Esperanza Spalding performing with members of the Grammy Jazz Ensembles and Grammy Camp.

This Best New Artist nominee is the only jazz performer playing at the ceremony. It seems like the Grammys are kind of forcing her hand into playing with members of their sponsored ensemble of 30 high school students. Noble, yes, but if we're going to only get one jazz performer during the evening, why can't she play with the rippingest band possible?

2. B.o.B+Bruno Mars+Janelle Monáe

Enjoy playing 90 seconds each of your songs, kids!

3. Bob Dylan+Mumford & Sons+The Avett Brothers

Hilariously touted as a "special salute to acoustic music"—kick out the harpsichord jams! But someone is gonna feel like a fish out of water. We're not exactly sure who.

4. Eminem+Dr. Dre+Adam Levine of Maroon 5

Em in full emo mode, Dre in full recluse mode, Adam Levine in full Maroon 5 mode. Pass.

5. Barbara Streisand

You don't have to do this, Grammys, really. Our grandmothers were perfectly cool with Gaga last time we checked.