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Why Are Black Hair Options Still So Limited in Video Games?

Why are the hair choices for black people still just an afro, cornrows, or dreads?

Black hair (not the hair color, but the color of the person) fascinates people with its complexity.

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Keke Palmer at the Insecure Season 5 Premiere Screening

Photo by Kathy Hutchins (Shutterstock)

In a viral clip posted to Twitter by NBC News reporter Gadi Schwartz, actress Keke Palmer is seen pleading with members of the National Guard to "join the revolution" during a Los Angeles protest that took place Tuesday in the wake of the police murder of George Floyd.

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Why You Should Reconsider Posting a Black Square on Social Media for #BlackOutTuesday

White people: We need to look to BIPOC leadership before participating in any anti-racist actions, online or otherwise.


As protests against racist police brutality continue across the United States and the world in the wake of the brutal murder of George Floyd, many people are taking to social media to share their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

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"American Gods" Doesn't Understand the Importance of Black Spiritualism

"American Gods" committed an unnecessary diversity fail.

Photo by Sonika Agarwal Unsplash

American Gods, the TV show based on Neil Gaiman's award-winning novel of the same name, premiered in 2017.

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