The Best Songs on 2019’s Worst Albums

We combed through the saving grace moments of 2019's biggest disappointments.

2019 has been an odd year for music.

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Clipping at the heels of Tory Lanez's claim that he's "the best rapper alive," Lil Pump took to Twitter late last night to say he, too, is an unstoppable force of lyrical nature.

"It's scientifically proven that I'm the most lyrical rapper of all time," the 18-year-old MC wrote. Undoubtedly, the Internet was quick to debate this claim.

Lil Pump has been known to troll, and he was possibly just bored last night and wanted to do something to get the people talking. The claim comes amidst Pump having to apologize for being racial insensitive in his latest single, "Butterfly Doors." Prior to the track's release, a snippet emerged of Pump rapping, "They call me Yao Ming cause my eyes real low." The lyric has since been edited out of the track.

Pump also recently announced his long-awaited HARVERD DROPOUT will finally be released on February 22. Originally scheduled to be released last year, the artist pushed the date back after going to jail in September for driving without a license. Pump has since been released and plans to take the Coachella Stage this summer alongside Gucci Mane and Smokepurpp under the moniker "Gucci Gang." Listen to his latest single below, and bask in the misunderstood complexities of Lil Pump.

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