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Remembering Prince, Who Dissolved Gender and Redefined Star Power

A Prince tribute airs tonight in honor of the four-year anniversary of the icon's death.

Prince was born on June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

By the time he died exactly four years ago today, he'd released 23 albums, redefined the color purple, and ingrained himself within the legacy of pop music forever.

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Was “Saturday Night Live at Home” Better Than the Usual Show?

In a world increasingly moving away from traditional TV formats, maybe this is the way the show should be.

When's the last time you actually watched an episode of Saturday Night Live all the way through?

If you're younger than 60, you probably consume the iconic short form comedy show mostly in clips shared on the Internet. It used to be that fans would have to watch the entirety of the broadcast to see the few comedic gems amidst the mediocre filler, but now all you have to do is wait for your social media algorithms to decide which skits are worth your time. This has had the affect of making SNL much less about the flow of the entire show and much more about the individual skits and bits. Now, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, this is more true than ever.

For the first time ever, SNL aired a special non-live version of the show this past weekend. All of the skits were pre-recorded in the comedian's various homes. Tom Hanks hosted, which only consisted of an opening monologue, introducing the musical act, Chris Martin, and a good-bye. Tons of famous SNL alums and other regulars made appearances, including Larry David, Alec Baldwin, Fred Armisen, and more.

This version of SNL was not the polished, high-budget production audiences are used to. Instead, it was simpler, messier, and incredibly charming. One might even argue that in removing all the usual frills of the show, the "At Home" version allowed the brilliant comedic talent of the SNL cast to shine in a way that isn't usually possible.

One thing is definite: We got way more viral, ultra-sharable clips than usual. So maybe this is the future of skit comedy: shorter, simpler bits ready to be shared online. Whether you preferred this version of SNL or not, it's definitely worth checking out some of the show's highlights.

5. Tom Hanks Opening Monologue

Tom Hanks hosts 1st remote 'Saturday Night Live' at home l GMA

4. Larry David as Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Address - SNL

3. Kate Mckinnon RBG Workout

RBG Workout - SNL

2. Zoom Call

Zoom Call - SNL

1. Quarantine Masterclass With Timothée Chalamet

MasterClass Quarantine Edition - SNL


Beck's "Hyperspace" Drags at Times, But Who Cares?

The man is a legend that we're not worthy of critiquing

Chances are no two reviewers have the same opinion about Beck Hansen.

After all, malleability has always been Hansen's superpower. His seemingly endless capacity for amalgamating genres makes it impossible for music journalists to review his work without seeming pretentious. While Morning Phase and Sea Change are (almost) unanimously considered his greatest triumphs, critics have remained divided on what constitutes Beck's worst album. Some think it to be the oddball psychedelic folk-hop of Stereopathetic Soulmanure, while others think the satirical, lo-fi, anti-folk of One Foot In The Grave is well-deserving of the title. In Pitchfork's case, 2017's Colors sucks, but even then, the album was universally lauded and spawned two major GRAMMY victories.

With that said, Beck's Hyperspace is a rather vanilla release from the polymath, considering his rampant experimentation in the past. The project is filled with profound moments that will impress some critics and leave others unphased. It follows a thematic steadiness similar to Colors in that it is one singular mood. Colors was unbridled in its blistering euphoria, while Hyperspace is a thick cloud of bitter nostalgia, heartbreak, and melancholy. It's wrapped in the lush lo-fi production chops of Pharrell Williams, but the project never seems to breathe and ascend above the clouds it creates.

Beck - Uneventful Days

Beck wants to remain under his cloud for now, and the album slowly caves under its one-sided emotional baggage. "You threw the keys to the kingdom, over a skyscraper wall, sowing seeds somewhere obsolete in the everlasting nothing," he sings over 808's on the dreary album closer. There are stagnant/tepid moments on Hyperspace that are surprising in light of the monumental talent at work here. There are beautiful moments of clarity on songs like "Stratosphere" and "See-Through," but it's difficult to appreciate those amidst the album's exhaustive opacity.

But Beck is also going through a monumental shift in his life, and any of us would look towards the stars for meaning if we were as starved for elucidation as he seems to be. Beck doesn't know how he got here, and he desperately wants to. "I don't even know what's wrong," he sings on "Uneventful Days." The project's honesty makes its dull moments at least feel authentic, and this authenticity inevitably saves the album from itself.

Yet critics, once again, remain divided. NME has already given the project four stars, praising the minimalist production and smart collaborations with Sky Ferrera and Coldplay's Chris Martin, while NPR calls the album stiff and monotonous. But Beck's refusal to be boxed-in is his greatest strength, and no single review can effectively capture all that he is even 26 years into his career Hyperspace is a fine album; it's just not his "best album," and for Beck to have a standard of that caliber as a baseline reminds us how much of a juggernaut he's become.


Gwyneth Paltrow

All you need to know.

Full Name: Gwyneth Kate Paltrow

Date of Birth: September 27, 1972

Born: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Actress, singer, writer, business woman, lifestyle expert

Status: Married to Brad Falchuk (2018)

Children: 2

She's an award-winning actress, the goddess of Goop, and a newlywed. From her on-screen success to her leap into lifestyle and luxury, Gwyneth Paltrow pushes her passion to its peak and gives her all to all she does. Once married to rocker Chris Martin for 13 years, their divorce in 2016 put Paltrow "on the market," and earlier this year she tied the knot again, blending families and building a future. Goop may not be everyone's go-to guide, but fans far and wide love a good Paltrow film. Here's more to know about the California native and what has kept her in the public eye for such a long time.

A Start in Showbiz

Paltrow comes from a Hollywood family. Her mom, Blythe Danner, is a long-time actress and her late dad, Bruce Paltrow, was a film director and producer. Perhaps her genes were already gifted with talent or she picked it up from her parents, but Paltrow set her sights towards the silver screen.

Movie Magic

Paltrow illuminates the screen with her elegance and ease, good looks, and top-notch talent. She has been on the A-list for decades and for good reason…she's a hit-maker. Blockbusters and high-earning films often have Paltrow's name listed on the credits, making her a go-to gal for casting. From Great Expectations to Seven to Iron Man to The Avengers, Paltrow's performances always aim to please and she delivers.

The Scoop on Goop

Acting isn't all Paltrow is interested in. Her lifestyle website, Goop, offers advice, sells goods, serves up recipes, and then some. It has been criticized for being too high-brow and high-priced, but Paltrow stands by her philosophies and favorite things.

Paltrow Perfection

Along with her other endeavors, Paltrow makes for the perfect photo. She has modeled for Estée Lauder and Coach, and when she's on the red carpet, her beauty turns heads. Here are some photos of Paltrow looking Hollywood hot.

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gwyneth paltrow chris martin break up

It should be no surprise that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin chose to spend Thanksgiving together, since despite their Uncoupling in March 2014, these two just refuse to break up.

Gwyneth posted a picture of the family celebration on Instagram, with the caption, 'Happy Thanksgiving from us to you!'

Adventures In Dating—Spotlight On Thanksgiving Dinner

How nice that they could come together for the holiday, right? But actually, all they do is hang out together and it's getting old.

Just days before Thanksgiving, Gwynnie and Chris were out having dinner in the West Village. They have been to the beach together a million times, and they can't stop discussing each other in interviews.

Hot Couple Alert! Is Brandi Glanville Dating Calum Best ?

Even though the two of them are involved in other relationships, they remain much more enmeshed than the average divorced couple, even those who share children.

They spent Valentine's Day together, for god sake.

Now comes news that Gwyneth is featured in a song on the new Coldplay album, having inspired the song and then contributing lyrics and vocals.

8 Simple Rules For Dating Reese Witherspoon’s Daughter, Ava

Speaking about the track, Everglow, Martin said in a recent interview:

To me, it's about - whether it's a loved one or a situation or a friend or a relationship that's finished, or someone's passed away - I was really thinking about, after you've been through the sadness of something, you also get this everglow. That's what it's about.

Martin also revealed that Gwyneth wrote some of the lyrics after she mused to him:

How come things move on? How come cars don't slow?

He asked her to sing the line on the record, and she agreed after first demurring that she she couldn't, because she's not a professional singer.


I'm going to say 'what' again for emphasis.


They Dated?!! Weird Celeb Couples You Never Knew Hooked-Up

First of all, since when has not being a professional ever stopped Gwyneth from singing? She played a country singer in the movie Country Strong.

Please Chris, are we idiots? Give us a break, you big liar.

Second, what the fuck is Gwyneth's lyric supposed to mean? 'How come cars don't slow?'

In our universe, cars do in fact slow.  They even have breaks to help them in this enterprise.

Why The Fuck Is Gwyneth Paltrow Selling $1,695 Biggie And Tupac Clutch Bags?

Fine Gwyneth, you are taking poetic license but this is just nonsensical. Chris must really love you to immortalize your inane car observation.

Here's what I want, going forward:

Gwyneth and Chris can get together with their children, but they seriously need to move on in their lives. No one is going to stick around for a relationship with a divorced person who has unfinished business with their ex. Two words here: Jennifer Lawrence.

Gwyneth Paltrow—I’m Just a Common Woman Like You!

How do you feel, Popdust readers? Are you up for more Gwyneth and Chris demonstrations of Look How Well We Get Along? Or do you wish they would change the subject?


Even though Gwyneth Paltrow has gone public with her new relationship, she shows no signs of backing away from ex-husband Chris Martin.

On the contrary, she has taken to calling him her 'baby daddy' on Twitter and attended two of his concerts in a row earlier this week.

Some people might go so far as to call this behavior 'stalking.' I know I would if I were Jennifer Lawrence.

J Law may be the highest paid actress in the world, but can she get her boyfriend's ex-wife to move the fuck on? Apparently not.

Each time Chris and Jennifer are photographed together, Gwyneth seems to pop up, tagging along when Chris takes their kids for an outing or joining them at the beach.

In fact, Gwyneth and Chris have been seen together far more often than during their marriage.

Some ex-wives just won't let go. Try googling this to see how widespread this maddening situation is. Sometimes, it's the man who won't set boundaries. Other times, the ex is through with the husband but can't stand the thought of anyone else having him. And sometimes there is just too much unfinished-business between the divorced couple, spelling heartbreak for anyone who gets caught in their dysfunctional enmeshment.

How would Gwyneth like it if the ex-wife of her new beau Brad Falchuk started popping up everywhere? Brad, who also has two children and divorced around the same time as Paltrow, seems to have a longer leash than Chris Martin or maybe his ex has no desire to keep her hand in, ahem.

Poor Jennifer Lawrence. Who wants to be up against the unstoppable hate-seeking entity know as Gwyneth Paltrow?

No matter how many times you read that Chris and Jennifer have split up, don't you believe it. They seem determined to keep their relationship on the down-low and to avoid offering photo ops to the paparazzi.

But it can't be easy for Jennifer.

Here's some advice for her, gathered from experts on the Clinging Ex-Wife Situation:

  • Regardless of how long they were married or how long they've been divorced, if you feel like his ex should have some boundaries, let him know so he can begin setting them.
  • Let him know if you feel like she's crossing the line and using the kids as a way to stay involved in his life.
  • Why does his ex-wife behave in such a way? It's all about control.

There is also a Facebook page called Dear EX: GO AWAY, where you can complain, rant, seek advice, or make stupid jokes if you're that type.

Jennifer, if you're reading this and I know you are, here's what I would do and believe me, this works:

  • Tell him that he can't talk to her and flip out when he does.
  • Explain that you can feed the cat now and she can fuck off.
  • Accuse her of being manipulative and full of bad intent.
  • When she comes to feed the cat even though you've demanded that she stop this, leave her an ambiguous note that she will hopefully find threatening.
  • Give her phone number to your friends so they can prank call her or just laugh at her dumb outgoing messages.

Popdust readers, have you had experience with a clingy ex? Write in to share your advice!