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Taylor Swift Shares "From the Vault" Track "Mr. Perfectly Fine," Which Is Probably About Joe Jonas

The track is set to appear on Swift's upcoming re-recording of Fearless.

Taylor Swift - Shutterstock

In the latest endeavor on her quest to rewrite her entire career history, Taylor Swift has unearthed "Mr. Perfectly Fine," a track set to appear on her upcoming re-recording of Fearless.

"Mr. Perfectly Fine" joins the Maren Morris-featuring "You All Over Me" as the most recent addition to her "From the Vault" series. The upbeat breakup tune was co-produced by Swift's usual go-to, Jack Antonoff, though its country-rock flair (complete with a key change in the final chorus) feels right in line with the Fearless era. Listen below.

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Is Morgan Wallen Just a Scumbag?

This morning it was revealed that Wallen's use of a violent, racist epithet seemed to give his career a boost.

Morgan Wallen

At a maskless pool party in Tampa, Florida, last night, Diplo caught the attention of TMZ after he spun "Heartless," his country-pop duet with singer Morgan Wallen.

The performance came mere days after Wallen was caught on camera drunkenly spewing the n-word, the latest controversial act in what has become a tiresome cycle of lewd behavior from the singer.

Wallen's career briefly hit a snag as a result of this particular incident. He was not only suspended from his label, but his music had been removed from multiple radio outlets.

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