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Coyote Eyes Releases 'Rain'

The LA songstress combines her haunting voice with powerful lyricism.

Shervin Lainez

Coyote Eyes, a.k.a. Jo Eubanks, is a singer, songwriter, and poet from New York City. She began training as a classical singer at age 11 and was dubbed a "young Sylvia Plath" by age 16 for her jarring poetry and memoir pieces.

Her premiere release, "Rain," mixes haunting vocals, evocative lyrics, and hypnotic beats to create a tragic and seductive soundscape. The singer says the song was born from a moment of deep sadness: "I wrote 'Rain' at 5am on one of those rare rainy mornings in LA. My Great Love had left me and I walked through the world like a zombie. For months. It was as I'd imagine coming off of heroin would be like: I would shake and cry and sweat and throw up and pass out and do it all over again. To this day I've never felt heartbreak – or love – like that. One day I turned over in bed next to my new lover and it just hit me – this emptiness, this hollowness. I grabbed a pen and listened to the rain. I would write a line then repeat to myself 'I can't do this,' then write another line and say it again."

The song is reminiscent of a softer Evanescence or perhaps a darker Alanis Morissette, with powerful female vocals combined with lyrics about heartbreak and self empowerment.

But the world almost never got the chance to hear "Rain." Eubanks said, "I never intended on releasing this song. I never intended on recording it! It is truly one of the most private and vulnerable pieces of my soul and I intended on it remaining that way. But from that first moment in the studio with my producer I AM SNOW ANGEL (Julie Kathryn), I knew there was no going back. Julie is a trusted mentor and friend, and bringing this song to life with her was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life."

She learned an important lesson from the creation of "Rain", a lesson she hopes fans will take to heart. "When you feel something, get it out. Write it, paint it, sing it, play it. All too often we, myself included, run away from uncomfortable feelings and events. As hard as it is, that's where the magic, and the healing, begins."

For more from Coyote Eyes, follow her on Facebook, Soundcloud, or visit her Website.

Brooke Ivey Johnson is a Brooklyn based writer, playwright, and human woman. To read more of her work visit her blog or follow her twitter @BrookeIJohnson.

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