I mean, who likes leaving for work in the morning in the dark and seeing the same dark sky when you leave the office? Plus, the cold temperatures and even snow.

For me, winter blues are real and totally ruin my social life. I am so exhausted that I spend the entire week counting down the days until the weekend so I can sleep late and spend the day in my PJs - just so I have enough energy for the next week. How boring!

Work has gotten pretty stressful, and I've been feeling run down overall when I especially need my energy now. I take B12 and Turmeric supplements, but no matter how much sleep I get, I'm constantly tired. I was chatting to a coworker about not feeling myself at our office gift exchange, and she recommended hundred.

I'm already taking vitamins, so I told her that it probably wouldn't help, but she explained that hundred's vitamins are customized just for you. She said she too had always taken vitamins, but once she started taking ones that were tailored to her exact needs, she felt so much better.

I checked out hundred's site and liked that they had a pretty in-depth quiz asking about your exercise habits and health goals. The quiz covered things I would never even think of, like if you get UTIs often (what girl doesn't?!) and other questions about exercise habits, sleep, nutrition, and stress ( in a constant state of stress, check).

What I really loved is that the hundred quiz asked me what my goals are. I want to feel less stressed, get more sleep, and improve my energy. From there, they formulated my custom mix of vitamins. Hundred recommended supplements I'd never even heard of; Krill Oil, an anti-inflammatory, Pre / Probiotic, for gut health, and Cranberry to help with UTIs.

They also suggested a melatonin supplement to help me fall asleep a little easier. I decided to add their CLA supplement to the mix, too. It's got caffeine in it, which is supposed to help boost your metabolic function.

Hundred's vitamin mix comes in individual daily packs that have my name on them, so I know exactly how much to take every day. Plus, having them shipped right to my door every month was very convenient - it couldn't be easier!

I chose the monthly plan because I saved 15%. Plus, it's easy to tweak or cancel your plan at any time. My hundred membership also gave me access to ongoing support from a nutritional expert, as well as quarterly health assessments. My friend told me how helpful it has been for her, so I'm looking forward to having that continued support.

My personalized vitamins arrived a few days later in a cute turquoise box. Having the daily packs already portioned out made sticking to taking them so much easier - I just grab them on my way out the door in the morning. Hundred says it can take up to 2 months to form a habit and feel the difference, but I'm already sleeping better, thanks to the melatonin.

I always just assumed that all vitamins are the same quality, but hundred's are in a league of their own. They source the highest quality ingredients from around the world, resulting in better absorption. It turns out, the old supplements I was taking had mostly filler ingredients.

It feels good knowing that I'm doing something for myself this winter, and what's more important than improving your health?

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When it comes to vitamins, selecting the right ones for your body can be confusing. With countless brands, claims, dosages and price points, how do you know what's good?

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made for_ vs. online retailers

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Screening for interactions with medications and lifestyle changes

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Where other personalized brands fall short:

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X Recommendations made without any context i.e. sleep, stress, diet, exercise

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made for_ 's Nutrition team invested thousands of hours into researching and delivering the highest quality vitamins possible. They lead the industry with 100% transparency of ingredients and sourcing, detailed product information and instruction, and a personalized approach to curate vitamins with you in mind.

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