AALTA Releases "Closer Than Ever" ft. Lenachka

"A surrender to the night...whatever happens we'll take it together."

L.A.'s production/writing duo AALTA, aka Daniel Pashman and Grammy winner Rich Jacques, unveil "Closer Than Ever," featuring Lenachka, aka Helene Immel.

According to Pashman and Jacques, "This is the first track we wrote as AALTA. Lenachka came in and was the perfect pairing for the track we started."

Since arriving in Los Angeles from Germany at the age of eight, Lenachka has worked with Eric Robinson and John Mayer, as well as written with a who's who catalog of songwriters and producers, including Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons and Taylor York of Paramore.

The unique aspect of AALTA is less about the core team of Jacques and Pashman than it is about who they collaborate with. A variety of exquisite voices and shifting musical flavors inject sinuous fluidity into AALTA's elusive sound, infusing each new track with ever-changing textures.

"Closer Than Ever" opens on softly gleaming colors atop the throbbing pulse of the kick-drum as metallic synths drone in the background.

Lenachka's voice delivers intoxicating honeyed tones on creamy sonic patinas, as washes of glowing harmonies introduce radiant depth and dimension.

"Closer Than Ever" blends modern pop with glossy alternative vibes into a cool, coruscating soundscape.

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Artwork Courtesy Aalta

Meet AALTA, the Los Angeles-based duo composed of Daniel Pashman and Grammy-winning producer Rich Jacques.

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