Video Premiere | Desanka Has Our "Heart On a String"

DESANKA released her latest music video "Heart On A String" today, on Vevo.

"A true born artist, she has been surrounded by creators her whole life. Featured in almost 14 films, with 2 singles, and a following of almost 30,000, she is no doubt a talent." - Maynahl Talks

California native and longtime musician, Desanka, caught my attention here on the east coast not long ago with her debut single, " Gone." Lucky for us she recently dropped the incredibly catchy follow up, "Heart On A String," and today we're proud to present you with the song's brand new music video!

Check out her latest, release below.

"Her music's evolution has managed to keep us enthralled and eager to see whats to come." -Purple Melon Music

After moving to L.A. for high school, Desanka attended Pepperdine University as a Vocal Performance Major. Next, she transferred to Berklee College of Music as a Music Business Major, and is now working towards her Master's Degree in Music Business - all while pursuing her dreams as an actress and recording artist.

To put it short: girl knows her stuff, and her talents are in full display in this video. Melodically entrancing and visually stunning - it's no wonder the lyrics warn us she'll leave you saying "get out of my head." Fair play, Desanka... fair play.


It'll be a long time before this stunner's "gone!"

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