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Blanche Premieres Magnetic “Empire” LP

A dazzling voice with magnetic appeal.

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Alt-pop singer-songwriter Blanche unveils her debut LP, Empire, a delicious fusion of electronica, indie, and pop via PIAS Recordings.

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Classic Mixtapes To Get Us Through Summer In Quarantine

Let's revisit some of the great summer mixtapes to help ease the pangs of summertime nostalgia

Bonfires with our friends, balmy summer days spent by the lake passing a spliff and sipping on a Corona, summertime love affairs—it all may feel like a past life now.

The rollout for summer 2020 is unlike anything before it. While Americans everywhere try to retain a sense of normalcy, it will be impossible to enjoy summer the way we want to. Bitter nostalgia for the summers of yore is rampant. Luckily, music has remained the one constant. To help unwind in these times of heightened anxiety, it helps to revisit some of the mixtapes that brought us childhood bliss, that pumped us up when school dismissed for summer, that blasted through our car speakers as we cruised with the windows down with our friends in tow. Here are a few of the greatest mixtapes of summers past, in the hopes it will bring back the fond memories that, right now, may feel distant.

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Essy Premieres “Second Thoughts” EP

"This EP is about learning to roll with the punches, but not compromising who I am or what I want no matter how hard life hits."

Jake Matthews


Nashville-based synth-pop singer-songwriter Essy introduces her debut EP, Second Thoughts.

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