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TikToker Fckjoshy Belongs in Jail

The self-proclaimed "worst TikToker alive," deserves to go to jail

You may have seen a short clip of a TikTok "prankster" spilling a giant tub of cereal all over the subway and a bunch of strangers.

If you haven't seen the video, it consists of fckjosh, whose real name is Josh Popkin, filling a plastic storage bin with cereal and milk, then intentionally dumping the whole mess on the ground in the middle of a New York City subway car. The other people in the car are wearing masks over their mouths and noses—as required by current safety guidelines—but not Josh. He pulled it down off his chin, so everyone could see what a dumb goofball he is, pretending to scoop the sticky, mess of milk and Fruity Pebbles back into the bin. All the while the strangers who are probably forced to be on that subway move away from him, visibly disgusted, but somehow resisting the urge to smack him.

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