Jenna Jameson's train wreck TV interview sent the rumor mill into overdrive Monday.

The former adult actress appeared on Good Day New York to promote her first novel Sugar, and TMZ reports that Jameson was such a mess that her live segment was cut short by producers.

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And now Popdust has the inside scoop into what's behind her slurred speech and dazed appearance.

"Jenna is struggling with an addiction to Oxycontin," a source close Jameson, who has asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, tells Popdust.

"She is a complete mess right now and is barely holding it together. All of her friends have tried to talk her into going to rehab to get treatment but she is in complete denial about her problem.

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"Jenna has been going through a really tough time since splitting from Tito and losing custody of the twins, she is truly a lost soul—it is really, really sad, and those who are still around her—who she hasn't pushed away—are seriously concerned for her."

Late Monday founder Nik Richie wrote a scathing reply to one of his concerned readers, who posted how they were in tears after watching Jameson's TV appearance.

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"Why would you cry?" Richie wrote. "People seem to forget that Jenna was a drug addict pornstar in her past.  This isn’t some random event… this is Jenna Jameson being Jenna Jameson. She needs to go to rehab and get sober 'again' so she can at least see her children. You have to understand Jenna is only able to see her kids 4 hours a week supervised. I couldn’t imagine that type of pain so I get why she is trying to kill herself with drugs."


The 39-year-old has struggled with addiction issues in the past—she landed a DUI last year after a car crash in Orange County.

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Tito Ortiz, Jameson's ex-boyfriend and father of her two kids, has previously spoken out on the issue, claiming Jenna is addicted to Oxy—but she vehemently denied his allegations.

She also denied being under the influence during Monday's interview, insisting during a later appearance that she was "exhausted" and that she hasn't done any drugs in seven years.