Tackle The New Year With A Fresh, Clean Home

Organize your home in 2020, the easy way.

Like most people, I start each new year with a new resolution.

Surprisingly, I've been successful at keeping them up over the past few years. Last year I ate more home cooked meals.

When I realized how much money it saved me, I kept it up.

The year before that I vowed to exercise and hit the gym - I still get to the gym once a week! I never thought I'd consistently fit these habits into my busy life.

The one area that could definitely be improved is my messy - and if I'm being honest, dirty - apartment. My job can be pretty demanding so I'm rarely home.

And when I am, I'm either cooking, eating, or sleeping. I can only manage the bare minimum - no mopping, no vacuuming. I've struggled to fit cleaning into my schedule, but it's hopeless - I'm hopeless. It's gotten so bad, I hate having company over.

So, this year I decided to get help maintaining my apartment. My friend Amy told me about this company called Handy which sounds cool.

It's a site that connects you with top rated cleaning professionals in your area - they also have an app that is super easy to use. Amy's house always looks spectacular, so I was curious about trying out Handy.

I'll admit, I was a little apprehensive about letting a stranger into my home, but I looked into it and Handy is committed to providing their customers with a safe cleaning experience.

Before Handy matches a professional with jobs, the company uses credential verification technology with background check screenings. Plus, Handy has a helpful customer service team that can answer all of my questions.

The great thing about Handy is you can schedule regular appointments with cleaning professionals as often as you like. You can create a 3, 6, or 12-month membership, and you can tweak your plan at any time.

Appointments can sometimes be made as soon as the day before and can be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the service.

Handy allows you to book a wide range of services that can make any bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and other living areas shine. Before your appointment, simply provide your cleaning professional instructions through the app. It's super easy!

Amy values her cleaning service and depends on Handy so much that she has a 12-month membership with monthly appointments. However, she often uses it more when scheduling a last-minute spruce-up before having guests over.

To start, I'm going for a 3-month membership with weekly appointments. I'm so excited to begin booking cleanings through Handy. I'm already relieved knowing I don't have to feel guilty about not cleaning.

I can't wait to throw a dinner party for my friends without worrying about the dust bunnies in the corner.

Whether you have kids, just don't have the energy, or are crazy-busy with work like me, Handy can bring so much value to your day to day.

Handy works with your schedule and with any home's needs.

Update: The folks at Handy are extending a Special offer to our readers. For a limited time follow this link to get a special offer on a cleaning plan!

You move into a new place, decorate, and promise you'll treat it right. Then . . . life happens, and the dust on the mantel settles at the bottom of your to-do list for the next year. Cross. It. Off. With a cleaning service.

Everyone's busy as a bee, so instead of feeling distracted by the chores you know you should be doing, take a load off with Handy.

It's an app that connects you with a cleaning professional in your area to do the hard work at a surprisingly affordable price!

You work hard, so you deserve to knock a couple of things off your list. To reduce your burden, take our quiz to figure out the exact amount of cleaning you need for your lifestyle.

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