My partner and I finally found our dream home and we couldn't be happier because it really ticks every box.

But boy, was it a long process—we went through viewing after viewing, and lots of rejected offers.

We finally have the perfect home for us and our future, but now it's time for the next step—decor & furniture. We decided we want to go for a tasteful, minimal style in our home. Here's how our journey went:

It's Finally Moving In Day

Moving day was exciting, but the start of a lot of work. We started off with the downstairs rooms—living room, kitchen. One place we wanted to spend some extra time on is the bedroom. Our bedroom is our sanctuary, so it had to be peaceful.

The room has built-in wardrobes (win), so our main focus was our bed. I really wanted us to get a bed that would last, not a flimsy one that would keep us awake all night creaking.

We thought it would be hard to find a bed that was good quality and fit the aesthetic we were going for, until we found The Bed, by Thuma. Its minimalist design instantly caught our eye. It's the type of bed that really would look good in any bedroom and match any style.

We Researched The Bed

We loved that it's Greenguard certified and made from sustainable repurposed wood. With the subtle variations, grains, and knots indicative of real wood, we knew our bed was unique in its own right. It had thousands of 5-star reviews online, and one thing customers kept calling out was the Japanese Joinery.

The Japanese Joinery technique of building meant that it only takes five minutes to assemble. But I'm always skeptical of anything that takes "5 minutes" to do, especially after all the pieces of furniture my partner and I had built over the last few weeks (none of which took less than 30 minutes. We decided to give it a try anyway and ordered The Bed, by Thuma.

The Bed by Thuma Arrived

It was delivered promptly, and we appreciated that all the packaging was sustainable. The boxes are made from recycled cardboard, and the packaging uses zero styrofoam.

When it was time to assemble The Bed, I was shocked to see how simple the instructions were. No hardware, drilling, or 10-page instruction manual. It was easy to follow and there were no nuts and bolts scattered about the carpet (that was the best part).

With Thuma and the Japanese Joinery technique, each bar locks into the adjacent bar at the leg. It's literally that easy, the slats simply unroll and lock into place.

And yes, it only took 5 minutes! Even with all the decorating and furniture-building we've done lately, this was a first for us. Plus, it'll be just as easy to disassemble if we ever decide to move.

Our Final Thoughts On The Bed By Thuma

We've been sleeping in our new home, and The Bed, for about a month now. One thing we both noticed about this bed frame is its sturdiness. It's surprising that a bed that is so quick to assemble can also be strong, but it really is built to last your whole life.

The Japanese Joinery technique and cushion-lined slats ensure not just durability, but also sound reduction. I think it's the first bed we've slept in that didn't creak when one of us moved. So we've both been sleeping soundly every night (which is exactly what we need after the moving process).

Not to mention, the ample under-bed storage has been a major plus for us while moving and beyond. The Bed, By Thuma, has helped us settle into our new space smoothly and really make it our own.

If you're looking for a new bed, we'd highly recommend The Bed, By Thuma. It's the last bed you'll ever buy!

If you're like us, you've tried a few meal kits over the last year.

And, like us, you also may have been disappointed by some of them: repetitive dishes, missing ingredients each week, or recipes that took 4 hours from prep to plate. We are not exaggerating.

However, we know too many people who absolutely love the convenience and ease of home cooking that meal kits provide, so we wanted to cut through the trial and error process for our readers and test out these kits one-by-one ourselves.

Over the testing period, we found that there's a meal kit out there for every type of household and price point. But understanding that a lot of people are getting ready for summer and revamping their eating habits after a long, difficult COVID winter, we wanted to focus on two specific kits that regularly hype up their wholesome recipes and high-quality ingredients: Green Chef and Blue Apron.

The pressure's on - and so's the oven! Let's get after it and see which plan comes out on top.

Key Similarities

  • Both deliver pre-portioned fresh ingredients, colorful recipe cards with step-by-step instructions
  • Both are subscription-based meal kits delivery services: pause, adjust, or opt-out at any time
  • Both conveniently deliver right to your doorstep

Key Differences

  • Blue Apron's locally sourced ingredients are non-GMO but not exclusively organic | Green Chef's products are USDA Organic Certified
  • Blue Apron has 2 meal plans: Vegetarian and Signature | Green Chef has 4: Balanced Living, Keto & Paleo, Plant-Powered, and Gluten-Free
  • Blue Apron has 7 recipes a week to choose from | Green Chef has 9
  • Blue Apron's recipes take 30 - 50 minutes to cook | Green Chef's minimal prep takes 30 minutes or less
  • Blue Apron's packaging is plastic-heavy | Green Chef offsets 100% of carbon emissions and plastic packaging from every box!
  • Blue Apron starts at $9.99 a serving | Green Chef's meals start at $11.99

Green Chef Overview

We appreciate their chef-curated, international cuisine choices like Steak & Cheddar Melts with kale salad and carrots, dried figs, & white-wine vinaigrette and Japanese Vegetable Fritters with ginger-sriracha aïoli, broccoli & cashews, and rice with edamame. Variety isn't only the spice of life . . . it teases the palate and keeps the menu interesting.

Green Chef provides a really affordable way to consume more local, sustainably sourced produce, and we've all come to realize the importance of that. The cost per serving - especially with a new customer discount - is far less than organic markets, and with their pre-portioned ingredients, there's far less food waste.

Customers love the culinary choices and high-quality produce Green Chef delivers. On a Keto, Paleo, or plant-powered diet? Green Chef's there for you, offering 9 different meals for each plan. Say bye-bye to boredom!

Blue Apron Overview

Blue Apron's boxes arrive and they are simply lovely. All ingredients are laid out practically, but cooking time can take up to twice as long to plate because the recipes are often complex, including two or three separate sauces or dressings. All these extra steps lead to more dishes and pans, which can lead to a messy sink at the end of the night.

In other words, this isn't ideal for novices and busy moms, though it's perfect for someone who has time on their hands and wants to polish their cooking skills.

Despite tasty meals like Garlic-Caper Chicken with Fettuccine and Zucchini and Miso-Butter Steaks and Rice with Carrots and Bok Choy, we burnt out on Blue Apron rather quickly. With only 7 dishes a week to choose from, we found ourselves gravitating to the same types of dishes (pasta) instead of trying new things that we were excited about.

Plus, all too often a bag of limp yellowing kale would arrive. One week, 2 out of 3 meals featured kale. Enough said.

Final Notes

Green Chef's superior organic food and minimal prep put them way ahead of Blue Apron in our books. Add in the pre-measured portions which help you stick to your diet, and the choice is clear.

Green Chef is the clear crowd favorite for convenience, easy instructions, and overall presentation. We appreciated Green Chef's fresh ingredients, amazing customer service, and the variety of their gourmet meals. Plus, there are more plans available tailored to specific diets, which makes Green Chef more inclusive than Blue Apron.

While Blue Apron is definitely a contender in the war of meal kits, Green Chef's got it beat.

So there you are. Get Green Chef and get cooking! Remember, the oven's on.

FRIENDS AND FAMILY SPECIAL: Our friends at Green Chef are extending a limited-time offer to our readers! Follow this link to get $100 off across four boxes, including FREE shipping on the first box!

Miranda Joan releases "Home"

Canadian singer/songwriter Miranda Joan has spent her time during the pandemic reflecting on her life and reconnecting with her roots.

She then put pen to paper and crafted the beautifully contemplative "Home." Premiering today on Popdust, Joan displays her stunning soulful vocals, which float delicately atop soft, glowing piano melodies and soaring harmonies, building into a toe-tapping, head-bopping beat. Her heart-wrenching lyrics narrate her longing for her family and fear of isolation, afraid of not being able to find a comforting place she can call home now that she has flown the nest.

Miranda Joan - Home (Official Music Video)

The accompanying music video features dreamy, hazy visuals showing the singer wandering around nature, discovering her new surroundings and trying to find peace in her new home. Joan wraps us up in her golden tones and celestial soundscapes. Singing, "Where will I go and what will I see? Where will I find home and where will it find me?" Joan ponders if she'll ever find her safe space again. Yet despite her concerns, she somehow manages to provide comfort for listeners, showing us that wherever we go, we can make a home for ourselves.

Born in Montréal and raised in Vancouver, Joan is influenced by the likes of Carole King, Erykah Badu and Emily King to name a few. The songwriter transports the listener to a glistening neo-soul world, where everything just feels a little bit better. So get lost in her sweet tones and find your "Home" with Miranda Joan.

Follow Miranda Joan on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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Now that I'm spending all this time working from home, I feel like my apartment has become my entire world. I always cared about how it looked—but now it feels like that's the only thing that matters. When quarantine started, I knew that I was going to be spending a ton of time at home, so I decided to create a little home office for myself.

I spent a ton on a stand-up desk, an ergonomically-correct chair, and a widescreen monitor, but it still felt like something was missing. I realized that despite my apartment becoming my full-time workspace, it was still my home. With all of the new purchases I made to make myself more productive, I ended up neglecting my personal space.

To make my one-bedroom apartment feel a bit more homey, I decided to buy a new bed. I got my current bed frame off Craigslist and I knew that if I was going to be spending all this time at home, I needed a major aesthetic overhaul. My sister recommended that I look at platform beds because I wanted something that was versatile, clean, and modern, but had a timeless quality about it. I was hoping for a chic way to clear up space and find relaxation.

After scouring the Internet, I came across The Bed, by Thuma . Thuma designs thoughtful beds for modern living, with the philosophy that the bed is the centerpiece of our lives and should be treated as such. Given that it's typically the most used piece of furniture, Thuma's perfect bed-frame is so classic, it will fit in anyone's bedroom, no matter what your aesthetic is.

While incredibly simple, The Bed boasts a range of stand-out features and details. Each frame is unique, made from handcrafted, repurposed wood (without MDFs or veneers), and carries the beautiful grain variations of natural wood. No two beds are alike, making yours really feel like yours. The frame itself is constructed using Japanese Joinery, an artisanal Japanese technique that emphasizes minimalism and simplicity. Assembly is very easy, takes about five-ish minutes, and no tools or team required.

The Bed, By Thuma
Elevated, Timeless Design
Built To Last A Lifetime

Shop The Bed Now

In terms of functionality, The Bed provides a perfect alternative to the uncomfortable headboard. The PillowBoard is extremely versatile. It can be covered by throw pillows or left visible as a design accent. The board itself is covered in a washable pebbled linen-weave cover, making it the perfect stress-free lounging environment.

My biggest concern when I first purchased The Bed, by Thuma was its durability, but after using it for over a month, I can admit that my worries were unfounded. The Bed is constructed from double-strength slats which are optimally spaced to ensure mattress support and breathability. Even better, these slats are made from eco-fi felt made from recycled plastics.

The Bed is also Greenguard certified, meaning all the materials were thoroughly tested to meet some of the world's most rigorous chemical emission standards. It's better for the environment and better for you! Did we mention there are no box springs or bed skirts required? Simply put, The Bed is built to last a lifetime and comes with a lifetime warranty as proof.

Now that we're spending more time indoors, it's important that you have a bed that you actually enjoy. Say goodbye to that tired old bed frame and elevate your bedroom with Thuma's perfect platform bed frame.


Tackle The New Year With A Fresh, Clean Home

Organize your home in 2020, the easy way.

Like most people, I start each new year with a new resolution.

Surprisingly, I've been successful at keeping them up over the past few years. Last year I ate more home cooked meals.

When I realized how much money it saved me, I kept it up.

The year before that I vowed to exercise and hit the gym - I still get to the gym once a week! I never thought I'd consistently fit these habits into my busy life.

The one area that could definitely be improved is my messy - and if I'm being honest, dirty - apartment. My job can be pretty demanding so I'm rarely home.

And when I am, I'm either cooking, eating, or sleeping. I can only manage the bare minimum - no mopping, no vacuuming. I've struggled to fit cleaning into my schedule, but it's hopeless - I'm hopeless. It's gotten so bad, I hate having company over.

So, this year I decided to get help maintaining my apartment. My friend Amy told me about this company called Handy which sounds cool.

It's a site that connects you with top rated cleaning professionals in your area - they also have an app that is super easy to use. Amy's house always looks spectacular, so I was curious about trying out Handy.

I'll admit, I was a little apprehensive about letting a stranger into my home, but I looked into it and Handy is committed to providing their customers with a safe cleaning experience.

Before Handy matches a professional with jobs, the company uses credential verification technology with background check screenings. Plus, Handy has a helpful customer service team that can answer all of my questions.

The great thing about Handy is you can schedule regular appointments with cleaning professionals as often as you like. You can create a 3, 6, or 12-month membership, and you can tweak your plan at any time.

Appointments can sometimes be made as soon as the day before and can be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the service.

Handy allows you to book a wide range of services that can make any bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and other living areas shine. Before your appointment, simply provide your cleaning professional instructions through the app. It's super easy!

Amy values her cleaning service and depends on Handy so much that she has a 12-month membership with monthly appointments. However, she often uses it more when scheduling a last-minute spruce-up before having guests over.

To start, I'm going for a 3-month membership with weekly appointments. I'm so excited to begin booking cleanings through Handy. I'm already relieved knowing I don't have to feel guilty about not cleaning.

I can't wait to throw a dinner party for my friends without worrying about the dust bunnies in the corner.

Whether you have kids, just don't have the energy, or are crazy-busy with work like me, Handy can bring so much value to your day to day.

Handy works with your schedule and with any home's needs.

Update: The folks at Handy are extending a Special offer to our readers. For a limited time follow this link to get a special offer on a cleaning plan!