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Premiere: James Worthy Revels in His Obsession on "Tick Tock"

Featuring Big Gipp of Atlanta's Goodie Mob, the new track is Worthy's follow-up to his viral hit "In The Dark"

Tick Tock

Coming off the viral success of his track "In the Dark," James Worthy has returned with "Tick Tock," a slinky bedroom anthem that today is premiering exclusively on Popdust.

The sultry song features a multifaceted guest verse from Goodie Mob's Big Gipp, as Worthy serenades a love interest who has become an obsession. "Pinot grigio 'cause it's your favorite wine, I remember cause you stay on my mind," he croons. When Gipp enters, he drowns his lover in lavish luxury; "rubies, emeralds, and pink stones," he raps. "2021 five hundred with the Benz on it
Taupe ass blue coope, five colors." The duo's chemistry on the track is immaculate as they trade verses as smoothly as a fine wine.

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James Worthy "Goldmine"

via Youtube

Crafted alongside the legendary R&B crooner J. Holiday, 3x Grammy Award winner James Worthy returns with his latest single "Goldmine."

The track, which was originally teased on Instagram back in July, is a magnetic R&B offering that is elevated by the smooth vocals of "Bed" singer J. Holiday. Worthy himself holds his own when up against the soul music icon, as the duo sings lustfully about treasure found in a love interest.

Check out the steamy new single below:

James Worthy - Goldmine ft. J. Holiday (Official Audio)

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Do You Know - James Worthy TV


When James Worthy was 11, Michael Jackson told him he was destined for greatness.

The NY-based rapper already had the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle in his blood, but the early co-sign from The King of Pop himself gave Worthy a different kind of energy. Three Grammy wins later, Worthy has fulfilled the vision MJ laid out for him.

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