Picture this.

You're just a normal dude, hanging out with your shirt off and yelling racial slurs at a guy who looks kind of like Jurassic Park star Jeff Goldblum. All you want to do is be yourself—just a gross, racist, sexist, shirtless man living his best life—and then boom, you're all over the Internet because some guy who looks mildly like the star of The Fly f*cking bodied you.

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Music Lists

12 Black Indie Musicians to Support on Bandcamp Today

Bandcamp is waiving revenue shares today, and you should support POC artists.

Today is another Bandcamp Friday, meaning until midnight tonight, the platform will be waiving revenue shares and letting artists take 100 percent of profits.

Now more than ever, as Black Lives Matter protests occur around the world, it's extremely important to lift marginalized voices. The music industry has repeatedly erased Black voices throughout history, despite the fact that most mainstream genres were invented by Black people.

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In February New Zealand writer-director-actor Taika Waititi was awarded an Oscar for the screenplay of his film Jojo Rabbit.

On May the 4th—the holiest of Star Wars holidays (Revenge of the 5th is sacrilege)—it was announced that he'd received what might be an even bigger honor: He's going to co-write and direct a new Star Wars movie.

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