Is the Cinnamon Toast Shrimp Tails Guy a Liar, Serial Abuser?

Yet another weird viral story that was hiding (even more) disgusting layers beneath its surface.

Milkshake Duck. Zoom Cat Lawyer. And now, Cinnamon Toast Shrimp Tails Guy.

There is an alarming tendency for the Internet to thrust a seemingly random assemblage of nouns — always including a small animal — into strange viral stories, only to have the central figure in said stories revealed as a secret villain.

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Oh this is so….so…very….very…good.

Tom Hanks' wannabee rapper son, Chester Hanks, AKA Chet Haze is embroiled in an epic Twitter war with the adorable Jensen Karp, AKA rapper Hot Karl—and Popdust has the 411.

Twitter Twitter

It all kicked off when Karp took umbrage at the Hollywood Royalty offspring’s use of language after Hanks Tweeted about, “blessing the mic with spoke word.”


Karp was quick to point out how hilarious it is that an over-privileged kid from the mean streets of the Brent-hood (well, wood) was talking more like French Montana than a theater major from North Western University.


And, that’s when it ALL kicked off.

Hanks was pissed to say the least….. shit went back and forth and culminated in Hanks challenging Karp to a Rap Battle ALA Eight Mile stylie….


However, after Karp made the request for Ron Howard to officiate Hanks seems to have gone radio silent….