Over the last three years, KiNG MALA has established herself as of pop music's brightest talents. With soulful vocals and impeccable production, the singer-songwriter easily shifts from playful to badass.

Her latest, "sunny side up," is a darkly funny breakup song about a past relationship.

"My previous partner and I fought over everything towards the end of our relationship," she recalls. "Every other morning was an episode of burnt toast, or ‘too-sweet’ coffee, or ‘we’re out of eggs.’ Nothing was right and the resentment had built to such a level that our morning fights had become routine."

Watch KiNG MALA talk to Demi Ramos about the making of "sunny side up," growing up in a Puerto Rican household, and plans for the future.

KiNG MALA | The Demi Ramos Show

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