La Britney's Rise to Fame as an Independent Artist

The star of VH1's Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood sits down to discuss her loyal fan-base, finding success as an independent artist, and hating laundry.

La Britney's following has exploded since her appearance on VH1's Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood.

But the singer had been working hard on her music career for years before her reality TV debut. As a confident mother, activist, and artist, La Britney didn't listen to critics who questioned her jump to television. As an independent artist, her hard work has earned her a loyal fan-base who've supported her because of her authenticity, which she's imbued into her music for over eight years. Watch below as she describes her rise from her basement apartment to performing before fans worldwide in her most successful year yet, as well as her plans for 2019.

Popdust Exclusive | La'Britney

When faced with Popdust's Magic Box, which contained the deepest questions her fans wanted answered, La Britney stayed smart with her wallet and didn't lie.

The Magic Box interview with La'Britney

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