As you read this, imagine me to be sitting somewhere on a beach in New Jersey (hold your horrified gasps) surrounded by friends and a Bose Soundlink Max speaker blaring my favorite tracks. I'm always on aux, dear reader, as I'm sure you can imagine. My Spotify playlists are highly sought after by a specific group of people (my friends).

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I know I always say this...but I'm particularly excited for this weekend. No, it's not because the weather has been so beautiful that the last thing I want to do is sit inside on my laptop (although that's true). It's because we're approaching Memorial Day Weekend- and for me, a New Jerseyan, that means going to the beach.

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Happy Cowboy Carter day-- oops, I mean Friday -- to all who celebrate. Yes, it feels a bit sacrilegious to work on Opening Day, Beyonce's Release Day, and Good Friday, but I digress. Some of us have to stay strong and power through the workday while others are enjoying the singular sunny day we've had all week.

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A Conversation With Chelsea Cutler

Her new album, Stellaria, mental health, and more!

Chelsea Cutler got her start releasing covers and tracks on SoundCloud, where fans caught wind of her airy, ethereal tone that evoked immediate emotion and intrigue within the listener. Her voice was unlike any other, adding the perfect duet to tracks that needed an extra edge like on Louis the Child's "Slow Down Love" and Ayokay's "Shine."

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Do Yourself A Favor And Catch Chelsea Cutler Live

Chelsea's New Single: "Men On The Moon" Is OUT NOW!

Updated 11/11/2022

Chelsea Cutler has been teasing her new single, "Men On The Moon," for a while now. She's played it as an unreleased song on her most recent tour, When I Close My Eyes -- Part II...but it is finally time to grace the public with this breakup anthem.

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Rising Star

Interview | Ashe's New EP "The Rabbit Hole" Is Out

We Got A Chance to Sit Down With Ashe Upon The Release of Her Newest EP.

Photo by Leslie Colon

Ashe's alt-pop style and sunny, vintage vocals have earned her quite the buzz.

She recently released her new single "Choirs" that has amassed over 870k streams on Spotify. Compounding her previous success, which saw her accumulate 200 million streams and nine Hype Machine #1s with "Girl Who Cried Wolf" and "Used to It" (as well as her Louis The Child collaborations "World on Fire" and "Right To It"), Ashe was recently announced as one of VEVO dscvr's Artists to Watch for 2018. Having played select dates this summer with Lewis Capaldi, Ashe recently wrapped up a tour with Lauv and previously traveled Northern America while performing alongside Big Gigantic, Louis The Child, Shawn Frank, Whethan, and the Chainsmokers. Now, her very own brand of psych-pop is poised to make a splash in 2018 with her debut EP The Rabbit Hole and the recently-released single "Choirs."

Popdust's Megan Oots got a chance to sit down with Ashe and chat about the inspiration behind The Rabbit Hole which deals with existentialism, escapism, the human condition, and love.

Ashe says her favorite song on The Rabbit Hole is "Real Love"

Real Love was also one of the first songs she finished and it blazed the way for the others. Real love is about loving others regardless of where they come from and encourages us to focus on the commonalities between all people. She was inspired to write "Real Love" by the social political turmoil that commenced after the 2016 presidential election. Ashe hopes people that listen to "Real Love" unify in their joy, and develop more empathy and compassion for one another.

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