While it’s easy to tell ourselves we’re going to stop spending money on extra things like clothes, products, and home goods, it’s another thing completely to stop spending money on food. We need it!

Whether you’re driving to the store, opting for takeout, or throwing out expired foods, it’s costing you one way or another. Finding ways to save when it comes to food isn’t as easy as you might think. That is, it wasn’t as easy until HelloFresh.

HelloFresh is known for their easy recipes, globally-inspired meals with over 30 dishes per week, convenient shipping to your door, and sustainable initiatives to help offset their carbon footprint. But what’s often overlooked is how much they save you on the day-to-day.

Here are five ways HelloFresh is maximizing our savings:

Save time driving to and from the grocery store

Not only are we not hitting the grocery stores after work or during the weekend rush, but we also don’t have to drive there anymore! With HelloFresh delivered right to our doorstep, the farthest we have to go is our front door, or maybe to the lobby if we want to get a few extra steps in.

Plus, the money we’re saving on gas every week can now go towards our little nest egg.

Save money on takeaway

We’ve all been shocked when our favorite $10 meal becomes $25 after all the delivery fees and tips are included. Plus, the disappointment that comes when your meal is cold and soggy or has been jostled around in a car for 20 minutes is never worth the price tag.

HelloFresh gives us the convenience of takeaway all from our house, but we also get the added benefits of a fresh meal and don’t have to spend all that unnecessary money! We even have the same amount of variety as we would at local restaurants, thanks to their unique and worldly recipes.

In the time it takes for takeaway to get to your doorstep, you could already make a fresh, hot meal with HelloFresh.

HelloFresh: Recipes The Whole Family Will Love
Fresh Ingredients
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Save time cooking and prepping

On the days when you do muster up the energy to cook a homemade meal, the time spent measuring and prepping is always longer than anticipated.

Finding the right ingredients, thawing, pre-heating, and even making sure you have the right tools you need can be the ultimate hurdle to cooking a homemade meal.

HelloFresh’s boxes come with pre-portioned, ready-to-cook ingredients. Unlike other recipes, HelloFresh’s meals are user-friendly for all levels of cooking and walk you through everything you need from tools to tablespoons.

Save stress of figuring out what to cook

Deciding on what meals to cook - especially after a long day - is near impossible. Choosing if you want to stick with the same easy meal you know how to cook or branching out and trying something new (and not too complicated) takes all the fun out of dinner.

With HelloFresh, you can choose your meals in advance so you always have exactly what you need and know there’s something in the fridge ready to cook. Plus, with new recipes from all around the world every week, you never have to worry about eating the same meal over and over again!

They have delicious options like Italian Pork & Fennel Ribollita with Israeli Couscous & Garlic Crumbly Cheese, and Indian Potato & Beef Dosa-Dillas with Tomato Salsa & Yoghurt, which means you can experience exotic flavors any day of the week.

Save money by not wasting food

The days of opening your fridge to find expired foods are over! HelloFresh’s meals come with pre-portioned ingredients, so there will never be leftover ingredients pushed to the corners of your fridge again.

HelloFresh is delivering savings on savings! Not only is it saving us money, but it’s also saving us the most important thing -- time. We’re not stressed about what to cook, where to get ingredients, or racking up sky-high bills from takeaway.

HelloFresh keeps it simple, puts a little money back in our pocket, and saves both us and dinnertime altogether.

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If you're like me and spend hours on social media looking at pictures of food, then you must have come across Factor. I'm not one to pay attention to ads usually, but after seeing Factor all over my feed lately, and reading all the awesome comments, my curiosity kicked in and I had to check it out.

I was open to trying meal delivery services, especially one that promises to deliver fully prepared meals right to my door. I've tried meal kits in the past but none of them have suited me since they all involved a significant amount of prep and cooking. With Factor, everything is already prepared for you, and the meals just need to be warmed up. So, if Factor is as tasty and healthy as their ads say, I definitely needed to try it!

When I finally clicked on the ad, I saw that Factor's chef-crafted meals can take the hassle out of eating healthy. They have registered dietitians who work hand-in-hand with their kitchen to ensure each meal is packed with premium nutritional quality.

Factor's menu features 22+ restaurant-quality recipes with new options to choose from every week. Sure, I was impressed, but how fresh could the produce be sitting in a box on its way to me? Wouldn't it be easier to pick up some "healthy" frozen dinners?

When I saw that Factor sources fresh ingredients from their network of trusted partners I was swayed. And then there's the wide variety of options and price ranges, so I decided to see if Factor's ad lived up to the hype. Besides, I can skip, cancel or pause my plan anytime I like.

Meal Delivery Service
No preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, gluten, refined sugars or GMOs

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I took the plunge and signed up for the 12 meals plan at $11.50 per meal. Their plans include breakfast, lunch and dinner. As you can imagine, I couldn't wait for my food to arrive. And when it did - on the right day :) - I was so excited to bite into my dinner - the Hickory Smoked Caribbean Chicken. All I had to do was heat it (nothing frozen here) and it was ready to go. BTW, it was exceptional.

After sampling my first week of 12 Factor meals, I was thrilled to have found a plan that's healthy, tasty, and convenient. It's designed for anyone with a crazy-busy schedule, has a particular diet in mind or simply enjoys delicious food.

I can pick meals that are plant-based, low carb, low calorie or even keto. After my Factor meals I couldn't believe how much more energy I have throughout the day. I can focus on work and not feel drowsy. Factor meals contain zero preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, gluten, refined sugars, or GMOs, so they're packed with all of the good stuff, and none of the bad.

The Blackened Shrimp with Chicken Andouille Gravy and Buffalo Chicken Breast are my favorites so far. Yes, their meals were great but their healthy add-ons like their cold Pressed juices and their 100% plant-based Chocolate Brownie Keto Shake - are perfect for post-workout or a midday snack. I always have one of their Plant-Based Bars in my bag for an emergency (the H-anger is real!).

With Factor, I no longer need to go to the grocery store, prep or cook my food. Simply heat and eat. I'm so glad that I gave in and clicked on Factor's ad.

Factor has changed the way I look at food. Actually, it's changed my whole lifestyle. Check them out - you'll be as obsessed with their food as I am.

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I've been snacking so much lately. I wish I could say it's on fruits and nuts, but it's been whatever's around me at work or home, which is often random takeout leftovers, chips, or sweets.

Whenever I plan out my meals, I snack less, but lately I just don't have the time! I come home at night and scramble to get a meal for myself but then never have enough for lunch, so I have to buy it on-the-go…. It's an awful cycle.

I wish I could meal-prep, but I'm not that organized. I've seen the work that goes into it, and no thank you. So, I decided to sign up for a meal delivery service. Not a meal kit; I don't even have time for that. I wanted cooked filling meals right at my door.

I did some online research, surveyed some friends, and came across a plant-based one: Splendid Spoon. It had great reviews, but I figured the lack of animal products might make it less filling than some other ones. Still, I liked the focus on antioxidants and superfoods, so I decided to give it a try.

There are multiple different plans, from Breakfast + Lunch only to the Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + 1-Day Soup Reset. I went for the bestseller, which was a 5 ready-made smoothies, 5 ready-made bowls, and the 1-Day Soup Reset. At only $7.66 a meal, it was a great deal! I selected my meals, super excited for a few of them.

My order arrived on dry ice with completely recyclable packaging. It was lunchtime, and I was hungry, so I went for the one I'd had my eye on: the Kimchi Fried Quinoa Grain Bowl. It had edamame, turmeric, tofu, and 90% veggie RightRice®; it's specifically designed as a protein-packed meal, so I'm excited to hopefully stay full for a while.

Splendid Spoon
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Nutrient-Dense Meals!
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All I had to do was heat it and eat it. It was delicious! So flavorful, with amazing textures. This would cost me a fortune if I bought all the ingredients by themselves.

Later in the day, when I'd normally reach for candy or popcorn, I worked through the afternoon with no hunger distractions. No snacking!

The next day, I had the beautiful berry-hued Dragon Fruit Berry Smoothie for breakfast on the go. It had pineapple juice, chia seeds, raspberries, pea protein, and more. It's not high in sugar, and it's packed with amazing ingredients. I cannot believe you can get a smoothie this delicious and nutritious for less than $8.

Now that I take my meals with me, and I always know what I'm going to eat, I've completely cut down on my snacking. It's actually amazing.

I've also noticed that I'm satisfied because I'm getting so many flavors - the smoothies are a tad sweet, thanks to ingredients like coconut, mango, chocolate, and cherries, and the soups and bowls are super savory and diverse in terms of cuisine. There's classic Minestrone soup, along with Green Tomatillo Chili Soup or Mushroom Vegetable Bolognese.

Without having to think about my meals or staying satiated with snacks, I've noticed I can focus on work more, and I don't fall into too-many-jelly-bean comas in the afternoon.

If you want to get on a better eating schedule, but don't have time,want to meal prep or do a meal kit, Splendid Spoon is absolutely perfect for you.

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Is it just us, or do you roll your eyes any time anyone talks about healthy eating? We totally get it. Trying to eat a well-balanced diet in today's world is no easy feat!

In the past, when we thought about eating healthily, our minds went to boring meals with little to no flavor. Luckily, it's 2021 and anything is possible! Turns out, there is a way to eat nutritious meals that won't take forever to prepare and that taste truly delicious.

Splendid Spoon is a plant-based meal delivery subscription that sends you ready-to-eat superfood-packed smoothies, soups, grain bowls, and more meals according to your schedule.

Let us tell you, so many people are absolutely raving about this service, so naturally our curiosity piqued.

How good can plant-based, nutritionally balanced meals really be? Will they really help us keep our eating habits on track?

We decided to investigate to see what all the fuss was about. Keep reading to see if Splendid Spoon really lives up to the hype.

No Prep: There are no recipes or cooking, everything is cooked and delivered right to your door - all you need to do is open it up or heat it up.

"I very much enjoy the shakes and bowls. There is a wide variety and pretty much every flavor I have tried has been yummy! The best part is that they are delivered weekly to my door and all I have to do is heat them up!" - Dawn

Convenience: The breakfast, lunch, dinner +1 day soup reset plan is the most popular. You can choose how often you want to receive your delivery (weekly, every other week, or once a month). Their plans are flexible and can be tweaked, paused, or canceled at any time. Splendid Spoon offers a quick and easy solution to improve your eating habits without having to spend hours grocery shopping and cooking.

"I appreciate not having to think about breakfast and lunch five days a week. With Splendid Spoon, I get good, healthy food and can keep going with my busy schedule" - Abraham

​Nutritious And Packed Full Of Superfoods: Their soups, smoothies, and bowls are made of natural ingredients that are vegan, GMO-free, and gluten-free. Everything is packed full of superfood ingredients like hibiscus which is an antioxidant, matcha can help ignite metabolism, and Cacao improves blood flow to your brain.

"I have been using Splendid Spoon for about five months now, ever since I decided to go vegan. This makes being a vegan SO easy -- with the added benefit of knowing how many calories you're consuming. As a result, I've lost 25 pounds pretty effortlessly!! I really like the meal variety and often eat a Splendid Spoon meal for lunch as well as dinner. Defrost, heat up, and eat! Love it." - Catherine

​Wide Range of Recipes & International Cuisine: Splendid Spoon has over 40 delicious worldly recipes to choose from (15 smoothies, 31 soups & grain bowls, 8 noodles, and 5 resets - light soups). The Brown Rice Taco Bowl and Dragon Fruit and Chocolate Cherry Smoothies are some of our favorites.

"Flavorful foods and quite a variety of vegetables. Fell in love with Indian food from the various bowls. Very convenient to prepare. Packaged for shipping keeps items safe and cool." - Debbie

Delicious And Filling: Customers are raving about how amazing Splendid Spoon is. Not only is it delicious, but all their meals are filling, meaning they don't leave you hungry or in need of mid-day snacks.

"Appreciate the environmentally-friendly packaging that comes each week. I love the food and the health benefits." - Adrienne

"Delicious soups and bowls. Incredible smoothies! Ingredients are very healthy with a wide variety to suit every palate. I love the automatic portion control, and the ability to grab and go delicious meals to suit my busy lifestyle" - Charlene

"I have enjoyed every meal I have tried from Splendid Spoon. I love the smoothies and appreciate that all of the food is nutritious, ready to drink / easy to heat up, and comes in recyclable containers...I don't have the time to cook at home, so Splendid Spoon is convenient and I can feel good about the food I'm eating to nourish my body." - Kathleen

After trying it for ourselves, we now understand why so many people are raving about Splendid Spoon. They deliver on their promise of making mealtimes easier and more nutritionally balanced, and we were pleasantly surprised by how great everything tasted!

If you're someone who struggles to make healthy meals at home or are looking for a quick and easy mealtime solution, look no further than Splendid Spoon.

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I'm so excited that summer is nearly here and everything is starting to look up after the longest winter ever. I've already started planning so many day trips, short getaways, and hiking trips with my friends.

All these plans got me thinking about how I was going to eat all season. Healthy eating was out the window during quarantine, but I started to change all of that for the last month. It's been hard to completely get rid of all my bad habits, but I'm getting there, slowly.

Now that my adventure-packed summer is fast approaching I needed to up my nutrition if I wanted to have enough energy to fully enjoy my plans. Plus it was about time I kicked all my bad habits and ensured my body is getting all the nutrients it needs to thrive this summer and beyond.

One change I really want to stick to but finding it hard is, going vegan. I feel great on my meat-free days and even better when I stick to vegan meals. But since I'm a newbie, all my meals are very carb-heavy and lacking protein. Not that I need to be more active in the summer, I'm going to need to up my protein intake so I won't be all sore and achy after my long days out.

I heard a lot of people saying they get their protein from smoothies but I didn't understand how. After a quick search for high-protein smoothies, I found something amazing, Splendid Spoon. And it wasn't just smoothies, Splendid Spoon specializes in plant-based smoothies, soups, grain bowls, noodle bowls, and even immunity and recovery shots that they delivered right to your door.

Everything is ready-to-eat and they have 4 plans to choose from, you can simply choose just Breakfast or Lunch, or both, or go all the way with Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + a 1-Day Reset. The choice is yours and it is completely flexible to your needs.

Splendid Spoon wellness shot and smoothies

Everything on their menu looked and sounded not only delicious but super nutritious. They have over 50 recipes with each one packed with superfoods like acai (strengthens immunity and boosts energy), Spirulina (jump-starts endurance), and baobab (great for your skin!), and tons of other natural all-star ingredients that help you feel your best.

They also have lemon and ginger Wellness Shots for an extra immunity boost and a Recovery Shot with Watermelon & Cherry Juice to help relieve muscle soreness and boost recovery. Definitely, something I will need after my first hike back!

Splendid Spoon was ticking all my boxes but what really sold me was how high in protein their meals are. The high-protein smoothies have pea-protein, something I had never heard of or tried before, and their grain bowls and noodles had so many tofu and different bean proteins that I never knew how to incorporate into my meals.

Splendid Spoon
Clean Eating Made Easy
With Ready-to-Eat,
Nutrient-Dense Meals!
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I thought Splendid Spoon was at least worth a try so I signed up for my first box. Once it arrived I stored all my smoothies and bowls in my fridge where they would stay good for 7 days. All the meals are also suitable for home freezing for up to a month too.

I couldn't wait to see what everything tastes like. I started with the Strawberry Chocolate Smoothie, I was surprised how much I liked it as chocolate-flavored drinks would not be my favorite but this was really good. Not too sweet like so many smoothies I'd tried before and most of all it had 10g of protein. Such an easy and super healthy way to bulk up my protein intake.

Splendid Spoon soups and grain bowls

For my first lunch, I went with the Green Tomatillo Chili Soup with Tofu & Navy Beans. There were so many flavors making it super tasty. The added Tofu ensured I was super full all afternoon right up until dinner time, which was the interesting Kimchi Fried Quinoa Grain Bowl with Turmeric & Edamame. I have wanted to try Edamame ever since I heard that they are about 12% protein, and provide all the essential amino acids. The quinoa in this bowl also has plant-based protein while the kimchi helps fight inflammation and boosts immunity balancing everything in my gut. Plus it was delicious.

I couldn't believe how satisfying I felt after a full day of Splendid Spoon and after a full week I was so proud I stuck to an all-vegan diet and I felt really good. I felt healthy and like my body was back on track, ready to take on everything and anything this summer had in store for me.

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Pizza on a cutting board with tomatoes

weight watchers

For weight management, a solid support system is key. What that looks like can differ for every person.

We looked into the different support systems available and decided that these were two of the most popular: Nutrisystem® and WW® (Weight Watchers®). At first glance, both look to be solid options for helping you achieve your weight loss goals. But when we took a closer look, there are actually a lot of differences between the two.

We broke down both options to help you figure out which is best for you!

Key Similarities

  • Both plans are designed for slow and steady, long-term weight loss through healthy changes.
  • Both have a digital app available to download.
  • Both programs promote physical activity but don't require it.
  • Both have some sort of access to support or coaching (WW® can be in-person).

Key Differences

  • Nutrisystem® sends you a four-week meal plan with pre-packaged, pre-portioned meals and snacks right to your door (you eat 6 times a day!).
  • WW® offers some breakfasts, snacks, and beverages online.
  • With Nutrisystem®, you have a set plan every day that requires minimal effort.
  • With WW®, you have to be accountable for staying within a certain "points" range every day.

Nutrisystem® Overview

Nutrisystem® wins on convenience. They send you a simple meal plan to follow with delicious food, so you won't be tempted to fall off the wagon. You get to eat every two to three hours, including three meals and three snacks every day. This helps to prevent hunger and keeps you satisfied as you lose weight. No deprivation!

Nutrisystem® has a strong reputation with a nutritionist-curated diet, featuring foods that don't contain any artificial flavors or sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup or trans fat. They also offer all-new personalized programs that are tailored to you.

There are several different Nutrisystem® plans available. The one you select will depend on your menu preferences and how many meals you want to make yourself. They even have a diabetes plan, a partner plan and an option for vegetarians!

Nutrisystem® provides easy and convenient versions of your favorite foods, including Homestyle Pancakes, Chicken Parmesan and Chocolate Cupcakes. They frequently update the menu with new and seasonal items.

What we like the most about Nutrisystem® is that the meal plan is simple and easy to follow! Instead of worrying about your next meal, you have perfectly portioned options waiting for you in the pantry or freezer. You also still get to enjoy flexibility with delicious grocery additions and Flex meals.

Cook up a family favorite or dine out on occasion at your favorite restaurant. With a balanced meal plan and so many tasty options, you'll stay away from mindless snacking, lose weight and learn how to keep it off.

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Nutrisystem food and website

WW® Overview

The WW® program works on a point system: Foods and snacks are assigned a certain number of points and you have an allotted number of points or calories each day.

On the app, they match you with a color (blue, green or purple) and offer food choices and point breakdowns for your goals. They also have recipes, workouts and a social network of users.

WW® has three different plans with different pricing and features. These range from a Digital membership to a combination of Digital and Workshops and Coaching. We found that WW® may be a little bit harder to follow if you're someone that has struggled with weight loss in the past. You have to stay within a certain point range every day. While this may be great if you're super disciplined, we think that having all meals and snacks clearly planned out gives you the best chance to stay on track.

weight watchers food and website

Final Notes

Weight loss can be hard, but we think that Nutrisystem® is the best option for achieving your goals. The convenience of having your foods delivered (and the fact that they're tasty and filling!) means you may not be as tempted to veer away from your goals.

Depending on your plan, you're still able to eat your own food or even celebrate with food in a smart way. You also have this flexibility with WW®, but their offering just isn't as robust as Nutrisystem®.

Finally, you're buying actual food and a meal plan instead of just directions. We don't want a weight loss plan that doesn't include something to eat.

Choosing Nutrisystem® means starting a weight loss journey with confidence.

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*We received complimentary Nutrisystem food for the purposes of this review. All opinions and results are those of Topdust's staff and may differ from yours. This content is sponsored by Nutrisystem.