Bella Hadid Shows Solidarity With the Poor By Wearing Wired Earbuds

The model recently made a statement by—gasp—not wearing AirPods.

In late 2016, Apple released what are arguably their most divisive product to date: the AirPods.

Priced at $159 and stored in a carrying case smaller than an Altoids tin, the AirPods quickly became synonymous with dispensable wealth. They're so precariously miniscule that by purchasing them, the wearer signifies that they could not only afford to buy them, but they could afford to lose them, too. Still, AirPods are an unavoidable accessory, sported by many on New York subway trains, by Wall Street bros and artsy Bushwick folk alike.

But it seems the AirPod craze might be simmering down. Around-the-neck straps have been popping up recently, defeating the entire purpose of such discreet earbuds. And to stir the pot even more, Apple recently unveiled the AirPod Pro, complete with noise-cancellation, an in-ear design, and—gulp—$250 price tag, much to the chagrin of consumers.

There's good news for the anti-AirPod crowd, however. Bella Hadid, whose net worth is reportedly around $25 million, was recently spotted out and about donning a pair of good old-fashioned wired earbuds. We're talking the kind that come with your new iPhone, or can be purchased separately for a humble $29.99.

Hadid has worn AirPods before—many times, in fact—but there is something very charming about her taking a walk on the wired side. Her look in these photos is plucked straight from the early 2000s, from her headphones of choice to her oversized suit, combat boots, and tinted blue shades. In a world where "stop being poor" has essentially become many government officials' solution to class warfare, Hadid's earbuds prove she stands in solidarity with those of us who aren't worth millions.

Or, maybe she just lost her AirPods that day.

Lisa Vanderpump's 20 year friendship with Mohamed Hadid is OVER, and there's no coming back.

The trouble started when Vanderpump told her fellow housewives (who had been questioning Yolanda Foster's health struggles) that Mohamed had denied two of his children with Yolanda, Bella and Anwar suffered from Lyme disease.

RHOBH—Yolanda Goes Makeup-Free, MAKEUP-FREE? How Very Dare She?!!

Despite the backtracking and scrambling of the 55 year old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star when she realized just what she had said, her relationship with Mohamed, ex-husband of co-star Yolanda (who has now changed her surname back to Hadid), and also father of supermodel Gigi, never recovered from her quoting him on camera.

Yolanda, here with Bella, is the master of the sick selfie.

Lisa said she had asked Mohamed how his children were and he had replied "fine"—she then alleged that he had told her that only Yolanda has the disease. The other housewives were naturally horrified by the statement and Lisa pretty quickly realized she had spoken out of turn.

Tearful Avril Lavigne Talks Debilitating Battle With Lyme Disease

67 year old Mohamed was furious. He sent a statement to Bravo's Watch What Happens Live following the episode's broadcast to clarify the situation;

"I do not wish to make public my family's private matters, but I would like to make it clear that I completely and unequivocally support my children and their mother. I can only imagine that my response to a question asking how my kids are doing with "fine" was misconstrued.
I have too much respect for all five of my children to speak about them publicly in a restaurant or otherwise. I will not speak further on something that should now be put to rest."

On the same show this week, Yolanda told Andy Cohen, who just loves a good bitch fight, that Mohamed hasn't spoke to Lisa for eight months, since she made the statement that the children weren't sick.

Yolanda looked a lot better this week on WWHL (did anyone notice her next to Erika Jayne's cleavage?!)

The Many Glamorous Looks Of Gigi Hadid

A source tells TMZ that Lisa's husband, Ken, has tried to reconcile with Hadid but that Mohamed is not prepared to continue the friendship. He hasn't been to any of Lisa and Ken's three restaurants since the drama broke and, while he will be cordial when on camera—he isn't interested in having a friendship with the Vanderpumps any longer.

That'll teach her to keep her mouth shut!

Lisa Vanderpump Friendship With Mohamed Hadid

Yolanda Hadid's Miraculous Post Divorce Lyme Disease Recovery Continues...

Gigi Hadid has today taken to her Twitter account to refute reports that she was caught on camera snorting cocaine.

The 19-year-old aspiring supermodel, who was in Miami for a Victoria's Secret event, was in the DJ booth with beau Cody Simpson dancing around.

Video footage has surfaced appearing to show her leaning over the counter-top in a “snorting” pose.

To snort, or not to snort, that is the question...

The video was quickly snatched upon by gossip blog Ocean Up after it appeared on 18-year-old Simpson’s Snapchat Story (which is viewable by all).

The daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster and Mohammed Hadid was quick to retaliate, shooting down any pesky drug speculation.

Gigi Hadid Blackmail Plot—She’s Not Giving In To Them

Gigi was clearly fuming—and we don’t blame her—as the Spring Break event was Gigi’s first major gig representing her “dream” company Victoria’s Secret.

At time of posting, Ocean Up has yet to comment—they have retweeted her retaliation, but not taken down their post.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think!